A 30-degree angle is an acute angle. An edge is developed when 2 lines satisfy or intersect at a point. An acute angle is one in which the measure up of the angle is much less than 90 degrees. Once a 60-degree edge is bisected we gain two angles, every measuring 30 degrees. Let united state learn around a 30-degree angle, the steps for construction, and some real-life instances of 30 degrees.

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1.What is a 30-Degree Angle?
2.Constructing 30-Degree Angle using Protractor
3.Construction of 30-Degree Angle making use of a Compass
4.30-Degree angle in genuine Life
5.FAQs on 30-Degree Angle

What is a 30-Degree Angle?

An angle is created when two rays accomplish at a point. In the provided figure, the allude of intersection the the beam OA and ray OB is O, i beg your pardon is called the vertex.


If the measure up of the angle formed by two rays is 30 degrees, then the edge is dubbed a 30-degree angle. The angle formed by the ray OA and OB is composed as ∠AOB or ∠BOA.∠AOB=∠BOA=30°.

Constructing 30-Degree Angle making use of Protractor

In this section, allow us explore how to construct a 30-degree angle v the help of a protractor. Follow the offered steps:

Step 1: Draw a line segment OA.

Step 2: Place the facility tip the the protractor at allude O such that the protractor perfect aligns v line AO.


Step 3: Start indigenous 'A' on the protractor in the clockwise direction and stop at 30. Note it as suggest 'D'. If point 'A' lies to the appropriate of 'O', then start measuring anticlockwise and stop at 30.


Step 4: Join point 'D' with 'O'. ∠AOD=30° is the compelled 30 level angle.

Construction that 30 levels Using Compass

An edge of 30 degrees can likewise be built using a compass. Currently let united state see exactly how to construct a 30-degree angle utilizing a compass, ruler, and also a pencil. Monitor the steps offered below:

With C as the center and also without any adjust in the radius, attract an arc that cut the semicircular arc at point D.With C and also D together the center, draw two arcs that intersect each other and also label it as E.Join the clues A and also E. Here, ∠EAB = 30°.

The building of the edge of 30° making use of a compass is shown below.


30-Degree angles in genuine Life

The 30-degree angle deserve to be checked out in countless objects around us. The hand of one analog clock in ~ 1:00 develops an angle of 30 degrees.


A pizza when reduced into 12 slices, sometimes makes a 30-degree angle. Sometimes, the scissors we use to cut paper and fabric make a 30-degree angle. Have you ever gone for a bicycle ride v your friends and also observed the the roads are diverging at some angles. Those angles can be 30-degree angles.

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How many 30-degree angles space there in a

a) right angleb) complete angle

Important note

Here are a couple of important notes around the 30-degree angle.

π radians = 180°.30° in radians is π/6.

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30 level Angle Examples

Example 1: In the △ABC, use a protractor to measure ∠CAB.


Place the protractor's baseline in addition to line abdominal muscle and the center of the protractor at vertex A. Observe the analysis in the protractor i m sorry overlaps v line AC. It makes a 30-degree angle.


Therefore, ∠CAB=30°.

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FAQs top top 30 degree Angle

What type of edge is 30 degree Angle?

A 30-degree edge is one acute angle because it is less than 90 degrees.

How execute you attract a 30-degree Angle v a Protractor?

To draw a 30-degree angle making use of the protractor, follow this steps:

Step 1: Draw a line segment OA.Step 2: Place the facility tip that the protractor at point A such the the protractor perfect aligns with line AO.Step 3: Start indigenous 0 on the protractor in the clockwise direction and also stop at 30. Note the point D.Step 4: Join allude D with A. ∠DAO=30° is the compelled angle.

How countless 30-Degree angle does it require to Make a full Turn?

A complete turn is 360°. Since 30 ×12 = 360, therefore, there room twelve 30-degree angle in a complete turn.

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How plenty of 30 degree Angles room there in a right Angle and Complete Angle?

In a directly angle which is 180°, there are six 30° angles. This is calculation by separating 180° by 30°. Similarly, in a complete angle, there space twelve 30° angles. This is calculation by dividing 360° by 30°.