Soccer and American football space obviously two different sports. However, they do have some similarities. One of those similarities is a similar shaped field on i beg your pardon the games are played.

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But return the fields are a comparable shape the is fairly clear that there space differences in between the 2 as well.

In this article, we’ll look in ~ the soccer field and also the football field and also see how they compare.

If you room interested in a broader comparison that how soccer and football compare overall, click this link and it will take you come a write-up I wrote that compare all elements of the 2 sports.

To begin with, this table below clearly lays the end the differences and similarities in between a football field and a football field.

How castle Compare:

Soccer FieldFootball Field
LengthMax: 130 yards (120m)Min: 100 yards (90m)100 yards(91.5m) in between goal lines120 yards (109.7m) including finish zones
WidthMax: 100 yards (90m)Min: 50 yards (45m)160 feet/ 531⁄3yards (48.8m)
SurfaceNatural grass and artificial turf or a hybrid of bothNatural grass and also artificial turf
Markings2 penalty areas 2 goal areas a halfway heat a center circle 4 corner arcsa punish spotand a center spot 10-yard intervals2 end zones1-yard hash marks5-yard garden lines1-yard long scrimmage lineNumerals in multiples that 10
GoalpostsLocated at the center of the score lineCrossbar: 8 ft (2.44 m) above groundVertical posts: 8 yards (7.32 m) in between postsLocated at the facility of the score lineCrossbar: 10 feet (3m) above groundVertical uprights:– 18feet 6inches (5.6m) apart – 35 feet (10.7m) long
Table to compare a soccer ar to a soccer field

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Shape of Soccer field Vs football Field

The form of a soccer field and also a football field are the same. They are both rectangular through the ends of both fields shorter than the length of the field

Although a soccer ar can vary slightly in length and width (as we’ll look at below) it is still a necessity that the touchline, or sideline, is much longer than the goal heat at one of two people end.

You may additionally have heard a soccer ar referred to as a “pitch.” If you want to recognize why examine out this short article I created explaining why people use this word and where the originated.

Length of Soccer field Vs soccer Field

Soccer and also football areas are typically the same lengths as each other.

Between the score lines the a football field, there room 100 yards(91.5m) and when you include the 2 10-yard end zones the length concerns 120 yards (109.7m). These measurements are a requirement and also no football field should it is in a different length come this.

Soccer fields are a little different in the the length has minimum and also maximum requirements that it has to fit within. A maximum size of 130 yards (120m) and a minimum length of 100 yards (90m).

This method that there is frequently a small variation in between the lengths of different soccer fields yet that sports is relatively minor.

For an example of this, in the image listed below is a perform of the lengths the 5 MLS team’s soccer fields.

Length the 5 MLS football fields

As you have the right to see indigenous the above images although there is frequently some variation in between the lengths of the ar there are only a couple of yards in it.

The smallest size of any MLS soccer field is the Yankee stadium where brand-new York City FC plays. The length of their field is just 110 yards (110.6m).

Did you know soccer used to be dubbed football, even in America? Find out why this changed, and the factor behind the united state calling it soccer while many of the world calls that football, in this write-up I newly wrote.

Width of Soccer ar Vs soccer Field

The width of a soccer field compared to a football ar is frequently where over there is the greatest variation in size.

As with the length, a football field has a collection requirement that the width needs to be. That width necessity is 160 feet/ 531⁄3yards (48.8m).

Soccer areas have minimum and also maximum needs that the width has to be between. Those needs are a preferably of 100 yards (90m) and a minimum that 50 yards (45m).

Although the soccer ar has a minimum need of 50 yards (45m) most soccer fields are approximately 75 yards (68.5m) in width.

As an instance of this, the image below lists the width of the fields of 5 MLS team’s fields.

Exact width of 5 MLS football fields

In this dimension, new York City FC’s ar at Yankee stadium comes in joint last place with Minnesota united FC’s ar at TCF financial institution Stadium with a broad of just 70 yards (64 m).

A soccer ar is bigger than a football field

A soccer field is bigger than a football field as result of the football field’s width being almost twice that of a football field. Back the length of the two fields is similar, a football field’s extra width way that a soccer field has a greater surface area and is bigger than a football field.

