Rey Mysterio way “king mystery” in Spanish – one apt name to describe Óscar Gutiérrez, a guy who’s spent many of his wrestling job shrouded in an air of mystery, his challenge hidden behind the icon

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Rey Mysterio way “king mystery” in Spanish – an apt name to define Óscar Gutiérrez, a guy who’s spent many of his wrestling work shrouded in an air of mystery, his challenge hidden behind that iconic mask.

transparent his time fighting with miscellaneous wrestling promotions around the world, fans and also the wrestles fraternity have involved know Rey Mysterio for his Lucha Libre, high-flying style of wrestling, something various from the usual mass monster the wrestles universe has actually grown accustomed to seeing.

Mysterio’s pan base has grown significantly over the years and also he’s proven that he’s much more than capable of taking care of himself versus the world best. He’s fast, strong and exceptionally athletic and also flexible – the totality package, which, when linked with that renowned mask, renders him a act to clock in the ring and endears him to wrestling fans worldwide.

He’s remained in the sports for nearly three decades now and also has been an incredibly constant performer, winning plenty of titles and also championships follow me the way. You simply don’t last or acquire to that level without having actually something around you – Mysterio definitely has that X factor.

There’s more to Mysterio 보다 meets the eye, a lot more about “king mystery” that you can not know, points that have actually made perhaps the greatest ever masked man into the wrestler we all love today. Listed below are 15 things you need to know about Rey Mysterio.


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In 2009, Rey Mysterio to be two years into a growing career. He had actually overcome a spate that injuries in 2008 and had silenced his countless doubters by stepping ago into the ring in the very first place, let alone coming to be a runner-up in an epos Elimination Chamber enhance for the people Heavyweight Championship in ~ No way Out.

things were on one upwards curve because that Mysterio together he climate went on to defeat JBL to clinch the Intercontinental Championship in an astonishing 25 seconds in prior of a packed group at WrestleMania XXV. ~ this, it was his feud through Chris Jericho and also then Dolph Ziggler the really obtained his blood boiling. Mysterio was scripted to shed his title to Dolph Ziggler – an unknown reality at the moment – at the Night of champion event, however downright refused and went on to loss Ziggler ~ executing his 619.

His reason for disobeying the bosses was that he had only just won the title previously that year and was supposedly promised a longer reign together Intercontinental Champion. The then beat Ziggler again a month later on at SummerSlam – a notable time in Mysterio’s career together it to be the first time he in reality stuck two fingers up in ~ the management.

14 14. He to be A Stunt Double 

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Wrestlers have a habit of venturing into movies and also Rey Mysterio is no exception. He’s appeared in number of wrestling DVDs, however what many people don’t know is that he’s likewise appeared in a tendency movie. Sure, he no the lead and also only showed up for a couple of seconds, however it quiet counts together a movie figure right? Mysterio will certainly surely put it top top his résumé.

Mysterio gained the speak to to loan his expertise and play a duty – a very small role – in the 2003 American slasher film directed by Ronny Yu, Freddy vs. Jason. To say the film was a shattering success at the box office would be an overstatement, not that Mysterio would care; he had a duty in a movie and that’s miscellaneous nobody have the right to take far from him.

The function itself was that of a stunt double. In one details scene, Freddy leaps off some steel pipes; well, everyone assumed it was Freddy, yet it was in reality Rey Mysterio. His athletic accomplishments in the ring had obtained him noticed and earned that his couple of seconds of reputation on the huge screen.

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Every wrestling pan worth your weight in command loves to watch the 619, that famous, iconic move of Mysterio’s that sends the crowds right into raptures.

Mysterio was among the very first to lug that Lucha Libre, high-flying format of wrestling onto the key scene, a layout that was prefer a breath of new air in WCW at the time. However, it was specifically– and constantly has been- the 619 the he performs v such grace and also precision that has added to his large fan following.

Many human being thought the 619 to be Mysterio’s own move and also that that had carried some form of originality come WCW. That had, in some sense, but the 619 is in reality a take it on Satoru Sayama’s “tiger feint.” Sayama was actually the an initial to be seen executing the 619 – or other incredibly similar anyway. It was essentially exactly the same move, the only distinction being the Sayama’s adversaries weren’t laid the end on the ropes. However regardless of where Mysterio acquired his inspiration from, no one – not Sayama nor anyone who attempted anything comparable – performs the 619 quite favor Mysterio; seeing Mysterio flying v the air prefer a bird is certainly a sight to behold.

12 12. Mysterio and Music

Mysterio included another string to his bow in 2005 when he released and also performed the tune "Booyaka 619" throughout various ring entrances along with rapper Madd One. This song ended up being a super fight – among wrestling fans anyway – and has been viewed millions of times on society media sites.

His following foray right into the music people would be as soon as he released and rapped in the tune “Crossing Borders,” which was released through WWE’s soundtrack album, “WWE Originals” - an album featuring song from a hold of other superstars, help it achieve commercial success in the us charts.

His music reflects his format and society – attractive tunes v an energetic beat, a perfect backing track for this luchador bouncing around the ring.

