A unique, 77-mile flight was the 10th shortest residential route in Asia critical year. This trip is in between Jammu and Srinagar, the two fundings of Jammu and also Kashmir in India. Despite its quick length, the route saw 14 everyday flights and is offered by practically all major Indian carriers. For this reason why does this short journey have so much traffic?

The route currently sees 3 to six day-to-day flights, with only SpiceJet running more than one daily service. Photo: Boeing

Interestingly, one more Indian trip makes OAG’s list of shortest routes in Asia. This one is the 64-mile hop in between Kozhikode and also Kochi in the state that Kerala.

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However, this route just saw 730 flights critical year (two a day) and also currently has actually no service.

While the frequency the the Jammu-Srinagar route may have actually fallen as result of the pandemic, we have the right to expect the to remain on 2020’s perform of Asia’s shortest routes and see well over 1,000 flights. The trip is crucial air attach to thousands in the state and will proceed to see farming traffic in the comes months.

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