Curious what happens once you mix the colors orange and also red together? In this article, us will discuss the answer and also some information around color theory.

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As one artist, friend regularly occupational with color in bespeak to produce your breathtaking masterpieces.

To perform this, you don’t just paint with the colors right out of the tubes. Instead, friend experiment by mix them with one another to develop a wide range of hues that you deserve to use in numerous different ways.

When trying out your palette, you have probably created many complex mixtures, offering you a great grasp top top how color mixing works. However, that is constantly smart come look back at the basics come refresh your mind on the foundation of colors.

Today, we will certainly be talking about what color does orange and also red make.

Ready? keep reading…

Basic shade Theory

When reviewing the structures of art, there is nothing more fundamental than simple color theory, which features the shade wheel.

Now, think ago on the times when your arts teacher proved you this wheel. You most likely noticed the it has a bunch the similar-looking colors. There is an explanation for this.


Aside native nature scapes, you deserve to use this hue to paint plenty of other things. To do this effectively, you might want to take advantage of color psychology.

Keep in mind that orange is closely linked with adventure and also socialization. This is why the is often linked to enthusiasm, vitality, and courage.

Negative traits associated to orange are dependency, self-indulgence, pessimism, and exhibitionism.

Compared come red, orange hues are viewed as passionate and aggressive, which have the right to be thought about positive and also negative. So, you have the right to use this color to convey a more intense version of the traits associated with orange, yet less extreme than red.

The Bottom Line

We hope you like our thorough explanation that what happens once you mix red and orange together. You’ll now have the ability to use the color red-orange in her artwork.

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Art conveys definition not just through the literal snapshot you repaint but likewise through other visual facets such as color.

Combined v other imaginative devices, you deserve to make a important remarkable and also meaningful work without being too literal. Try using red-orange today and also see what you have the right to create!