DirectorAditya ChopraRelease dateDecember 12, 2008 (India)LanguagePunjabi and also Hindi
WriterAditya Chopra (story)Release date12 December 2008Music directorSalim & Sulaiman, Salim Merchant, Sulaiman MerchantSongsTujh Mein Rab Dikhta HainCastShahrukh cannes (Surinder Sahni), Vinay Pathak (Balwinder Khosla), Anushka Sharma (Taani), M.K. Raina (Taani"s father), Manmeet singh (Raju Mechanic), Puneet Cheema (Dance Instructor)
Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (English: A enhance Made by God) is a 2008 Indian romantic comedy movie written and directed through Aditya Chopra and produced by Yash Chopra and also Aditya Chopra under the banner Yash Raj Films. The movie is influenced by The civilization of Apu of legend Bengali film maker Satyajit Ray. The film stars shah Rukh Khan and also Anushka Sharma in the lead roles. Cannes plays a mild-mannered office worker named Surinder Sahni, who love for the beautiful and also vivacious Taani (Anushka Sharma) causes him to transform himself into the loud and fun-loving "Raj" to success her love. It to be released an international on 12 December 2008 and significant Aditya Chopra"s return to directing ~ an eight-year break, complying with his previous film, Mohabbatein.

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The movie was not heavily advocated pre-release, contradictory to previous khan or Yash Raj Films, mainly because of the filmmakers" decision to keep it low-profile because of the terror attacks in Mumbai. Top top release, the movie received confident reviews and also broke numerous box office records. That was asserted a blockbuster despite the truth that it to be released just two weeks ~ the 2008 Mumbai attacks, amidst uncertainty and also apprehensions native the trade concerning market problems at the time. In ~ the finish of its theatrical run, that grossed end ₹1.58 exchange rate (US$25million) an international and was additionally the highest-grossing movie of the year in the overseas market, thus ending up being Yash Raj Films and Shahrukh Khan"s highest-grossing film at the moment of its release. The film"s soundtrack was written by Salim-Sulaiman, and it ended up being the first Bollywood soundtrack to with the top ten albums sales because that the iTunes Store.


The film"s manuscript was recognised through a variety of critics and also was invited to be consisted of in the Margaret Herrick Library of the Academy of Motion photo Arts and Sciences, simply a work after its release. The manuscript is easily accessible for research purposes only; students, filmmakers, writers and also actors are amongst the continuous patrons.




Shy, introverted, and also kind-hearted Surinder "Suri" Sahni (Shah luke Khan) is an office employee because that Punjab Power. The meets the daughter of his former teacher, and professor (M.K. Raina), beautiful and vivacious Taani Gupta (Anushka Sharma), during the prepare for she wedding. A short time later, the shocking news arrives the her fiance and his wedding entourage were eliminated in a roadway accident. Taani"s dad suffers a significant heart assault due come the news. On his deathbed, fearing the Taani will certainly be alone in the world and unable to bear the trauma, the professor requests the Surinder marry her. Surinder silently concedes because he likes she anyway, and also Taani agrees for her father"s sake.


After an impromptu wedding, Surinder take away Taani to his genealogical home in Amritsar. When his great nature leads Surinder come treat she with outstanding care– he even lets her have actually his bedroom every to herself– the is also frightened come profess his love because that her. Taani later tells him the she will try to it is in a great wife and thus respect her duty in his life, yet that she deserve to never love him as result of having no love left within her after the loss of her previous fiance. Surinder, grateful for the raising acts of wifely affection the Taani mirrors him, proceeds come indulge her wishes. These include consistent evening trips come the cinema to watch Bollywood movies which appeal to Taani"s fantasies about romance and also her passion for dancing. One day, while wade in the market, Taani watch a poster around a to dance competition. She shortly asks for Surinder"s permission to take the expensive dance course with a visiting Bombay company, together it would assist her unwind from she mundane life in ~ home. The grants she request and also provides the entrance fee.


