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I choose to evolve the warlords yet I don"t recognize how. Can someone tell me how to evolve the warlords favor what objectives are needed to finish the evolution? choose with Ginchiyo you require a 60 or 65% to evolve through Muneshige in an non adjecent kingdom. What does that mean?

Note that first of all, besides the Hero"s 2nd tier evolution, no one of the warlords deserve to evolve in the key story. Every development must be done in the post-game episodes. web page lists every the warlord development methods. The gist is that you have to reach a high attach percentage v their perfect link(100%) Pokemon. Of keep in mind is that only the non-legendary perfect attach Pokemon can attain warlord evolution, with the sole exception of Hideyoshi(Reshiram) and also Mitsuhide(Articuno).Many warlords have added objectives as well as high link % though.Hero(3rd tier), Nobunaga, Masamune - only evolve in their very own post-game episodes.Hideyoshi - 2nd tier needs Infernape. Third tier requires Reshiram.Ginchiyo, Muneshige - have the various other warlord under your manage as well. The two have to be in different kingdoms, and even then, your kingdoms should not be beside each other.Motonari - have actually 100 or more different Pokemon recorded in the Gallery.Mitsuhide, Shingen, Kenshin - complete their post-game illustration beforehand.Nene - have all possible Poison-type Pokemon in the game recorded in the Gallery.No - have actually all possible Ghost-type Pokemon in the game recorded in the Gallery.Hanbei, Kanbei - have the other warlord through them in the exact same kingdom.Yukimura - have actually Shingen in the exact same kingdom.Kanetsugu - have Kenshin in the exact same kingdom.Ranmaru - have actually Nobunaga in the same kingdom.Tadakatsu - have Ieyasu and Ina in the same kingdom.Magoichi - have three or more female warlords in the same kingdom. Most most likely the Hero doesn"t count.

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Oops, a little mistake indigenous the above post.To evolve Shingen, end up Kenshin"s episode, not Shingen"s. Angry versa because that Kenshin together well.
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