Paul Revere gets every the credit, yet he had actually a little help from his friends. Charles Bush, indigenous the new York public Library

As the poem which immortalized Paul Revere tells it, there was nobody on his midnight ride but him and his horse.

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But there room a few things Henry Wadsworth Longfellow glossed over: namely the Revere no alone ~ above his well known ride, when he warned American patriots that British troops were on the move, this night in 1776. A much more accurate title would have actually been “The Midnight journey of Paul Revere, wilhelm Dawes and Samuel Prescott.”

The ride went prefer this, according to The Paul Revere House: Revere was asked through patriot Joseph Warren to take it news come Lexington that British troops were on the march.

“According to Warren, these troops planned to arrest Samuel Adams and also John Hancock, that were continuing to be at a residence in Lexington, and also probably continue to the city of Concord, to record or destroy military stores—gunpowder, ammunition and several cannon—that had been stockpiled there.” Revere sneaked throughout the river and borrowed a steed in Charlestown, and also headed come Lexington come let everyone recognize that, yes, the British to be coming—though he never actually provided that phrase. Top top the means to Lexington, together Revere himself later on said, he dodged brothers troops who were on horseback.

“In Lexington, as he approached the house where Adams and Hancock were staying, a sergeant Monroe, acting as a guard exterior the house, asked for that he no make so lot noise,” the residence museum writes. Revere’s response: “Noise! You’ll have noise enough prior to long! The regulars room coming out!”

In Lexington, while he to be eating and also drinking in preparation for an additional grueling ride through the dark come Concord, wilhelm Dawes showed up, delivering the same news.

Dawes had come end land, under the narrow spit the at the time associated Boston to the mainland. “Unlike Revere, who awoke town leaders and also militia leaders along the means to re-superstructure his news, Dawes reportedly let lock sleep, either since he was singularly concentrated on obtaining to Lexington as conveniently as possible or since he wasn’t together well-connected through the patriots in the countryside,” writes Christopher Klein because that History.com.

The two men set out together for Concord. ~ above the road, they bumped right into Samuel Prescott, a young physician who was headed ago home come Concord ~ a visit to his fiancée. Prescott offered to aid carry the news.

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It was dark and probably cold. The landscape was crawling through British troops that were feather to prevent patriots from dispersing news. Prescott and Dawes stopped to wake human being up in ~ a residence along the way, when Revere moved on. Revere saw 2 British officers and also warned Prescott and Dawes, but was himself captured. 

Dawes offered a trick to obtain away. To write Klein:

According to family lore, the quick-witted Dawes, knowing his horse was too exhausted to outrun the two British officers tailing him, cleverly staged a ruse. He traction up in former of a vacant farmhouse and also shouted together if there were patriots inside: “Halloo, boys, I’ve acquired two the ‘em!” Fearing one ambush, the two Redcoats galloped away, when Dawes reared so conveniently he was bucked off his horse. Forced to limp into the moonlit night, he receded right into obscurity, and Dawes lost his horse, although he managed to scare the soldiers away.

So of the three, only Prescott finished the midnight ride. The following day was the fight of Lexington, widely perceived as the begin of the American Revolution. Why walk Revere get all the credit in a city that schoolchildren were because that years required to memorize? according to chronicler Marie Basile McDaniel, it’s feasible that Revere got sole billing in the poem because he was so politics active—already much better known, as soon as he set out, than either that the various other men. Both Dawes and also Prescott faded into obscurity, while Revere continued to be a well-known figure till his death at age 76.