Once Bitten Twice Shy Meaning! Are you looking for the meaning of the well-known idiom “when bitten twice shy”? In this leschild, you will uncover what does it expect and also some instance sentences making use of this idiom correctly to aid you additionally understand also its meaning and some different phrases you deserve to use its place that are similar in interpretation.

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An idiom is a word, group of words or expression that has actually a figurative interpretation that is not quickly deduced from its literal interpretation. Usual idioms are words and phrases provided in the English language in order to convey a concise principle, and also are regularly spoken or are thought about informal or conversational.

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Once Bitten Twice Shy Meaning

Once Bitten Twice Shy Meaning

What Does Once Bitten Twice Shy Mean?

If somebody is shelp to be “when bitten, twice shy”, it implies that they will certainly not carry out something a second time because they had a bad, unpleasant endure the first time they did it. In order word, they are frightened to perform somepoint again or they will certainly be much even more cautious the next time around.


There is no specific information around the origin of this phrase. Once bitten, twice shy is an exciting idiom that initially appeared in the 1800s.

Alterindigenous Forms

Once shed, twice shyOnce hurt, twice shy

Example Sentences

Sarah definitely won’t go to swimming — once bitten, twice shy.She absolutely won’t marry aobtain once bitten, twice shy.What was that around being when bitten twice shy.So goes an old saying, Once bitten twice shy.We are mindful around renting an apartment from that company. The previous one was devastating. Once bitten twice shyIt was a instance of when bitten, twice shy when they toppled reigning champions Thurles 2 weeks ago.I deserve to just hope that as a country, we remain once bitten, twice shy.

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I would never before have actually believed the images had actually I not watched them, and when bitten, twice shy.

Other Ways to Say/ Synonyms

Tright here are several synonyms you might probably usage to reexisting the idiom and convey the very same meaning:

A charred kid dreads the fireOne bitten by a serpent is afraid of a rope’s endA bconsumed dog may cower before a friendly hand.Bitten by a snake on one morning, afrhelp of the rope by the well for ten years.If I live to be a hundred

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