What is the usual English name for the "plastic part on the reminder of a shoelace" which helps to easily insert the lace into the shoelace holes? (I"m not sure that"s the correct name).

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Edit: over there are additionally metal components of the kind.


It"s called an "aglet".

a metal or plastic sign or sheath at the end of a lace used for tying, together of a shoelace.

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I"ve known and used this term for years however whether it have the right to be taken into consideration "commonly known" is up for debate. It"s absolutely not unheard of.


"Aglet" is a an exclifwynnfoundation.orgent word and one that i didn"t know, possibly much more correct and particular (thanks Catija) but I have constantly heard them referred to as a "ferrule". Usually it is a ring or pipe reinforcing something vulnerable to dividing or fraying. Occasionally it is heatshrink tubing applied to the end of a rope, occasionally a small aluminium pipe squeezed ~ above the finish of a bicycle"s gear cable, occasionally the brass ring ~ above the optimal of a chisel"s wooden take care of where it is to win by the mallet.



While "aglet" is the technically exactly term, the is one that many civilization do not understand (as shown by how frequently this question is asked, even by indigenous English speakers). I would rather simply use words "tip." If you should specify, you can even say "shoelace tip."

I will likewise note the "ferrule" derives from "ferrous" which means "made of stole metal." thus the ax "ferrule" is more often used for a metal tip. However, that is additionally an unusual word, so I would actually just suggest saying "metal tip" or "metal ring," whichever is an ext appropriate.


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