During the evenings the Surinder and Taani spend at the movies, Surinder realises the is the solid and masculine photos of guys that Taani admires, and also later on, the asks his long-time best friend, Balwinder "Bobby" Khosla (Vinay Pathak), a hair-salon owner, because that grooming advice that could assist him victory her love. Bobby offers him a finish makeover, which includes trimming off his moustache (an inadvertently gag, due to the power cutting off), transforming his hairstyle (putting on several gel and also shaping the to it is in spiky), and also fitting him the end in a funky Western-style clothing, which the feels is an extremely tight, native the front and the back, consisting of aviator-style shades with oversize pastel lenses. Surinder is for this reason transformed right into "Raj", a surname he borrows from the hero of a movie the Taani had actually admired. After having actually that makeover change done by "Bobby", Surinder goes come Taani"s dancing competition to meet to check out her dance, without her recognising him, but he climate gets pulled right into the run recital by an instructor. At the finish of the dance class, all of the participants were placed into teams of 2 by arbitrarily numbers provided by the staff, and somehow, both Surinder and Taani had the number "21". By chance, or, as Surinder put it the it was not chance but it was by the divine an option of God and also so he becomes Taani"s companion in the competition. In spite of Raj"s early stage over-the-top attempts to emulate the "cool" images given by heroes, in movies, after the first attempt that impressing Taani in the way, Taani reaction badly, telling "Raj" to never flirt through her. He and also Taani come to be friends as they work-related together on their dance routine. Surinder feels motivated when Taani go not want to tie a rakhi top top Raj"s wrist throughout the festival that Raksha Bandhan (doing for this reason would show that she believed of him just as a brother). Soon Raj is can not to dance and also thus decides to quit the run competition throughout the rehearsals and thus is motivated by Taani. Ultimately they both space selected because that the finals and decide to carry out a compete of Golgappa (an Indian snack) the is decided that everyone wins this competition deserve to ask for any type of thing from the other. Raj wins the competition and also doesn"t ask for anything then. The following day, Raj climate decides come invite she to his birthday, declare the prize for beating she in an eat competition. He tells Taani of exactly how he always spends his date of birth alone. Therefore they go on a day of visiting Punjab"s exorbitant cultures, thus, after some time, Raj declares his love because that her.

Taani is shocked, come say the least, and also enters right into a period of inner conflict. Surinder also faces a dilemma in Taani"s misery. He therefore attempts to victory Taani"s love together Surinder, an act which only estranges her further. She ultimately runs away to discover Raj to tell that the predicament she is in, hoping he will help her. He provides to elope with her, i beg your pardon she agrees to, tearfully. They collection the date for their elopement to the following night, the night the the competition (the finals). Surinder is disappointed the Taani cannot check out his love for her as himself, just as "Raj". Later on that night, Surinder tells Bobby that he will finish the charade in his own way, sacrifice his cravings for she love, leaving she his property and also transferring himself to Delhi.

On the job of the competition, Surinder bring away Taani to the gold Temple to obtain God"s blessings for her performance for that night and, internally, likewise for she life without "Raj". If there, Taani has a realisation in i beg your pardon she trust God has presented her a authorize that her marriage to Surinder is divinely inspired. Because that the first time she shows on her husband and also becomes aware of the strength and also integrity that Surinder"s character, something i m sorry she can flourish to love. Taani for this reason tells Raj on the night of the competition, the she cannot choose him over she husband. She pipeline him in what shows up to be a state that shock through tears in his eyes. When the time comes for your performance, Taani is stunned to see Surinder rather of Raj joining her on stage. When dancing Taani place two and two together and through a series of flashbacks, she awakens come the truth that Surinder is in truth "Raj". Backstage, after their dance, she confronts Surinder, and when that confesses his love because that her, she tearfully admits that she reciprocates his feelings. The 2 win the competition. The film ends v Surinder and also Taani visiting Japan on their honeymoon.


