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Most civilization can picture ping pong balls in their heads, but they often tend to overestimate the size and the weight of the ball. In our distinct "How big is a Ping Pong ball Guide", we"ll answer every one of your questions around size, weight, and dimensions.


I uncovered these funny facts to it is in pretty exciting and I"m passionate to re-superstructure them through you, so let"s gain started...

How huge Is a Ping Pong Ball?

Ping pong balls are fairly small. These perfectly spherical balls are made especially for use playing ping pong. They have a diameter of 4 cm or 1.57” and only sweet 2.7 g, or .095 ounces. The main ping pong ball used to it is in a little smaller, at just 3.8 cm, or 1.5”.

They have actually a 12.56 m, or 4.94” circumference. Generally, however, world talk around ping pong balls in terms of their diameter, not their circumference.

While they nothing vary much in size, ping pong balls have the right to vary in color. Orange balls are great for casual games since they room so straightforward to spot, while white balls are main tournament balls. This is due to the fact that they pair therefore well v either environment-friendly or blue tables and are simple to see.

Which Is enlarge – A Ping Pong ball or a Golf Ball?

It have the right to be daunting at an initial glance to tell if a golf ball or a ping pong ball is bigger, however once you measure the balls, then you can quickly see the tiny difference. Ping pong balls boosted in size after the Olympic gamings in 2000, however are still rather tiny at just 4 centimeter in diameter. This boost in dimension did lug them much closer come the size of golf balls, but they room still a little bit smaller.


Golf balls, top top the other hand, room 4.267 centimeter in diameter, or 1.6”. This minimum sizes raised from 1.62” in 1990.

While you may have actually trouble telling which round is larger simply through looking in ~ them, most world can easily tell which one is heavier once they choose them up. Golf balls sweet significantly an ext than ping pong balls do, i beg your pardon is due to their design and also construction so that they will quickly soar v the air as soon as hit.

Are There different Sizes the Ping Pong Balls?

Ping pong balls are generally available in 2 sizes – 3.8 cm and 4 cm. The 3.8 centimeter balls are the old balls, when the 4 cm balls are the ones the are right now the encourage size. This method that if you are going come be setting up a regional tournament or want to practice for a real main tournament, then you have to make sure that you usage the best size balls. If you carry out not, climate you might struggle during the real game.

Another thing to take into consideration when shopping for ping pong balls, in enhancement to the size that girlfriend choose, is their quality. Not all balls space made the same, and also not all have actually the very same purpose, which way that you need to be able to choose the best one because that your requirements if you want to have actually luck behind the table.

Fun, or novelty, balls space designed in too many of various colors and may even come in different sizes. They are geared towards children who desire to beat ping pong and need a small extra catalyst to enjoy the sport. While lock look funny on the table, they regularly vary in size and can be either hard or soft, do it difficult for more devoted ping pong football player to discover the ideal balls for your needs.


Training, or practice, balls room another form of ping pong ball easily accessible on the market. They often tend to be softer and also are normally the traditional 4 cm, although the is possible to discover them in the 3.8 cm size. Unfortunately, they room not very durable and also can conveniently break if they are hit also hard.

One-star balls are great for youth or use at schools. While they space still a small softer 보다 higher-quality balls, they room fun and also easy to play with. They can selection in colors and sizes, yet most regularly are obtainable in 4 cm sizes.

Two-star balls are great for practice, use with a robot, or by intermediary players. They space not the greatest quality sphere on the market, but they can conveniently be offered in a pinch if necessary. As long as they room the exactly weight and also are 4 cm in diameter, climate they can be provided for tournaments.

Finally, the ideal ping pong balls on the industry are three-star balls. They have actually been authorized for usage by the global Table Tennis Federation and also are the perfect choice for specialists and more serious players. Ping pong players are typically safe to i think that any kind of three-star round they buy will certainly be the correct size for play.

How heavy Is a Ping Pong Ball?

To be authorized for use in competition play, ping pong balls need to be 2.7 g in weight. Any type of heavier than this and the football player will need to hit the ball lot harder to acquire it end the net. Balls that are any type of lighter will certainly be incredibly daunting to hit and also to control, make the game harder than it needs to be.

Are Ping Pong Balls Hollow?

Ping pong balls are fully hollow top top the inside, i beg your pardon is why they room so light. They are made from celluloid that has actually been extract from cotton cellulose, as well as plastic. While there has actually long to be a rumor the ping pong balls space filled v camphor, the truth is that they space not, and also they only have air ~ above the inside.

Ping pong balls go through an interesting production to come to be their perfectly spherical and hollow shape. Over there are big and flat sheets of celluloid that room soaked, completely submerged, in warm alcohol till they room soft. Once they space soft and pliable, climate they are pressed into half-spheres. This hemispherical shapes are trimmed and permitted to harden completely. When this occurs, then two shapes are joined in addition to an alcohol-based glue.

Once the two halves have actually been join together, then the ping pong ball is placed into a device where the edges will certainly be smoothed down and also the surface ar will it is in smoothed, together well. Finally, the ping pong ball will be stamped and also then packaged.

At no time during the process are any type of strange gases placed into the ping pong ball. This interesting process results in a perfectly hollow and spherical round every solitary time.

How countless Ping Pong Balls can Fit in a swimming Pool?


How many Ping Pong Balls can Fit in a institution Bus?

While this may seem favor a strange concern to ask, it’s actually a well-known interview inquiry that prospective employers love come ask throughout interviews. This is due to the fact that it needs a lot of comprehensive thinking and reasoning by the person trying to fix the problem. Standard school buses are about 8’ by 6’ through 20’. Based on the dimension of a ping pong ball, and also how lot volume is easily accessible to fill in an empty school bus, there will generally be about 1,095,529 balls within of the bus to to fill it up.


As you deserve to see, girlfriend would need to have a shocking amount of ping pong balls to fill up a standard college bus. Most people are surprised by how countless balls lock would need for this task, as it deserve to be difficult to even imagine having that countless balls.

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A lot an ext goes right into choosing an excellent ping pong balls than simply buying the an initial package the you view at a store. It’s incredibly crucial to make sure that girlfriend are constantly aware of the size and also quality of ping pong sphere that girlfriend are looking for so the you deserve to be certain you make the right an option for your needs. Skimping by purchase low-quality balls or ones the aren’t the authorized 4 cm dimension will an outcome in friend having troubles with your games and also not being all set for actual tournament play.