when I"m do the efforts to number out exactly how much come water things in my garden I"ll frequently see things like, "...they will require 1-2 inch of water every week."

From what ns understand, this is the very same as if there had actually been 1-2 customs of rain. My problem is that everything for drip irrigation systems seem to measure up in gallons or liters every hour.

How can I go around converting inches come gallons?


One united state gallon is 231 cubic inches.

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One square yard is 1296 square inches.

So "1 customs of rain" is 1296/231 or about 5 and a half US gallons or 21 liters the water per square yard.

The circulation rate with your drip system obviously counts on the area it is watering and also how plenty of hours it is on each day, yet that gives you a starting point.

Note: 1 imperial (UK) gallon is 277 cubic inch which gives 4 and also three quarter UK gallons per square yard - but commercial UK irrigation systems will certainly be stated in metric devices so the is fairly irrelevant.

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I just went through the very same thing myself when setup up my drip watering system. It"s actually pretty easy.

The formula is together follows:

Pr = 96.25 x complete GPM of all emitters (gal/min) ------------------------------------------- total area (ft²)Where Pr is the "precipitation" rate in inches/hour.

To do it an ext clear, I"ll take an instance from my very own garden. I have 6 slicing tomato plants planted in about an 18" x 3" area. I have 2 part of drip tubing the stretch top top either next of the tree which carry out a full of 29 0.9 gal/hour (GPH) emitters within that area. I also have second single 1 GPH emitter because that each plant.

So, to discover the complete GPM of all emitters (gal/min) I execute the following:

29 x 0.9 gal/hr = 26.1 gal/hr

6 x 1.0 gal/hr = 6 gal/hr

26.1 gal/hr + 6 gal/hr = 32.1 gal/hr

To acquire gal/min, division by 60:

32.1 gal/hr / 60 = 0.535 gal/min

So, plug that right into the equation and you get

Pr = 96.25 x 0.535 gal/min --------------------- 18 x 3So, Pr = 51.5 / 54 or .954 inches/hour

Let"s to speak I desire to give them 2 inches of water every week. At 0.954 in/hr, I"d must water a full of 2.097 hours, or 126 minutes per week.

I contrasted this calculated an approach to an actual physical check (held bathtub underneath 2 of the drip ice cream emitters because that 30 minutes), and also it"s pretty much dead on.

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I very recommend setup this up as a spreadsheet with columns because that width and also length, and then columns for the quantities of each speed emitter you have.