First, we show units of time that are more common organized as a concept web from the the smallest unit come the biggest unit. See an ext explanations below. Start from second, then walk to minute, and so forth...

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The basic units the time that we are familiar with from the the smallest unit come the greatest unit space second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, century, and millennium.  

Second is the the smallest unit on the principle web. To check out how fast a 2nd is, do this exercise. Raise your hand up and also immediately lower it down. It took you about a second to do this exercise!

60 seconds = 1 minute.

60 minute  = 1 hour.

24 hrs  = 1 day.

7 days = 1 week.

1 minute is most likely the time that takes many world to brush your teeth.

1 hour is the time it take away to clock a TV show. Some mirrors last only half an hour.

1 work is the time it might take friend to journey from Miami to Boston.


How numerous weeks space there in one month?

Well, that depends. Just February deserve to have exactly 4 main on a leap year. Otherwise, February has 4 weeks to add 1 day.

The other months have actually either 4 weeks to add 2 work or 4 weeks add to 3 days. In bespeak to recognize what a leap year is, friend can check this site.

12  months  = 1 year.

100 years  = 1 century.

10 century = 1 millennium.

Other less typical units the time to point out just a few.

These room millisecond, microsecond, decasecond, fortnight, quarter, decade, olympiad, jubilee, megaannum, jiffy, and Planck time.

1 millisecond = 0.001 second 

1 microsecond = 0.000001 second.

1 decasecond = 10 seconds

1 fortnight = 2 mainly (This one is greatly used in an excellent Britain and also some previous British colonies)

1 4 minutes 1  = 3 months.

1 te  = 10 years.

1 olympiad = 4 years.

1 jubilee = 50 years (this one is used in the bible)

1 megaannum = 1 million year.

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1 jiffy = 33.3564 microseconds = time the takes irradiate to travel a street of 1 centimeter follow to Gilbert Newton.

1 Plank time = 5.39×10-44 s

Notice that a Planck time is also smaller 보다 a jiffy. In fact, 1 Planck time is actually the shortest measurable time amongst all the various units that time. 

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