Shah rukh Khan as Surinder (AKA Suri) Sahni, RajAnushka Sharma together Taani GuptaVinay Pathak together Balwinder "Bobby" Khosla, Surinder"s ideal friendManmeet singh as Raju, garage ownerM.K. Raina together Taani"s father and Surinder"s professorAneesha Dalal as Dance Instructor at dance ClassSpecial appearances throughout the track "Phir Milenge Chalte Chalte" (in stimulate of appearance)


Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi speak a story native the point of watch of an ordinary human being and, many importantly, conveys a blog post that gift "ordinary" is cool. The filmmakers to be confident the it would have the ability to strike a chord v millions due to the fact that the film has ordinary world as that target audience:

"As middle-class people, so many of us have actually a regimen life. We wake up in the morning, acquire dressed, go to office, come back, sometimes for a change we buy things to take it home, watch TV, eat dinner and go to sleep. And also then us repeat this particular day after day, week after week. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi talks around one such man who stays a regimen life. It is an easy film at heart."

Casting and also filming

In February 2008, Aditya Chopra announced that he will helm another film title "Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi" and also that it will certainly star his happy mascot, shah Rukh Khan. The female lead to be to be a newcomer that would be chosen following a huge talent hunt for a young, demure woman with quintessential Punjabi features. In May, Yash Raj announced the casting of the 19-year-old version Anushka Sharma together the heroine opposite Shahrukh Khan. Yash Chopra commented:

"We to be looking very first for who who can truly embody the soul of little town Punjab. We recognize we have uncovered her in Anushka. While she has actually no previous exhilaration experience, we have actually seen that unique spark in she that provides us confident that she will certainly be a standout also opposite shaman Rukh" Sharma was preferred over thousands of girls because that this duty and was kept surprise from the media throughout the filming. When asked about that, khan said: "The idea was not to keep her a secret; we wanted her job-related to speak for her. When new actors come into films, that is important for world to watch their work and also then question them. The becomes simpler after the film releases." Vinay Pathak was actors to play an essential role in the film, making it its first commercial outing.

Filming started in might 2008; Yash Chopra was current at the shoot. A section was shot through Khan at the golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab. Khan had to lose the six-pack abs he arisen for the song "Dard-E-Disco" that Om Shanti Om since he was playing the duty of a an extremely normal, continual person.


The very first poster of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi was released in October in theatres and also multiplexes throughout India, with full-page advertisements in national dailies. The an initial theatrical promo to be released ~ above 14 November, throughout the screening that Karan Johar"s Dostana. Initially very tiny was known around the movie, and there were countless theories floating approximately on the Internet around the story. The first music promo that the track "Haule Haule" to be released on 2 November 2008, across all top television channels to coincide with Khan"s birthday. The track promo had received unanimous worship from the public.


Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi to be released throughout 30 countries worldwide on 12 December 2008 on over 1,200 screens, including about 300 prints because that the overseas market, making it the very first time a Bollywood film to be released on together a large scale. Before release, the film experienced a huge volume of breakthrough bookings. Aditya Chopra, who is known for keeping secrecy end his films and not showing them to anyone until the day of release, do an exception and held a distinct screening top top 23 November 2008 in ~ Yash Raj Studios. The screening was attended by Khan and his family, Karan Johar, Yash Chopra and also debutant Anushka Sharma.

There was a substantial debate in the market whether Aditya Chopra"s decision to walk ahead through the relax of movie in the wake up of the terror strikes in Mumbai to be the ideal one. Through the trauma of the terrorist strikes on Mumbai city on 26, 27 and also 28 November tho fresh, over there was separated opinion ~ above the relax schedule. While some felt the Chopra should go ahead through the release because the public, tired and depressed after watching news the the attacks and the results on television screens, would certainly be waiting for a true entertainment artist to divert its mind, others thought he should postpone the film release as the audiences, not simply in Mumbai but all end the country, were still not in a mood to visit theatres.