Mysterio’s definitely proven that he’s a multi-talented man. He have the right to rap, write, act and of course, wrestle. Who knows what hell be checked out doing next? probably he’ll be on the large screen close to you in the no so distant future?

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numerous wrestlers get the stamin to endure the grueling sports of wrestling through various means. Together a pro, you on the roadway for the bulk of the year, need to do without having actually your family members by her side when travelling, have to involved terms v the sometimes fatal results of your in-ring actions (that’s one more point), all in the name of to chat millions roughly the worls. It’s not always the five-star lifestyle that many human being perceive wrestlers to it is in living. Yes grueling schedule for an extremely little pay – in those early on days – and it can be soul-destroying. Numerous wrestlers, also prominent names, have self-destructed and also have come to be hooked ~ above drink and drugs together a transaction mechanism. Yet Mysterio has constantly stayed ~ above the straight and also narrow path and uses his spiritual beliefs to cope through the demanding business that is wrestling.

religion plays a large part in Mysterio’s life. He is a devout roman inn Catholic and is not afraid to present it. The has spiritual symbols plastered all over his body, tattoos the a cross throughout his chest and rosary beads together a means of expressing his reverence to God and his religion.

10 10. Family Life

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It have the right to be hard to balance a wrestling career with household life, juggling a life top top the roadway with gift a devout father and doting husband. Yet Mysterio has regulated it, and despite gift a number at the head of the business, has actually kept his feet firmly on the ground and hasn’t to be swayed, like numerous wrestlers have, through the riches and also women – kind of the sex, drugs and also rock ‘n’ roll way of life that comes v the fame and glory. There’s never really been any type of rumors or allegations of to work or sexual promiscuity related to Mysterio. As far as the public is aware, his marriage has been solid since the time he tied the knot through Angie in 1996. Since that time, also as the Mysterio persona has actually grown in stature, they’ve remained strong, endured the ups and also down, and also have elevated two kids; their boy Dominic to be born in 1997 and also their daughter Aalyah was born in 2001.

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if Rey Mysterio has actually remained faithful to his wife by every accounts, over there was as soon as a rumor of him having hooked up through Jennifer Aniston, that was certification on Friends at the time. Earlier in 1997, the nationwide Enquirer published the story and Mysterio was baffled as soon as he check out it. It turned the end to be a complete fabrication and also Mysterio even uncovered some humor in it.

"I have no idea what that was about or what it come from. Perhaps somebody want to acquire my name out there and also started the rumor. Anyway, I believed it was funny. I also showed it come my wife - best coming from me, no?"

Mysterio was ribbed fairly a little from the guys in the locker room, yet he take it it every in great stride. He even bought a copy of the magazine and also keeps the stored in his house.

8 8. He Has an interpretation Behind His Tattoos

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Where do we begin with Mysterio’s tattoos? He has a plethora the them etched across different component of his body, part which have actually deep meaning and are visible throughout his in-ring excursions, rather which are simply body art and are covert from the public.

seeing a wrestler covered in tattoos is pretty lot generic in this day and also age. But having stated that, it’s daunting to imagine Mysterio there is no those rosary beads inked roughly his neck or that “Mexican” tattoo spread throughout his stomach.

Let’s start with the “Mexican” tattoo. Mysterio is of mexican heritage and also so this tattoo to be a symbol of his pride and society – he wants everybody to know his roots.

climate there are the tattoos he’s had for family members. He’s obtained symbols and the names of his kids tattooed on his biceps, and also the phrase, “Love it rotates Death” inked on his calf – representing the bond in between him and also his wife.

Then, over there are some tribal tattoos, of course the 619, and the initials that his so late dear friend, Eddie Guerrero.

because that some reason or other, it seems as if Mysterio has a fascination with the whole fatality thing; he loves skeletons and also skulls and also has 2 skeleton tattoos ~ above his left calf. Some people may think this is a little bit morbid, but that’s Mysterio because that you!

Who have the right to forget Mysterio entering the ring donning that purple white skull mask once he wrestled with WWE? it must have actually sent sales the skulls and also skeletons through the roof – both the wrestling and Halloween industries must have been delighted!

but why go Mysterio have this fascination with skulls? It’s merely to remind him of person mortality and also eternal rewards and also blessings – how necessary life is and that every moment must be cherished. Don’t obtain it and also interpret it an additional way? Well, together Mysterio says in his autobiography, "it’s a mexico thing. In Mexico, all Hallows and also All Souls’ job – likewise known together the day of the Dead – are celebrated, a duration during which children who have died are celebrated. The a big deal in Mexico."

So in spite of what you could think, Mysterio isn’t right into the dark arts and also he’s no a goth or anything prefer that.

6 6. He to be Originally supposed To lose His Mask In 1997

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Rey Mysterio was as warm as ever in 1997, together he had created himself as a fan favorite in WCW because of his high-flying style and also the incredible intrigue the came through his mask. In usual WCW fashion, they determined that Mysterio would shed his mask in a match versus Eddie Guerrero. He has actually admitted that he initially wasn"t walk to present up to the Halloween havoc event however Eric Bischoff intimidated that there"d be consequences if the didn"t show up.

