Sandra Bullock reportedly owns nature in California, Louisiana, brand-new York, Texas, and Wyoming.Photo: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty images for Netflix
Sandra Bullock no mess approximately when it concerns real estate. The Oscar-winning actor has actually spent the past few decades structure up one enviable investment portfolio to complement her A-list resume. Follow to Dirt, the Bird Box star currently owns 17 properties located all throughout the continental U.S., a mix that residential and commercial investments the span everything from a Gothic Victorian residence in new Orleans to a sprawling hilltop compound in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Bullock is famously private about her personal life; instance in point, it’s no publicly known when she purchase the Wyoming estate or really any type of details about it at all.

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While Bullock has referred to as some of these holdings “home,” there space several places that appear to have been investment properties from the get-go. Part details are not readily obtainable to the public, suggesting that Bullock may have purchased them through an gmbh or various other investment entities. Here, we’ve rounded up what we do understand of her comprehensive real heritage portfolio, recognizing the while this list isn’t exhaustive, that is still quite impressive.


Even though Bullock is undeniably Hollywood royalty, she enjoys safety time away from the spotlight. In April 1997, she reduce $575,000 top top a three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bathroom house in Austin overlooking Barton Creek. In a might 1998 story for Texas Monthly, the star stated she feel “a lightness” as soon as she’s in Texas. “It’s the kind of place where I have the right to feel regular again,” she explained. Bullock noted the 5,633-square-foot house for $2.5 million in 2012, and it offered for $2 million the complying with year.

Bullock also bought a 5.81-acre lakefront spread out on Lake Austin in 1997, reportedly spending “millions” to custom-build a mansion on the grounds. According to Variety, however, she relocated out that the pad just days after moving in “over concerns about mold and shoddy workmanship.” She sued the builder and also was at some point awarded $7.8 million in damages in 2004. Because then, the key house has been razed, however now over there are number of smaller homes, and also a two-story boathouse, ~ above the property.


When Bullock makes her way to the east Coast, she has a spacious Soho townhouse that she calls home. Follow to, the actor payment $3.35 million for the 4,144-square-foot single-family home and appears come still very own the property, despite she frequents it less and less. The townhouse is likely worth much more now.


In at an early stage 2001, Bullock dropped $1.49 million ~ above a three-bed, three-bath Hollywood Hills ranch perched over the Sunset Strip, simply a short walking distance to the well known Chateau Marmont. She ultimately sold the hilltop retreat for $2.925 million in 2018, which makes sense offered that she was mainly using it together a rental building in the last couple of years the ownership, leasing out the 3,153-square-foot pad for between $15,000 and also $18,500 a month. 


The main residence on Bullock’s former Tybee Island, Georgia, property attributes seven bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms.

Photo: Melissa Newsome for Celia Dunn Sotheby’s global Realty

Later in 2001, Bullock to buy a substantial compound ~ above Georgia’s exclude, Tybee Island that made up a 3,360-square-foot main house and also a 2,800-square-foot guest house. As soon as it came time to offer the property, the Blind Side star choose to offload the two frameworks separately, marketing the guest home for $1.05 million in December 2020 and also the main home for $3.125 million one month later.


When Bullock married Jesse James, in 2005, the pair moved into a four-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bathroom Sunset Beach home the motorcycle enthusiast had bought because that $3.6 million in 2002. Your marriage dropped apart 5 years later, in 2010, in ~ which point Bullock relocated out. James sold the 3,600-square-foot beach home for $4.5 million in 2011; that doesn’t show up that Bullock’s name was ever on the deed, despite she did call the place house for a while.



Bullock’s new Orleans residence is a National historical Landmark in Louisiana.

Photo: Irene Abdou / Alamy share Photo

Bullock and James go all-in on one 1876 Gothic victorian mansion in new Orleans in June 2009, payment $2.24 million for the three-story structure. Well-known as the Koch-Mays House, the Swiss Chalet House, and Freret’s Folly, the 6,615-square-foot pad is reconstruction with duration details, like intricate ironwork and also heavy gilded interiors. There room a total of 5 bedrooms and also four and a half bathrooms; Bullock still owns this home.


Following her separation from James, Bullock to buy a sprawling $16.19 million Tudor-style mansion in Beverly Hills that she still own today. Located on 4.1 acres, the estate features an 8,110-square-foot key house, a screening room, a poolside pavilion, and also a detached four-car garage. There room a complete of seven bedrooms and also eight bathrooms.



The Sierra Towers structure in West Hollywood.

Photo: RBL/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Bullock’s genuine estate holdings extend to condos too. In February 2014 she purchased a two-bedroom, three-bathroom condo in West Hollywood’s renowned Sierra Towers for $3.35 million. Situated on the 22nd floor, the unit actions 1,672 square feet, v unparalleled views of the city below. Bullock reportedly still owns the unit, despite she placed it on the rental industry in 2017 for $22,000 a month. And also fun fact: It formerly belonged to Matthew Perry.


The actor to be such a fan of her Sierra Towers condo the she determined to purchase another unit in might 2017—this time, a slightly larger 2,101-square-foot house featuring one bedroom and also two bathrooms, located on the 20th floor. She paid $5.13 million because that it in an off-market deal. It shows up that she still owns this unit together well.


In June 2018, Bullock placed down $8.5 million for a stunning 3,700-square-foot, four-bedroom, four-bathroom residence in Malibu overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Originally built in the so late 1970s, the abode is a it s as beautiful as picture beachside getaway perched ~ above stilts, v floor-to-ceiling windows and also several terraces facing the sea.


Bullock’s 2nd Malibu home is slightly smaller sized in size, but no much less charming. 2 years after ~ she purchase her first beach house, she paid $5.3 million for a 1,300-square-foot cottage situated in the very same gated neighborhood. The mint-green home functions two bedrooms and two bathrooms; she detailed it as a rental quickly after buying it, though it is unsure if she at this time has a tenant living there.

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Bullock’s many recent actual estate acquisition (in in march of this year) is situated in Beverly Hills, an update 2,800-square-foot mid-century bungalow that she bought for $2.7 million. The home boasts three bedrooms and also three and also a fifty percent bathrooms, with open living spaces and also sleek ebony-stained hardwood floors throughout.