When you think of a movie series like the Harry Potter franchise — one filled v magic and also curses and also witches and also wizards — you probably don"t think of romance. However, over there is actually a nice long-standing romantic design template throughout most of the Harry Potter movies, and also as hardcore fans of the collection know, there room also certain couples whom you can"t aid but root for.

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And while many of the personalities in all the Harry Potter movies start the franchise as mere pre-teens, by the moment the movies wrap up, they"re adults and also some are also married with youngsters of their very own in a flash-forward scene. Therefore to see all your romantic scenes, both sweet and also awkward, end the years is nice fun. The said, looking back on the series, it"s also entertaining come witness all the characters" kisses and also watch just how much they"ve grown and evolved. So, if you desire to recognize every Harry Potter kiss ranked from worst to best, then store reading, because there are probably some you forgot even happened.

Every fan of Harry Potter knows the Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger — play by the stunning Emma Watson — belong together. So, in the second-to-last movie of the franchise as soon as Hermione and also Harry Potter seemingly share a passionate embrace, it"s pretty hard to watch. But, every little thing is no as it seems, particularly where this kiss is concerned.

Specifically, in this scene throughout Harry Potter and also the Deathly Hallows: component 1, Voldemort"s torture the Ron contains giving the a vision the Harry and Hermione kissing, very awkwardly, while fully naked. Obviously, that"s Ron"s worst nightmare, and also it can just have been the audience"s together well. It"s super uncomfortable to watch and also was taken into consideration to be very controversial once it premiered in theaters. Even before the movie premiered, once clips the the nude scene started circulating online, parents to be outraged, as Screen Rant reported. Clearly, the kiss was hated by pretty lot everyone, making that the absolute worst in every one of Harry Potter.


As tends to be the instance with teenagers, the characters on Harry Potter aren"t immune to gaining a tiny rowdy or fooling roughly with various other teens during a party. After all, they"re at a boarding school and also full the hormones, so who could blame them? but things take it a quite awkward turn once one key character meets a girl who entirely rocks his world.

In Harry Potter and also the Half-Blood Prince, Ron Weasley spends many of his time in the movie acting favor a jerk, likely because of his new position ~ above the Quidditch team which gives him newfound popularity. And that newfound popularity also lands him his first real girlfriend, Lavender Brown. Lavender is a sweet girl, yet she"s a little too obsessed with Ron, and also their kiss after ~ a magnificent Quidditch match is both sloppy and messy — they can use some kissing tips. Additionally, the fact that fans currently knew in ~ that suggest that Ron and also Hermione Granger belonged together just makes this kiss one of the worst in the franchise. 

Ron's passionate lip-lock through the wrong human was one of Harry Potter's funniest kisses ever


Because the characters in Harry Potter space pretty much all witches and also wizards, what might be taken into consideration normal teenage hijinks frequently are a lot more complex in Harry Potter. And also in one kissing scene, Ron Weasley finds himself in a nice unique instance thanks to part magical juice.

In Harry Potter and also the Deathly Hallows: part 1, Ron drinks some Polyjuice medicine to disguise self so that doesn"t get caught at the ministry of Magic. However, the person he"s disguised as, Reg Cattermole, end up having a wife, Mary, that is additionally at the Ministry, and also when she look at him, clearly she has actually no factor to believe he is anyone various other than her husband. So, she kisses him. And while they"re kissing, Ron shrinks ago to his usual me to the shock and also confusion the Mary. It"s certainly a passionate kiss, as mar thinks she"s kissing she husband, however Ron is also flustered to avoid it, bring about something so awkward it"s hilarious.


In the human being of Harry Potter, the love stays of the 3 main characters are obviously important to the plot the the movie. And also while Ron Weasley and also Hermione Granger have actually a pretty extreme love story, harry Potter himself ends up with rather a passionate love affair v Ginny Weasley, who nearly has a love affair with Dean, another boy at Hogwarts, instead.

In Harry Potter and also the Half-Blood Prince, Harry, Ron, and also Hermione head to a pub, the three Broom Sticks. If they survey their surroundings, take care of spots Ginny in a corner booth through Dean. The 2 look pretty intimate and actually re-publishing a kiss when Harry is the town hall them, but the kiss isn"t really anything one-of-a-kind — in fact, it"s nice tame. Were it no for the fact that Harry and also Ginny so obviously belonged together, the kiss could"ve been okay, but due to the fact that this was an imperfectly combine couple, fans would not consider it one of the best.

As much as the Harry Potter franchise is a story of great versus evil, it"s additionally a coming-of-age story as Harry and also his friends almost go from youngsters to adults over the food of all eight films. Since of this, there space plenty of first kisses in the films, some an ext passionate 보다 others.