Because a football ar is restricted to being just 160 feet/ 531⁄3yards (48.8m) wide, conversely, a soccer ar can be as much as 100 yards (90m) wide, a soccer ar has a much better surface area 보다 a football field and also is, therefore, bigger.

If you’re interested in more details around a football field’s size and also dimensions, click here to go to a short article a created covering whatever you must know around it. And if you want my opinion around whether soccer is harder than football, have actually a look at this short article I wrote giving you the 5 reasons for what ns think.

Surface that Soccer ar Vs football Field

The surface on which a soccer video game or football video game can it is in played space similar. Both games can be play on herbal grass or man-made turf.

However, that is far an ext common because that NFL groups to pat on man-made grass than MLS teams to pat on it.

A evaluation in 2019 found that 12 NFL groups play on artificial turf and 19 play on natural grass.

Whereas in the MLS just 6 teams play on artificial turf rather than herbal grass.

It is also interesting to keep in mind that in the NFL over there is a relocate towards play on more artificial surfaces while in the MLS over there is a relocate towards play on organic grass.

This is mostly because of the various requirements that both sports.

Markings ~ above a Soccer ar Vs football Field

The markings ~ above both a football field and also football field are where the areas really perform differ from every other.

And this renders sense together they room two various games with various rules and also objectives.

The markings on a soccer field are:

2 penalty locations 2 goal areas a halfway line a center circle 4 edge arcsa penalty spotand a facility spot

The markings top top a football field are:

10-yard intervals2 finish zones1-yard hash marks5-yard garden lines1-yard long scrimmage lineNumerals in multiples the 10

One similarity in between the two is that all the markings are in white.

Goalposts ~ above a Soccer field Vs football Field

The goalposts in both soccer and football space also very different indigenous each various other as you deserve to see in the photo below.


In soccer, the goalposts are required:

To it is in positioned in ~ the facility of the goal heat at both ends of the field.The crossbar should be 8 ft (2.44 m) over ground in ~ the lowest pointThe upright posts, which are below the crossbar, need to be 8 yards (7.32 m) apart

In football the goalposts are required:

To be positioned in ~ the center of the goal heat at both end of the fieldThe crossbar have to be 10 feet (3m) over groundThe vertical uprights, which are over the crossbar, need to be 18feet 6inches (5.6m) apart and also 35 feet (10.7m) long

A significant difference between the goalposts in both these sports, personally from just how they look, is where the players space trying to get the ball.

In soccer, the players space trying to gain the ball between the vertical short articles below the crossbar. In football, the players space trying to obtain the ball between the vertical articles above the crossbar.

The main difference between a soccer and football field

Having currently gone with the differences and similarities girlfriend will have actually noticed that there room 3 far-ranging differences in between a soccer and also football field.

The width of the fieldThe markings ~ above the field The goalposts

These three components are what make each sport’s field distinctive and enable the gamings to be played together they have to be played.

Playing soccer on a football field

This does raise the concern of whether it’s possible to play soccer on a football field.

Soccer have the right to be played on a football field. In fact, all through the United states high schools and also colleges have specifically designed your sports fields to have the ability to do simply this. I placed together a compare of a high school Vs professional soccer field here if you’re interested.

This works since both a soccer and also football ar are the same size as every other. With a need to be 120 yards long, a football ar fits perfectly in ~ a soccer field.

The challenge is exactly how to discover the width for the football field.

Although the minimum requirement for a soccer field is 50 yards, the fact is that few are the narrow and as we have actually seen over most space nearer 75 yards (68.5m) wide. With a football field being just 160 feet/ 531⁄3yards (48.8m) vast this have the right to be an issue.

What many sports areas who incorporate the two fields do are develop this extra broad by using the team areas that would certainly be used during a football game.

This means it’s possible to fit 1 football ar within a soccer field and play soccer on a football field.

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Another area whereby you may have questions around the difference in between soccer and football is about the concern of salary caps. Click on this attach to walk to a short article I composed answering the question of even if it is soccer has a salary cap.