Captain Morgan is a spiced rum made by Diageo, who purchased the brand in 2001. That was very first introduced to the US sector in 1984. Captain Morgans is a “Spiced Rum” which method it has spices and also flavorings added after distilling. Return the manufacturing location has moved roughly over its history, this particular day Captains is do in the us Virgin Islands.

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A popular marketing campaign has helped make Captain Morgan one of the many widely recognizable rum brands on the market, asking “got a tiny Captain in you?” while characters and also endorsers to win the Captain’s above pose.

Captain Morgan Products

White rum

Captain Morgan White is a perfectly adequate white rum. While not spectacular, that holds increase well against competitors who’ve gone to it lot longer, prefer Bacardi. Do from cane molasses, aged because that a year, and filtered five times.

Black Spiced Rum

Captain Morgan black Spiced Rum (not to be perplexed with Captain Morgan Black, a different product obtainable in choose markets) is a blackstrap rum with added cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, cassia bark, and other spice flavors added. Age in scorched oak barrels, it is marketed to contend with brands like Cruzan and also Kraken. Like most Captain Morgan offerings, the sweetness and also color are affected by additives.

Private Stock

Similar to the initial captain’s blend, the personal stock is age longer and also has a smoother, softer flavor to it. It’s tho a spiced rum in ~ heart, but it had actually some of those bolder spice flavors subdued for a nicer sipping experience. Notably, it has a very mild complete with tiny burn. If you love Captain Morgan provide it a shot, but for the money, there are plenty of better-sipping rums out there.

100 proof

The same initial Captains rum, yet bottled in ~ 50% ABV for an extra kick. If you’re drinking a Captains and also Coke, this is the party you want. That extra heat and also alcohol contents is going come punch v the sweet of cola and make because that a lot nicer drink. Include a little of lime juice too!

Flavored Rums

Captain Morgan uses a range of flavored rum commodities including coconut, pineapple, Sliced Apple, orange vanilla, and gingerbread. These rums are flavored through additives after distillation and also are bottled between 30% and also 35% ABV. The a little bit of a stretch to speak to these true rums, as they are much more like flavored rum liqueur.


Captain Morgan likewise produces pre-mixed flavored liqueurs designed come be provided in shots dubbed “Captain Morgan Shots”. Currently, there are two flavors, Apple, and also Loconut. Bottled at 20% ABV.

Captain Morgan Pricing

Below room the recent Captain Morgan prices.



Captain Morgan initial Spiced Rum1.75l$19.99


Captain Morgan 100 proof Spiced Rum750ml$20.99
Captain Morgan black color Spiced Rum750ml$23.99
Captain Morgan original Spiced Rum375ml$9.99
Captain Morgan initial Spiced Rum750ml$16.99
Captain Morgan original Spiced Rum1.75l$30.99
Captain Morgan exclusive Stock Rum750ml$24.99
Captain Morgan White Rum750ml$16.99

Sam"s Club

Captain Morgan black color Spiced Rum750ml$9.31
Captain Morgan original Spiced Rum1.75l$20.98


Original Spiced RumCaptain Morgan750ml$13.99
Captain Morgan original Spiced Rum1.75l$26.99
Captain Morgan original Spiced Rum Traveler750ml$14.99
Captain Morgan White Rum750ml$13.99


Captain Morgan black Spiced Rum750ml$17.99
Captain Morgan initial Spiced Rum750ml$15.99
Captain Morgan White Rum750ml$15.99


Captain Morgan 100 evidence Spiced Rum750ml$13.97
Captain Morgan black Spiced Rum750ml$15.47
Captain Morgan Coconut Rum750ml$12.97
Captain Morgan Grapefruit Rum750ml$12.97
Captain Morgan original Spiced Rum750ml$12.97
Captain Morgan initial Spiced Rum1.75l$21.97
Captain Morgan Pineapple Rum750ml$12.97
Captain Morgan personal Stock Rum750ml$20.28
Captain Morgan White Rum750ml$12.97
Captain Morgan White Rum1.75l$21.97


Sailor Jerry

Sailor Jerry is a spiced rum created by the legend tattoo artist Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins’s proteges Ed Hardy and Mike Malone. Bottled at 46% ABV, it access time harder than Captain Morgan and is a less sweet product as well. A heavy alternative, with a cool brand featuring one of Norman Collins’s standard tattoo flash.


Named because that the legend beast, Kraken spiced rum is a black spiced rum developed in Trinidad and also blended with 11 spices after aging because that 1-2 years. It is a good alternative come Captain Morgans black color Spiced Rum.


While Plantation doesn’t make spiced rum, they do make wonderful rums. If your goal is quality, You’re far better off to buy an aged rum native Plantation and also infusing it through your own spices (or enjoy it it as is) 보다 buying Captain.


Personally, Spiced rums space a classification I usually avoid for cocktails. Most classic and also tiki cocktails were created before spiced rum do its means out the the Caribbean and also into the mainstream, for this reason it isn’t often dubbed for in older recipes. I discover using an aged rum and including my own spices via infusion, syrup, bitters, tincture, or cordials yields a much better experience once mixing many cocktails. That being said, there room plenty of drink in i m sorry a spiced rum choose Captain Morgans deserve to play that is part.


Many of us might be supplied to frozen, blended, fruity resort-style daiquiris, yet the initial is simpler and also in mine opinion much better cocktail. A classic daiquiri is a an excellent showcase for the chosen rum, and it’s generally the first cocktail ns make when testing out a new bottle.

2 oz Captain Morgan White Rum.75 oz Lime Juice.75 oz an easy syrup1 dash angostura bitters

Shake v ice, strain into a cool coupe. Garnish through a lime wheel or wedge. Feel totally free to adjust the quantity of lime or an easy syrup because that a sweeter or an ext sour cocktail.

Mai Tai

The roof Tai, like the Daiquiri, is one more rum cocktail that’s gotten done dirty by coast bars and also hotels about the world. Did you do it probably had actually a mai tai prior to that associated 2 or 3 fruit juices and maybe also amaretto. The real Mai Tai is a thing of beauty, this beach bar bastardizations, not so much. I wouldn’t personally usage Captain Morgans in a classic Mai Tai, however if the what friend like, or the what friend have, it’ll perform in a pinch.

1 oz Captain Morgan’s 100 Proof1 oz rum the your choosing ( Rhum Agricole or a Jamaican Rum job-related well to include flavors not found in a spiced or Spanish style rum..75 oz new lime juice.5 oz dried Curacao or Triple Sec.25 Orgeat (Almond Syrup).25 Demerara an easy syrup

Shake, strain end crushed ice, garnish through a spent lime fifty percent and a sprig of fresh mint.

History and also Production

Captain Morgan rum was very first produced through Seagrams in 1944. Named after renowned Welsh pirate Henry Morgan, Captain Morgan was originally produced in Jamaica. In the 1950’s the USA offered tax incentives to carriers who operated out of Puerto Rico, so Seagrams relocated their production and also licensed the Captain Morgan name and also product come a Puerto Rican distillery.

Captain Morgan is distilled indigenous sugarcane and also molasses, using a consistent still distillation method. That is climate aged because that one year in oak barrels, before being blended. Finally, a mixture the spices and other flavorings is added to the rum to provide it the signature flavor. Captain Morgan requires no animals in its production or testing and is vegan.

Nick Lappan has functioned in the restaurant industry since age 13 and also most freshly has operated as a cocktail bartender and bar consultant in the unified States and China.

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