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I watched the so-called affordable finest drugstore shampoos because that keratin treated hair to see whether lock live approximately their cases of gift Sulfate-free and also Salt-free.

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And here’s what ns found…

They are no doubt cheaper and also easier to buy following door.


When i took a closer look in ~ the ingredients, I determined that they were not always truthful around what’s within the bottle.

In short:

If you skimp on it – you gain what you pay for.

Let me present you a couple of examples:

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My Opinion ~ above “Sulfate-Free (SLS-Free)” drugstore ShampoosOther pharmacy Sulfate free Shampoo brand ListThe Aveeno Sulfate free Shampoo and also Conditioner

My Opinion ~ above “Sulfate-Free (SLS-Free)” pharmacy Shampoos

I’ll start with a renowned brand that world ask me a the majority of questions about:

Organix (OGX).

OGX have a an excellent variety that shampoos ranging from coconut milk to Argan oil come Brazilian Keratin smooth.

If you search for pharmacy shampoo for keratin treated hair ~ above Google, you’ll most most likely see among them in the list.

Sulfate free drugstore shampoo brands

And I can guarantee you’ll always find them on the shelves in your local shop.

But don’t it is in mistaken by the Brazilian keratin smooth version.

At first, the looks like a element candidate for short article keratin treatments, but it flatters come deceive.

It only took me 2 secs to determine what was wrong with it.

Let me display you …

The OGX Sulfate complimentary Shampoo

I walked into my neighborhood Boots store, picked one of them, and looked at the ago of the bottle.

Check the end what the says:


L"Oreal Everpure

inspect Price

Aveeno Pure Renewal

inspect Price
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I am right now on week 3 making use of this shampoo, and my keratin therapy still look at fresh like it was just done yesterday.