A great boost towards getting a fuller and sexier Booty! loot Maxx pills are super charge with our distinctive natural natural based formula providing you a rise towards improving the as whole size, and also shape of your Booty. 

Booty Maxx has actually made it simpler than ever to accomplish your prey Goals! just take 2 Booty Maxx capsules daily. You deserve to take both capsules in ~ the same time, or one in the morning and also the 2nd capsule in the evening. For faster and optimum results, we extremely recommend the you use also use booty Maxx cream.

*Results might vary from human to person. This statements have not to be evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.These commodities are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any type of disease.

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Shipping & returns

We have actually multiple shipping alternatives available. Our most renowned is standard Shipping which takes 4-6 business days. We likewise offer refer Shipping.

Return Policy

Due come the nature that our commodities , we space unable come accepts returns and issue refunds. Loot Maxx just accepts exchanges on very same product various size. If your preferred size is not in stock, us will worry a save credit. Buyers space responsible because that the expense of shipping the product they great to exchange, and also a $14.00 exchange tide fee will use to every exchanges. Products eligible because that exchange should be new, unused, and in the precise same condition they were upon delivery. Plastic packing need to be returned. No exceptions. Refused packages by customers will not be welcomed as one exchange or form of cancellation.To begin an exchange please contact us at info
lifwynnfoundation.org encompass your full name, stimulate number and the dimension that friend would choose to exchange for.Send products ago to the following address:Booty Maxx14320 Ventura Blvd #224Sherman Oaks CA 91423Cancellation Policy: due to the high demand for fast and also prompt delivery, we procedure orders and arrange to ship practically immediately after ~ you place your order. Because of our quick and efficient shipping technique many times we are unable come cancel orders. If girlfriend would choose to cancel her order we kindly ask the you email united state at info

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lifwynnfoundation.org, if the order has actually not however been handle or shipped we will gladly release the order. However, if your order has been processed and prepared because that shipping, or shipped we will not be able to cancel the order. As soon as emailing united state in regards to a cancellation inquiry please include your name, bespeak number, and contact phone number. Restocking fees will apply to orders that have currently been processed. Please keep in mind that refuse packages will certainly not be accepted a kind of cancellation or a return. You must return the package with secure verifiable tracking information. If your order has yet to ship and also awaiting billing or shipping address verification and you like to cancel your order a 25% tide fee will certainly apply.