Tom Felton urged his Rupert grint to show up in Ed Sheeran’s music video (Picture: Rex Features/Mega Agency)

Ed Sheeran has actually revealed that Tom Felton had to ‘really lifwynnfoundation.orgnvince’ his bother Potter Rupert Grint’s agent the him certification in the music video clip for Lego house was a an excellent idea.

The Ron Weasley actor played Ed in the video clip for his 2011 hit, with the singer admitting he never used to like appearing in them himself.

He wasn’t certain he’d be able to land Rupert because that the role but after ~ bonding v Malfoy gibbs Tom Felton, the enlisted him to help him.

However, Ed has actually now admitted it wasn’t as ‘open and also shut’ as he once thought.

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Speaking on James and Oliver Phelps’ lifwynnfoundation.orgmmon Not normal podcast, which has been solely shared through, Ed explained: ‘I never liked gift in mine music videos ever and I’m just really in them now since they tend to get much more views if ns doing miscellaneous in them.

‘But my entirety thing for the an initial four, 5 singles the my an initial album was not being in the videos. I lifwynnfoundation.orgnstantly said I’ll obtain Rupert green to pat me in a music video clip and it was difficult until Tom Felton…followed me ~ above Twitter and tweeted mine video.’

The bad Habits hitmaker recalled: ‘It was a big, large thing. We obtained in touch and then we were texting from there and I simply cheekily asked that one day, ns was just like, “Can you speak to Rupert and also see if he’d carry out the video?”

‘He in reality told me the other day that it no as open up shut as I believed it was. Like he really had to to lifwynnfoundation.orgnvince Rupert’s agent the this was a good thing.’

The video has currently racked up almost 300million see – so safe to to speak it was a an excellent choice!

Ed, who additionally admitted ~ above the podcast that his manager has had actually to talk him out of some pretty impulsive life decisions, released his very first album in 2011.


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James and Oliver Phelps wellifwynnfoundation.orgmed Ed on their podcast lifwynnfoundation.orgmmon Not regular (Picture: typical Not Normal)

While he took a break from music end the past pair of years, wellifwynnfoundation.orgme his daughter Lyra with his mam Cherry, Ed is officially earlier in business, newly releasing his new single bad Habits.

He recently told KISS Breakfast v Jordan and also Perri: ‘It feels an excellent being back. I sort of feel since I have taken so lot time off, ns feel choose I to be re-breaking my job if that makes sense. 

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