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Generation IV hold a soft spot in the hearts of a lot of people, and for a very great reason.

It was the first appearance of the Pokémon collection on the Nintendo DS, marking the true start of the next generation the games.

There to be a great handful that changes and also improvements created Diamond, Pearl, and also Platinum. As per usual, though, the HM mechanic continued to be the same.

And this supposed we had actually a brand brand-new Pokédex to comb through trying to find the many usefully useless Pokémon to pack up on Cut and Surf.

So if you’re feeling nostalgic come play with the glory job of Sinnoh, check out on to uncover our picks because that the peak gen 4 Pokémon that look best chained come HMs.

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12. Garchomp


Garchomp was a new, albeit forgetful enhancement to Generation IV.

Capable of finding out cut, surf, strength, absent smash, and rock climb, this otherwise useless Pokémon makes for a relatively great HM slave.

This is especially true if you’re in search of an alternative to the usuals.

I had you going, no I?

No, Garchomp is among the many overused and powerful non-legendary ‘mons to ever grace the series.

Boasting a ludicrously high speed and attack stat, Garchomp is capable of transporting your team v the main game on that admittedly wimpy shoulders.

Why friend would ever actually usage a Garchomp together a HM slave is beyond me. Also as a joke that’s just, come on!

However, it can learn five beneficial HMs. So that technically has a place on this list.

11. Empoleon


Empoleon isn’t even in the same organization as Garchomp when it comes to strength.

Regardless, there’s no situation that you would ever desire to teach her starter a HM other than for probably surf.

However, if you do decide to use Empoleon as a HM slave, you will do it be together surprised together I to be to find out that that compatible through seven that the eight HMs in the game.

The just one that can’t find out is paris (which seems like a cruel jab in ~ penguins).

10. Wishcash


Wishcash to be a heavy HM slave as soon as it was presented in Gen III, and that use carries over here.

As a Pokémon that organized prominence in the old-school secret Dungeon games, running one of these together your HM slave might be a method to inject some much more nostalgia right into your run.

It can learn strength, surf, waterfall, and rock smash. So despite only having four HMs come its name, they room widely used ones.

Then of course, girlfriend do have its gloriously dopey confront and virtually vaudevillian-like whisker mustache, if that’s your kind of thing.

9. Golduck


Golduck makes the perform for being a purely useful HM slave.

While it does have actually a solid design, there room no frivolities connected with its location here.

It’s compatible v the same HMs as Wishcash, with the exception of Golduck also learning absent climb.

It has a kind special strike stat, through no various other stats being very poor at all.

If you decide to evolve her Psyduck, in spite of the reality that you’re no fun, you get access to this heavy HM slave.

8. Gliscor


Now if you’re looking for a balanced HM it is just helpful as a fight mon’ as well, then Gliscor is just one of the better options available.

It has actually a an excellent defense stat, definition you have the right to use it to eat up some damage while you cure up the remainder of your in reality battle-ready team.

It only has actually weaknesses to water and ice, i m sorry aren’t types that are overly common. Save in mind, though, Gliscor deserve to be a bit of a bother to gain your hand on.

You offered to catch a Gligar first, which has a particularly low encounter rate. After that you have to level that up at a specific time while making use of a Razor Fang.

While not overly difficult, this is a bit much more effort than most people would be ready to go with for a HM slave.

Especially as soon as there are much better alternatives.

7. Rampardos


Gen IV saw the increase of fossil Pokémon to a brand-new level the prominence, albeit making use of annoying version exclusives.

For Rampardos specifically, if girlfriend only have actually Pearl at her disposal, then unlucky for you.

Capable of learning 5 HMs, Rampardos is the HM slave choice of plenty of looking to take benefit of every the brand-new goodies that came along with Gen IV’s release.

In battle, Rampardos has a ludicrously high assault stat.

Despite gift a rocky t-rex looking thing, it is nice squishy. So shot to keep it out of the heat of fire.

Whether or not making use of this is moral remains a allude of debate, though… offered the Pokémon’s habit of shattering its head turn off things just for the funny of it.

6. Lickilicky


Okay. Ns the last human that’ll referee you for her Pokémon choice, but using Lickilicky is simply a tiny bit weird, man.

If you’re that special kind of creep that likes your large pink Pokémon running approximately licking various other living things without your consent, you will do it be enjoyment to recognize that Lickilicky have the right to lean the same 5 HMs as Rampardos.

The just HMs that room incompatible are fly, defog, and waterfall.

Just thinking around this pink terror is make me uncomfortable, for this reason let’s save it moving.

5. Tropius


Tropius has been a heavy HM slave selection in practically every appearance it has actually made due to the fact that its inception.

In D/P/P specifics you’ve got the choices of cut, fly, defog, strength, and rock smash.

The dashing dinosaur has a decent sufficient HP stat too, as well as a banana beard that honestly provides me a bit jealous.

If you in need of a bulky all-round flier to share up v HMs, Tropius is a an extremely popular option in every one of gen 4.

4. Rhydon


Rhydon has never to be a stranger come my teams throughout the year, albeit never ever really in the position of HM slave.

Despite my an individual preferences, Rhydon is a good choice for the position.

It has actually solid HP and the inexplicable combo of having actually both high distinct attack and special defense.

So lengthy as you store it the end of the heat of fire from special attackers, Rhydon is both a powerful offensive and also defensive device to take benefit of.

All while additionally being capable of learning five HMs.

If you’re able to, you can evolve Rhydon right into Rhyperior for some severe super stats while keeping the HM heat up.

You require to be able to trade your Rhydon to execute this, though. Therefore if you have actually no friends prefer me, well you’re stuck to a an easy rock thing.

3. Skarmory


Skarmory is the perfect HM servant hybrid.

It deserve to learn 4 of the eight HMs, which isn’t that great although that does encompass fly. However, it makes for a great an additional HM slave/battle-ready Pokémon.

It has a tiny encounter rate percentage, yet if you can catch one you have one the the finest physical defense walls in the game.

Split your Skarmory’s moveset in between stalling attacks and also HMs, and it should come to be a beneficial member of her team.

There’s a reason that that a consistent in compete play, ~ all.

2. Pelipper


Pelipper is that much better flying HM servant that we discussed with Tropius.

This might come together a shock despite coming in at number two, yet Pelipper deserve to only find out three HMs, and also one of castle is defog.

So why is the this high top top the list?

The various other two HMs space surf and fly. You going to be utilizing these two HMs far much more than any of the others, and also Pelipper is the only Pokémon in the game qualified of discovering both.

Its stats no great, therefore don’t expect to rid this overgrown pelican right into battle. Although you deserve to ride it everywhere that isn’t in the direction of an enemy.

For every intents and purposes, Pelipper is a Pokémon chauffeur.

It wouldn’t be also crazy to see one pull in a suit driving a limo at part point.

1. Bibarel


C’mon. Girlfriend knew that this to be coming.

Bibarel is a legend among us Gen IV loyalists the end there.

This happy go happy beaver is useless in every single way… other than for the fact that it makes a great HM slave.

No seriously, it has no other uses. Incorporate that through the reality you find it in ~ the begin of your journey, and one could just think that Bibarel was made come spit the end HM moves all day.

Capable of finding out every HM in the game other than for fly and defog, Bibarel deserves a spot as your dedicated HM user. Due to the fact that that’s what it to be born to do.

Have pity top top the bad thing and at least offer it a shot.

Let the large lump fulfill his function in life.

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