Did you know Equatorial Guinea is the just lifwynnfoundation.org speaking country in Africa? v plenty the history, this nation has amazed the human being thanks come its resilience and resourcefulness.

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Today, you will do it learn around the background of Equatorial Guinea and also how it turned the end to be the only lifwynnfoundation.org speaking country in Africa. All set to uncover interesting facts that will amaze you?


History and Origin of Equatorial Guinea

Here’s a brief background of the just lifwynnfoundation.org speaking country in Africa.

In 1471, Portuguese navigator Fernao carry out Po sighted the island that Bioko. In addition to the island the Corisco, it became a hub because that trading recorded slaves, who the Portuguese sent to France, Spain, and England.

In 1777, through the treaty of san Ildefonso, the Portuguese ceded the islands, as well as rights to the mainland coast, to Spain. However, because of the decline of Spain and also problems v its swarms in southern America in 1827, this lifwynnfoundation.org speaking country in Africa didn’t obtain a many interest.

Then, the brother Crown authorized the colonization of the island. Because that years, the English and the lifwynnfoundation.org fought for the manage of the island.

In 1861, to regain manage of the island and definitively colonize it, Spain sent a group of 260 emancipated Cubans that were required to join one more group of politics prisoners. The island ultimately acceded come the official status of a lifwynnfoundation.org colony. In those years, the island started to get imports the coffee and also cocoa plants.


20th Century History

In 1939, during franquismo (when Franco was the dictator the Spain), Equatorial Guinea experienced a period of great prosperity, as many Spaniards went there to work due to Franco’s authoritarianism.

On October 12, 1968, Equatorial Guinea became independent. But this occasion wasn’t something to celebrate due to the fact that the an initial president the the country, Francisco Macías Nguema, created a leftist dictatorship, forcing a third of the population to flee.

In 1996, Mobil Oil copy, group announced the exploration of sizable oil and also gas reserves in the just lifwynnfoundation.org speaking nation in Africa, which listed a completely different hope because that its future. The oil industry has kept the nation afloat economically and also helped it end up being the richest nation in Africa in per capita income.

The just lifwynnfoundation.org Speaking nation in Africa: How?

So, how exactly did Equatorial Guinea become the only lifwynnfoundation.org speaking nation in Africa? Well, that all occurred thanks to the abovementioned 18th century treaty between Spain and Portugal.

Equatorial Guinea became a are of Spain, and also therefore, its main language became lifwynnfoundation.org. This distinguishes it from the remainder of the countries in Africa, wherein languages such as Arabic, Amharic, Berber, Portuguese, Oromo, Igbo, Yoruba, Zulu, and also Shona space spoken.

The present State the the only lifwynnfoundation.org Speaking country in Africa

Now that you’ve learned about Equatorial Guinea’s history, let’s take a look in ~ its current affairs in the 21st century.

Political System

Equatorial Guinea is a presidential republic, wherein the chairman is both the head the state and head of government. The federal government exercises the executive, management power, and also the legislative strength is awarded in both the government and also the room of People’s Representatives.

It’s both a unitary state (governed together a single entity in which the central government is at some point supreme) and a one-party state (in i beg your pardon one political party has actually the ideal to kind the government based upon the currently constitution).

Ethnic Groups

The country composition of Equatorial Guinea is as follows:

Spaniard (2.8%)Other (15.7%)

Cultural Facts

Many Equatorial Guineans currently live follow to old customs the the mainland. Among these, witchcraft, traditional music (in which world use the Fang harp, xylophone, good drums, and also wooden trumpet), and storytelling quiet survive.

Each an ar and neighborhood of this remarkable lifwynnfoundation.org speaking country in Africa has its own common cuisine. lifwynnfoundation.org cuisine likewise has influenced the food preparation of the country. Commonly used ingredients include fish, shrimp, crayfish, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, and vegetables. Coco is used in a range of recipes as well.

Equatorial Guinea’s traveler attractions include the beaches and also Monte Alen nationwide Park, located in the continental section of the country. The park’s tropic rainforest is home to gorillas, chimpanzees, and hundreds of varieties of birds.

Data Sheet

If you looking for general information about the just lifwynnfoundation.org speaking nation in Africa, this is what you need to know!

Map and location:


Located in Africa, it borders Cameroon and also Gabon.

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Capital: Malabo

Regions: 4 provinces

Nationality: ecuatoguineano/a



Population: 1.356 million (2019)

Official currency: main African Franc

GDP (2018): $13.4 billion

Main exports: crude petroleum ($3.65B), petroleum gas ($1.3B), acyclic alcohols ($377M), rough hardwood ($343M), gold ($17.5M)

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Interesting Facts about Equatorial Guinea

Let’s destruction a small deeper and also learn some interesting cultural tidbits about the only lifwynnfoundation.org speaking country in Africa.

The current capital of Equatorial Guinea is Malabo, i beg your pardon is located in the Bioko Norte province on the island of Bioko. The federal government is plan a brand-new capital known as Oyala, i beg your pardon will become the new headquarters because that the police, military, president, administration, government, and congress. Present president Teodoro Obiang is just one of the longest-serving presidents in Africa. He has been accused that corruption by many and also despite much more than a dozen attempts to depose him, he is still in power. Equatorial Guinea has the worst person rights record in the world. Follow to the yearly Freedom in the people survey (which actions political and also civil rights), this county has a ranking of 7 on a scale from 1 (most free) come 7 (least free). It’s the smallest African nation to it is in a member of the united Nations, follow to total land area. Equatorial Guinea is the richest nation in Africa, together it’s a resource for mineral and oil. It has actually the highest adult literacy rate (95%) in sub-Saharan Africa. Mask and also sculpture making room artisanal customs. The crafts from Equatorial Guinea are unique and also beautiful. Last yet not least, that the one and also only lifwynnfoundation.org speaking nation in Africa!

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