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Home media

Joginder Tuteja the Bollywood Hungama provided the DVD the Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi 3.5 out of 5 stars stating that it is a good choice if you "want to watch a clean family movie in ~ home." The DVD consists of the documentaries, The making of the Film and also The do of the song ("Haule Haule", "Dance Pe Chance", "Phir Milenge Chalte Chalte") and also a variety of deleted scenes and interviews. The film to be released top top Blu-ray a year ~ its theatrical release.

Critical reception

Upon release, the film received positive reviews. Robert Abele that the Los Angeles time calls Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi one "agreeably funny comedy/romance/musical" noting that, "the magnetic khan is a skilled sufficient comic actor through his physical transformation—like a Peter Sellers-ish recessive turning into a Jerry Lewis extrovert—that believing Taani wouldn"t notice isn"t difficult." Rachel Saltz that The new York Times explains it together "soft, sweet and also slow, in the native of among its songs. It deftly blends comedy, the ruling tone that the brand-new Bollywood, v melodrama, the ruling tone the the old." Manish Gajjar that the BBC gave the film 4 the end of 5 stars noting that, "Shah luke Khan makes you laugh and cry together the nerdy-looking, clumsy, bespectacled Surinder and also the all hip and happening Raj. A true experienced in his own right, cannes breezes through his dialogues throughout the emotional and comic scenes." candid Lovece that Film journal International suggests that that is "smarter and an ext self-aware that its rom-com contrivances than many Hollywood movies" and notes the while "the movie"s cleverness at some point devolves into a simplistic Harlequin-Romance-for-males wish-fulfillment about beauty and the geek, it"s a very well-acted variation on a Hollywood staple." Critic and also author Maitland McDonagh the proclaimed that the film, "has to be dismissed in part quarters together self-conscious and also artificial, a coyly self-referential reworking the outdated movie tropes a la Todd Haynes" far From Heaven, yet it functions for me in a means that most modern-day Hollywood romcoms don"t."

Some doubters did not provide the film really favourable reviews. Rajeev Masand of CNN-IBN was critical, offering it 2 out of five stars and also stating the "Aditya Chopra"s go back to direction ~ eight year is significant by a flawed script, which in turn spawns a disappointed film. Where"s the smart dialogue and also the spirited personalities that identified his debut film, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge? There"s no map of either in this movie ... The problem then, at the source of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, is that much like those artificial sets in the film, the emotions too are contrived." Derek Elley of selection argues the the film has actually "a huge, hollow center that sink the project early on ... A paper-thin manuscript drags chin to the complete line between tiresome mugging by Khan, a huge credibility void (she never ever recognizes him there is no his glasses and mustache?) and also a blah score with only one showstopper (featuring five renowned actresses)."

A variety of critics have further noted the similarities between this movie and superhero films. Khalid Mohamed, the the Hindustan Times, gave the film 3 and half out of five stars stating that Suri "is a soul brother to the mousy Clark-Kent-cum-Superman" who "makes girlfriend laugh and also sob alternately." Mayank Shekhar indigenous Mumbai Mirror provided the film 3 out of 5 stars and argues that " same person, oppositely twinned, is normally the ingredient of super-hero films; the kinds of Clark Kent-Superman, Peter Parker-Spiderman etc. Friend feel entirely lost in this fantasy flick, because for most part, that built about something for this reason intimate and real. It’d it is in much simpler to travel to international countries about far-fetched cases with fake heroes." In addition, Sudish Kamath the The Hindu states that while Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi can have been an amazing art film trying out the dynamics the an arranged marriage, the director rather "treats this character kind like Sam Raimi would treat Spider-Man ... Superhero "Raj" slips right into costume and out, complains exactly how it it s okay uncomfortable about the crotch, to win over his mary Jane with not much saving-the-world service to store him busy. However while Spidey walk it because that a bigger reason than simply MJ, Raj’s sole an ideas is to stalk his wife and play the end his fantasy as someone else. His obsession v his alter-ego reaches brand-new heights as soon as he desires his mam to cheat top top the actual him—the goofy Surinder Saini that starts turn off well."