Everyone wants to dive into a pool that always has the perfect water temperature. However unless you have actually a modern pool warmth management mechanism maintaining desired water temperature levels have the right to be harder than you think.

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Traditional electric and also gas heaters have the right to not only be expensive to buy but also expensive to run. A much more efficient and affordable equipment would be to usage solar pool covers instead.

What room Solar swimming pool Covers? and also How do You put One ~ above A Pool?

Solar pool covers are prefer other species of traditional pool consist of that stop debris and dirt from finding its method into her pristine swimming pool water but with a few major advantages.

Apart from keeping nature out of your pool, solar swimming pool covers also assist retain solar energy thereby heating up your swimming pool water and minimizing temperature loss as result of evaporation. 

Solar pool covers space not as effective at heating water up together gas or electrical pool heaters but then again they are not together expensive or as i have lot of money to run either. Also, if girlfriend live in a an ar that enjoys mild winter a solar panel cover might be much more than sufficient to save your pool water nice and also pleasant all-year-round.

Installing a solar swimming pool cover is no so different from installing any other traditional pool cover other than for one an extremely important factor; which way does a solar cover go on a pool?

This question stems native the fact that one side of a solar pool cover is fully flat when the other side has hundreds if not thousands of tiny bubbles.

Solar swimming pool Cover balloon Up or Down

Do solar covers for above ground pools balloon or down? What about in-ground pools?


It is extremely recommended the the bubbles be encountering down when placing the sheathe on any kind of pool. Also, ensure that the swimming pool water itself is free of any algae.

It is within this bubbles that warmth is trapped so, therefore, the is an important that those bubbles space submerged in the swimming pool water. Thereby, heat have the right to then be properly transferred from within the bubbles right into your pool water.


The solar pool cover will warm up your pool water ~ above warmer sunnier days and also then usage that saved-up-warmth on colder days to save the water temperature nice and toasty.

The straightforward mechanism makes it straightforward for the swimming pool cover to be taken on and off. It is a one-man job and shouldn’t take much more than five minutes.

What wake up If Bubbles space Up?

If because that someone reason you decision to placed the cover on v the bubbles encountering upwards friend are basically making the solar pool cover ineffective.

The pool water will no longer heat up together it should and also you are most likely going to damage the bubbles as a an outcome of overheating.

Even once a solar pool cover is not in usage it needs to be stored in one area the is sheltered from straight sunlight or have a reflector wrapped about it.

This is because the bubbles can conveniently overheat from direct sunlight and also with no means to transmit that warmth they are likely to “cook” and also therefore end up being ineffective when used next.

If friend don’t take it these precautions when setting up a solar swimming pool cover you have the right to seriously lessen its beneficial life.

So, which means does a solar cover walk on a pool?

That’s right, through the bubbles encountering down! As lengthy as the balloon are facing down rest assured that your pool water is steadily heater up. So, the following time you desire to take a dip in your pool (even if the is a it will be cold day) you will be greeted v warm and temperate pool water make the suffer that much an ext enjoyable.

The benefit of a solar sheathe as compared to other covers is the it help not only retain existing heat in pool water by eliminating evaporation it additionally then further heat up pool water using bubbles that act as a magnifying glass in order come amplify the sun’s warming rays.

And the best thing is that it requires no power! No ongoing electricity or gas receipt to issue about. Through harnessing the strength of the sunlight these solar covers are able to keep your swimming pool water at a comfortable temperature all-year-round in plenty of states across the U.S.

To Conclude

If girlfriend live in a region that doesn’t experience harsh and cold winter investing in a solar swimming pool cover may be a much much more affordable and efficient solution as compared to classic pool heater systems.

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Not just will the cover protect your pool from external dirt and also debris (thereby reduce the require for excessive chemicals) it will also assist keep your swimming pool water nice and warm at any time you sophisticated a swim; as long as you have actually the bubbles facing down!

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