"Snow (Hey Oh)" is a tune by Red warm Chili Peppers from their dual album "Stadium Arcadium." It to be featured ~ above Jupiter side of the album, title as "Snow ((Hey Oh))". The track came out together the single on 20th November 2006 came before by "Tell Me Baby." "Snow (Hey Oh)" became an immediate hit and reached number one on the Billboard modern Rock Chart. The track was also able to organize this number one point out for five weeks straight. Also, this track was the 11th track by Red hot Chili Peppers to reach the top charts, unlike any kind of other artist, and this record is tho unbroken.

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Story behind the song

Red warm Chili Peppers" lead singer Anthony Kiedis proclaimed that the song is around surviving, starting fresh, "I"ve do a chaos of everything, however I have actually a empty slate - a canvas of snow - and also I get to start over."

There could be multiple takes on what the story behind the song might actually mean. According to some, the tune is around two favorite drugs the Anthony Kiedis, i.e., cocaine and also China White heroin. Since both of this drugs space powdery, white and also look favor snow, they can be what the singer is referring to. The lyrics can also allude out in the direction of a similar thing together he sings, "So white together snow... Privately divided by the human being so undecided" where they can mean the partition made before snorting the drugs in your nose. Moreover, once he sings, "The more I see, the much less I know, the an ext I"d prefer to let that go" he can possibly mean the more he supplies these drugs, the less knowledge he has of what is occurring about him, additionally knowing the he must not it is in indulging in this habits and also should let the go.

Another facet of the song could be pertained to the trip of exactly how life unfolds, and also how girlfriend come across failures. Even after girlfriend fail lot of times, you begin over again, although the is hard to let walk of what you thought was the right method to deal with life, and how you regarded things.

Music videos

Official music video

Tony Kaye, the director of "Dani California," another song by Red warm Chili Peppers, had told the push that he would certainly be directing the video for "Snow (Hey Oh)." However, this was not just how it turned out to be. Instead, the video clip was directed by Nick Wickham that featured the band"s performance on 18th October 2006 at Continental airline Arena in east Rutherford, new Jersey. The video clip also featured fans in the lines and parking lot, that were gathered to to visit the live power of the tune by the band.

The video clip is shoot in black and white, and also throughout the video, over there is a "happy vibe" the is featured. The tape members, the fans, as well as the civilization behind the scenes the make a live performance possible, yet are usually ignored prefer their services, space featured in the video clip as happy world who have actually come with each other for one single purpose, and that is to listen to the band carry out live.

Although a many people attach the lyrics of the song to drugs and also their addiction, the song might have an all at once deeper meaning. When Anthony sings, "The an ext I see, the much less I know" he might mean how various realizations the come in life room not just how they looked like in the beginning. Also, the lyrics "Deep beneath the cover where it"s all white as snow" might mean just how things look white and also clear ~ above the surface ar in the beginning, yet deep under they space not, and also are quite ugly and far indigenous simple.

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Live video

The track "Snow (Hey Oh)" has been one song that has actually been sung many times, contrasted to various other songs indigenous the very same album. The song has been performed live because that over 250 times due to the fact that its relax in 2006 and also is tho a component of the band"s setlists.

The faster live variation was sung in 2006 when the band went live on optimal of the Pops.

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John Frusciante

John Frusciante supplied his 1962 Fender Stratocaster because that the recording of "Stadium Arcadium." He acquired this guitar from Anthony Kiedis as soon as he went back to Red warm Chili Peppers in 1998. This guitar has actually three-tone sunburst finish, rosewood fretboard, and also three single coil pickups (though it"s unclear were they Seymour Duncan SSL-1s or standard Fender Strat pickups).

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Flea supplied Fender Jazz base for the whole "Stadium Arcadium."

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