A bulleted and also numbered perform is an easily accessible feature in Microsoft Excel, yet not as frequently used as in word processing files or presentation slides. By default, the bulleted and also numbered lists option is covert in Excel and also must be included to the Ribbon. Additionally, a bulleted and numbered perform cannot be added to a cell in Excel. A message box have to be created, and then a bulleted or numbered perform is added to that message box.

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Create a bulleted or numbered list in Excel

Add bulleted and also numbered list alternative to the Ribbon

Open Microsoft Excel.Click the File tab in the Ribbon.Click Options in the left navigation menu.In the Excel choices window, click Customize Ribbon in the left navigation menu.On the best side of the Excel options window, click the Home entrance in the key Tabs box.Click the New Group button below the main Tabs box.


A new group is added to the house group. Click the New team (Custom) entry, and also click the Rename button.


Enter a new name, prefer Bullets or Bullet Lists, for the group.In the perform below, role down and find the Bullets and also Numbering option. Click that entry and drag it to the brand-new group you developed on the right.


Add a message box come a worksheet

Click the Insert tab in the Ribbon.On the Insert tab, click the Text alternative on the far right side, and also select the Text Box option.


In the worksheet, press and also hold the left mouse switch where you desire to produce the message box. Drag the mouse down and also to the right, producing the text box through the desired size.

Add bulleted or numbered perform to the message box

Click in the message box you included to the worksheet.Click the Home tab in the Ribbon.Click the Bullets and also Numbering choice in the new group you created. The brand-new group is on the much right side of the residence tab.In the Bullets and Numbering window, select the type of bulleted or numbered perform you desire to include to the text box and also click OK.

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After beginning the text for all desired bullet points, you can move the text box to any kind of location in the worksheet. Friend can likewise resize the message box to much better fit the bulleted or numbered list, if necessary.