(A mausoleum v hanging moss. In the centre a pyramid that skulls in front of a cross.)CHRISTINEYou to be oncemy one companion . . .you to be allthat mattered . . .You to be oncea friend and father -then mine worldwas not correct . . .Wishing you weresomehow below again . . .wishing you weresomehow near . . .Sometimes that seemedif I simply dreamed,somehow girlfriend wouldbe below . . .Wishing i couldhear her voice again . . .knowing the Inever would . . .Dreaming the youwon"t assist me come doall the you dreamedI could . . .Passing bellsand sculpted angels,cold and monumental,seem, for you,the dorn companions -you to be warm and also gentle . . .Too numerous yearsfighting ago tears . . .Why can"t the pastjust dice . . .?Wishing friend weresomehow below again . . .knowing we mustsay good-bye . . .Try to pardon . . .teach me come live . . .give me the strengthto try . . .No much more memories,no more silent tears . . .No more gazing acrossthe wasted year . . .Help me saygoodbye.(The PHANTOM increase from behind the cross)PHANTOM (very soft and enticing)Wandering kid . . .so lost . . .so helpless . . .yearning for myguidance . . .(Bewildered, CHRISTINE watch up, and murmurs breathlessly):CHRISTINEAngel . . . Or father . . .friend . . . OrPhantom . . . ?Who is the there,staring . . . ?PHANTOM (more and more hypnotic)Have youforgotten your Angel . . .?CHRISTINEAngel . . . Oh, speak . . .What endlesslongingsecho in thiswhisper . . .!(RAOUL shows up in the shadows and watches because that a moment transfixed)PHANTOM (now illustration CHRISTINE in the direction of him)Too lengthy you"ve wanderedin winter . . .RAOUL (to himself a murmur)Once againshe is his . . .PHANTOMFar from myfar-reaching rigid . . .RAOULOnce againshe return . . .CHRISTINE (increasingly mesmerized)Wildly my mindbeats against you . . .PHANTOMYou stand up to . . .PHANTOM and CHRISTINEYet your/the soulobeys . . .RAOUL. . . Come the armsof her angel . . .angel or demon . . .still he calls her . . .luring she back, native the grave . . .angel or dark seducer . . .?Who room you, strangeangel . . .?PHANTOMAngel that Music!You refuse me,turning from true beauty . . .Angel of Music!Do no shun me . . .Come to your strangeAngel . . .CHRISTINEAngel the Music!I denied you,turning indigenous true beauty, beauty . . .Angel the Music!My protector . . .Come to me, strangeAngel . . .(CHRISTINE moves towards the number of the PHANTOM)PHANTOM (beckoning her)I am your Angel the Music . . .Come to me: angel of Music . . .RAOUL (suddenly phone call out)Angel the darkness!Cease this torment!(Inexorably the PHANTOM continues to beckon CHRISTINE)PHANTOMI am your Angel the Music . . .Come to me: angel of Music . . .RAOUL (in desperation)Christine! Christine listen to me!Whatever you might believe, this male . . .this thing . . . Is not your father!(To the PHANTOM)Let she go! for God"s sake, let she go! Christine !(Coming the end of she trance CHRISTINE turns and also mouths the words):CHRISTINERaoul . . .(She transforms to RAOUL that embraces her protectively. The PHANTOM freezes for a moment and also then suddenly seizes a pike top top which is impaled a skull. At a motion from the a flash of fire streaks from the gaping mouth of the skull and also lands in ~ RAOUL"s feet)PHANTOMBravo, monsieur!Such spirited words!(Another fireball)RAOULMore tricks, monsieur?PHANTOMLet"s see, monsieurhow far you challenge go!(Another fireball)RAOULMore deception? more violence?CHRISTINE (to RAOUL)Raoul, no . . .(RAOUL has started to walk slowly and resolutely in the direction of the PHANTOM the fireballs constantly landing simply ahead of him)PHANTOMThat"s right, that"s right,monsieurkeep wade this way!(Two an ext fireballs)RAOULYou can"t success her love by make her your prisoner.CHRISTINERaoul, don"t . . .RAOUL (to CHRISTINE)Stay back!PHANTOMI"m here, I"m here,monsieur:the angel of death!Come on, come on,monsieurDon"t stop, don"t stop!(Three much more fireballs. RAOUL. Is practically at the PHANTOM"s feet. A confrontation is brewing when CHRISTINE suddenly rushes throughout to RAOUL)CHRISTINERaoul! Come back .

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. .(She pulls him away)PHANTOMDon"t go!(As they are exiting, the PHANTOM declaims in fury):So be it! now let the be battle upon friend both!(At a gesture native the PHANTOM, over there is a flash of lighting and also the stage erupts right into flame)