Luckily, Rey"s adversary that night, and also close friend, visited bat because that Rey and also complained to WCW monitoring as well. Eventually, the 2 just chose they"d litter it in their faces by having the ideal match of the night.

Ten minutes before the match, Bischoff approached Rey and also said he"d it is in going end in the match, an interpretation Mysterio can keep his mask. Eddie and also Rey conduct to put on a classic and Mysterio"s mask remained on his head, wherein it belonged.

As one of the very first names to it is in penciled right into the roster, Mysterio has pretty much been a irreversible fixture in the civilization of wrestling end the past three decades, despite a few misdemeanors and injuries here and also there which have kept that sidelined. During this time, Mysterio has risen with the ranks and also has end up being one that the most well-known pros in the business. It’s therefore no surprised that Mysterio has gained a great amount the wealth throughout the food of his wrestling job – a little fortune, yet it may surprise few of you just how much.

He’s collected a net worth in the an ar of $8.5 million – a figure that’s not even in the ballpark the Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson"s revenue through wrestling, and doesn’t come close to the salary packet of various other veterans the the sport such as man Cena and Triple H, but it’s definitely not a bad salary for among the “little” guys.

ns sure numerous of you would certainly agree that this is one high-flying luchador that’s certainly earned his corn.

4 4. He’s been Suspended for Violating The WWE well-being Program

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because that a male who normally stays ~ above the straight and also narrow path and hasn’t yes, really had any kind of notable run-ins with bosses or management, it can surprise some of you to understand that Mysterio has actually actually to be suspended indigenous the WWE twice.

it all started in 2007 once Sports Illustrated magazine revealed Mysterio’s surname – among many rather - in a sting operation about anabolic steroid use. It was alleged that Mysterio had acquired the illegal drugs nandrolone, stanozolol and also human growth hormone, and also he was subsequently suspended for 30 work in 2009 for violating WWE’s wellness program. Mysterio was rapid to refute this allegations and publicly revealed that he had obtained the drugs on prescription for his injuries, and that the didn’t have actually time to carry out proof because he was on tourism in Europe.

Mysterio was suspended again in 2012, this time because that 60 days, for violating the company’s wellness policy and the Talent well-being Program, after allegedly failing a drug test and also testing positive for amphetamines.

In the year 2000, many notable wrestlers decided to jump ship and also defect to WWE from WCW. Names such as chris Benoit and also Eddie Guerrero made the move after demanding to be released from your contracts, a switch brought around by Kevin Francis Sullivan’s promotion to head booker at WCW.

WCW remained in utter chaos at the time, and Sullivan’s appointment just served come exacerbate matters. Talent at the firm was gift misused and prominent wrestlers weren’t acquiring the opportunities they wanted and also deserved. This certain infuriated countless of the wrestlers on the roster, that left to sign up with what was fast becoming the greatest wrestling promotion on the earth – WWE. Numerous wrestlers contracted through WCW, including Mysterio, feel the same and also wanted to follow in Guerrero’s and also Benoit’s footsteps.

Mysterio actually started the process of negotiating a release from his contract, yet it synchronized with a time during which half the roster was trying to do the very same thing. This resulted in WCW to get their lawyers involved, and things started to get technical and also tangled in a pack of red tape. Consequently, the relocate never took location in 2000, however it all settled for Mysterio in the end.

2 2. He Was taken Under His Uncle"s Wing

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Rey Mysterio have the right to thank his uncle, Miguel Ángel López Díaz, aka Rey Misterio Sr., for getting him affiliated in wrestling. Misterio Sr. Lived v Jr. And his household in Tijuana, functioning as a building and construction worker by day, however when night fell, he transformed right into the “king of mystery” in the ring.

Sr. Was a heavyweight luchador in Mexico, who later on turned come training various other fighters. His most renowned student would certainly be his nephew, whom he take it under his wing at a young age, training him up because that his an initial bout in the ring in 1989 in ~ the tender age of 14.

Mysterio was initially named “The green Lizard,” but soon take it his uncle’s name when they teamed up together a tag team and also fought through Asistencia Asesoría y Administración llc (AAA).

for this reason the people has Misterio Sr. To thank for molding Rey Mysterio right into the star that is today and for imparting his wisdom on his nephew. As such, Misterior Sr. Is one of the factors that the Lucha Libre high-flying layout of wrestles is so well-known on our display screens today.

Mysterio is really reluctant to eliminate his mask while doing what he does finest in the ring, preferring to stay mysterious – that is after ~ all, king mystery.

despite this, he’s been compelled to remove that customary mask on numerous occasions, the very first instance being with WCW in 1999 as soon as he was basically blackmailed into doing that by Eric Bischoff – lose the mask or lose his job. Mysterio was very public in voicing his disappointment around being unmasked. Earlier in a 2005 interview with the UK Sun, Mysterio stated: “I was strongly against it! i don"t think WCW taken what the mask intended to me, to my fans and to mine family. It was a really bad relocate on their behalf. The fans wanted Rey Mysterio through the mask and losing that hurt me a lot."

Anyway, currently that he is wrestling with Lucha Underground, that looks together if the mask is here to stay.