As far as very first kisses go, Harry"s own an initial kiss was in reality pretty sweet. Sure, you could have meant it to be a tiny awkward, and also it absolutely was, however not in the way you"d expect. Harry had been crushing ~ above Cho because that a while, and he finally locks lips with her in Harry Potter and the bespeak of the Phoenix, so to say it to be a long time coming would be one understatement. However, together adorable together Harry"s an initial kiss was, it was additionally pretty tragic. Cho was still grieving previous boyfriend Cedric"s death, so after that when Harry tells his friends about it, he explains it together wet because she had been crying. Um, yeah, that"s not what you desire from your first kiss with a substantial crush.

Dedicated fans of Harry Potter waited until the franchise"s 6th film to lastly see harry Potter gain his dream girl — that"s rather a lengthy time — but their very first kiss was so magical the it was worth the wait.

In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry ultimately gets some intimacy indigenous Ginny Weasley, and it"s simply as lovely together you would expect. The 2 share a moment in the Room of Requirement, and also Ginny gets bold. Together Ginny backs up from Harry, she whispers come him to close his eyes. When he does, she goes earlier to him and also kisses him through the softest, most tender kiss in cinematic history. Probably, anyway. Seriously, Harry and also Ginny"s very first kiss was the definition of pure, and also though it wasn"t some passionate make-out session, it to be still so sweet and showed just exactly how much the 2 longed because that each other.

In case you were wondering whether or not Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley shared a much more intense lip-lock ~ their very first little peck, then this step from Harry Potter and also the Deathly Hallows: component 1 should answer your question. To be fair, Harry and Ginny had a totally normal first kiss that was both awkward and also sweet, but their 2nd on-screen kiss proves simply how much they"d come due to the fact that then in their willingness to display affection.

In the scene, Ginny"s brother, Bill, is around to marry his true love, Fleur, and everyone is in ~ the Weasley home to celebrate. When Ginny comes to ask harry to aid her with her dress, the two can"t assist but share a passionate kiss the was climate promptly interrupted by Ginny"s brother, George. This time, Ginny and Harry don"t hold ago like they perform with their first kiss, and also their chemistry to be palpable. Though no their best, it was a lot an ext mature 보다 their ahead entanglement.

While the parental of the children in Harry Potter did often tend to have actually pretty intense and also important storylines, they were still never the main characters of the franchise. Because of this, it would certainly be easy to forget your own distinct love stories they had actually throughout all the Harry Potter films. Still, perhaps, among the sweetest and also most underrated couples in every one of the Harry Potter world would be Arthur and Molly Weasley, Ron Weasley"s parents.

The pair had been with each other for seemingly forever, despite they were usually also busy taking care of your kids and also trying to take down Lord Voldemort to really show any affection. However, in Harry Potter and the room of Secrets, while Harry Potter visits the Weasley house for the an initial time, over there is a an extremely quick moment where Arthur leans in come kiss Molly ~ above the cheek. It"s nothing wild or crazy, just the sweet affection that a pair that knows every other and also loves each various other no matter what. And, so, it"s among the best kisses in all of Harry Potter, in spite of its brevity.

Over the course of all the Harry Potter films, the love story in between Harry Potter and also Ginny Weasley is very slow to develop. But, when those two get together, there"s no avoiding them. This becomes fairly clear once they"re placed in a life-or-death situation and seemingly can"t gain their hands turn off each other for a while.

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In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: part 2, things obtain scary throughout the fight of Hogwarts. Voldemort and also his dark army have got into the school campus, and also students and teachers alike space left fleeing for your lives. But, of course, Harry and also his friends prepare to fight back, come take ago the Wizarding people from the dark side. So, when Harry and also Ginny watch each other before they need to go their different ways, not knowing if the various other will return alive or not, castle share a kiss that is equal components passionate and also just level hot. Seriously, the was around time those two got some sizzle, and also with that kiss, it to be evident.

Let"s just acquire one point straight: over there is one superior pair in the Harry Potter universe, and also that is Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. The two were in ~ odds transparent the early films the the franchise, making their unavoidable romantic involvement the much much more enticing come fans. And also even once they did warm up to every other, it appeared to take forever to get them to actually show any kind the intimacy toward each other. So as soon as they finally do have actually that moment, we need to admit that it to be worth the wait. 

During the fight of hogwarts in Harry Potter and also the Deathly Hallows: part 2, Ron and Hermione are sent on a pursuit to destroy one of mr Voldemort"s Horcruxes, and also it"s certainly a high-pressure situation. However Ron and Hermione, that course, regulate to acquire it done, and in the midst of a substantial battle, with all the adrenaline rushing v their veins, they lastly share a passionate and loving kiss. The kiss was recognized to leave audiences cheering out loud while attending the premiere in theaters, so it"s for sure to speak this kiss tops the list for obvious reasons.