“One struggle wonder” songs frequently hold a special ar in a listener’s musical memories. Like countless other songs, hearing castle can bring you right ago to a details time and place. I remember capturing the distinctive keyboard intro come “Ride Captain Ride” top top a transistor radio while playing in my backyard together a kid, at a time as soon as AM stations still played an eclectic choice of music. The song, the lone fight by Blues Image, cruised up the charts in 1970, eventually docking at number four. The band an initial came together in Florida in 1966 and consisted that guitarist Mike Pinera, key-board player Emilio Garcia, percussionist Joe Lala, bassist Malcolm Jones, and drummer Manuel Bertamatti. When Garcia left to pursue other interests, frank “Skip” Konte took end behind the keyboards. The team performed on regular basis in the Miami area and became the home band at a club referred to as Thee Image, a meet that likewise featured groups such together Led Zeppelin, Cream and also The mothers of Invention.

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The members that Blues Image at some point relocated come Los Angeles, wherein they landed a attend to Atco Records. The band recorded and released your self-titled debut in 1969. The record was an intriguing mix the Latin-infused rhythms, heavy rock, and blues, yet the solitary from that disc, “Lay her Sweet Love ~ above Me,” didn’t make a dent in the charts. While functioning on the sessions because that their second album, Open, Pinera and Konte to be fooling approximately with part riffs top top a Fender Rhodes keyboard. Pinera came up v the lyric “Seventy-three men sailed increase from the san Francisco Bay…” after ~ looking down at the instrument and also realizing it had actually seventy-three keys. The rest of the song sprang come life indigenous there, and also when the album to be released in 1970, “Ride Captain Ride,” to be issued together a single. The track was a large success, garnering a far-ranging amount the airplay, and also eventually becoming a million-seller.


Kent Henry went on to join Steppenwolf, when Frank Konte ended up in three Dog Night and Joe Lala played through Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, as well as the Stephen Stills led group, Manassas. In addition to stole Butterfly, Pinera additionally spent time as part of Alice Cooper’s band. “Ride Captain Ride” continues to it is in a favorite among classic rock and also one-hit-wonder fans. The tune was memorably extended by Blood, Sweat, and also Tears as component of their 1975 album New City. Vermouth based rockers Phish typically played the song at their live shows during the at an early stage to mid-2000s, with keyboardist page McConnell giving the vocals. Whoever’s performing the song, that chorus i m sorry kicks off v “Ride Captain, Ride, ~ above your secret ship…” has actually that earworm quality that will ensure it it s okay stuck inside your head because that days afterward.

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-John Visconti


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