“As because that you, you intended evil against me, yet God supposed it because that good, to bring it around that many civilization should be maintained alive, as they room today.” Genesis 50:20

What The adversary Meant because that Evil

At just 16 yrs. The age, St. Patrick to be kidnapped by pirates and also taken indigenous his brothers homeland come Ireland where he was sold into slavery. He functioned in the areas as a shepherd for 6 years under terribly harsh conditions, until God miraculously noted a means of escape because that him to flee. As challenging as the time must have actually been, the was throughout those lonely year of enslavement, where he challenged hunger, freeze temperatures, and pain, the he met with God, and found deep closeness in His presence through prayer and also meditation.

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Who would certainly have ever dreamed of how God would certainly turn roughly this tragedy because that good?

After months back at home, recuperating and also seeking direction for his future plans, St. Patrick feeling strongly brought about go ago to Ireland. The knew God had carried him there for a purpose and he to be burdened come share Christ with a lost nation.

History tells us that thousands to be saved. Revival broke out amongst this pagan people, lives were changed, together many involved know Christ as Lord and Savior.

Though God is not the author of angry in our world, and though frequently He does choose to shelter and protect united state from the evil strikes of the foe on our lives, sometimes…He take away us directly through dark seasons. And it’s never to leave us there because that no purpose. The will constantly have a purpose and also hope through what we might experience, however difficult it might be. He will constantly be faithful to bring greater good.

Both the resides of St. Patrick and also Joseph in the bible remind us of this truth. Sold right into slavery, hosted captive, and imprisoned, however set free for the “saving of plenty of lives.”

God Will turn It for Good

If you find yourself in a difficult season right now, discover encouragement with this reminder: God will rotate it roughly for good. Somehow. That is faithful come His Word, and He is crazy around you. He will see you through, don’t ever doubt it. Girlfriend will action out to the other side the the darkness. And who knows, but that numerous lives may be influenced for the kingdom’s sake, because of your daunting season of struggle.

Intersecting belief & Life: occasionally the most difficult times we walk through can feel like captivity to our hearts and also minds. If you uncover yourself there today, be assured that God is v you and also leading you through. Also if you can’t see just how the entirety story will unfold, His plans for us room good, He gives hope and purpose. Pick to thank Him now that the will rotate your struggle approximately for good. Pray the He will use it as a blessing in your life and also for countless others to recognize of His strength and an excellent love.

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Further Reading:Jeremiah 29:11Romans 8:28Psalms 84:11

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