Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness

Paraphraser: Karen Lafferty (1972)Tune: look for YE FIRSTPublished in 64 hymnalsAudio files: MIDI, record

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Paraphraser: Karen Lafferty

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Scripture References:st. 1 = Matt. 6:33st. 2 = Matt. 7:7st. 3 = Matt. 4:4

Karen Lafferty (b. Alamogordo, NM, 1948) wrote this tune one night after attending a holy bible study top top Matthew 6:33 in 1971 at Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa, California. Struggling v financial obstacles after recently starting a full-time music ministry, she returned home that night with brand-new encouragement. Others appreciated its beauty and also simplicity, and the tune soon acquired popularity, ultimately providing the assistance that permitted her to continue and develop she ministry.

Other stanzas, additionally based on famous quotations that Jesus, were written anonymously. Stanza 2 is based upon Matthew 7:7, and also stanza 3 top top Matthew 4:4 (quoting Deut. 8:3). The an initial two quotations room from the Sermon top top the Mount, and the 3rd is Jesus" an answer to his an initial temptation in the desert. The addition of anonymous stanzas is a phenomenon related to the oral legacy in which many Scripture songs have developed. The three stanzas together persistently and also fervently direct our attention to the things of God in the paper definition of living prayer ("alleluia"), indicating the such a path of life is necessary prior to God. Maranatha! Music published the composite and also recorded that on your initial Praise album (1972).

A music missionary, Lafferty has been based in Amsterdam since 1981, once she came to be founder and also director that Musicians for Missions, an global ministry that Youth v a Mission. She obtained a level in music education at Eastern new Mexico University, Portales, brand-new Mexico. Native 1971 to 1981 she was a member the Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California, wherein she served as a prayer leader and also became part of a fellowship of musicians, Maranatha! Music (which later became a Christian music company). Lafferty has recorded number of solo albums and a music video. Her musical style is storage of the folk music of together singers and also groups as Joni Mitchell, the Kingston Trio, and also Peter, Paul, and Mary. She and also Musicians for objectives travel an international with their music ministry.

Liturgical Use:Before the analysis of Scripture; suitable in numerous kinds that services and at various points in the liturgy.