David and also Kendall native Paradise Hotel seemed to do a real connection. Are they still with each other today?

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The ‘Paradise Hotel‘ season finale is airing on FOX Thursday evening and also they sure space delivering the love and also the drama.

While the last 4 remaining couples were having actually a pretty relaxing dinner ~ above the beach, host Kristin Cavallari walked into Paradise come drop another bomb. What was it? every the couples acquired to vote out one pair they thought was the biggest threat.

Each staying contestant walked up to package to submit your vote. Kristin revealed the results, i m sorry caused numerous tears amongst the cast mates.

Who go the actors Eliminate?


Who will eventually take house the $250K prize from ‘Paradise Hotel?’

Keep up through David and Kendall on Instagram to follow their love connection.

Paradise Hotel season finale airs top top FOX Thursday, June 6th at 8pm EST.


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