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The native “believe” is used in various ways to showcase a wide range of attributes connected with the mind and heart. In songs from various genres, the hatchet is offered in a metaphorical way to to mark an in-depth definition or concept. Back the word believe is frequently used in context through persuasion that truth, existence, or understanding, in songs, the ax is provided in contrasting methods to express mindset towards a id system.

Message Conveyed With id in Songs

The message conveyed with word “believe” varies in accordance with the paper definition it is used. In certain song titles and also lyrics, the term is used to instill a strong sense the faith. Singers and also songwriters usage words creatively to express positive outlook or pessimism through lyrics. Words “believe” is frequently thoughtfully provided in the chorus or verse of a song to to mark different elements of life and also relationships, with symbolic characteristics of guidance. In details songs, the hatchet showcases attitude and confidence v conviction.


Symbolism: various Contexts belief Is denote in Songs

The native “believe” is used in different ways in accordance with the theme of the song. Musicians in certain genres tell riveting stories pertaining to relationship in one endearing manner. The change belief brings around in a person is to express in a distinct manner through singers and also songwriters. While many songs portray the contrasting expression of love linked with the heart, certain songs doctrine the risks of believing someone or something there is no reasonable understanding, there is no weighing values and ethics. The risks of believing in love blindly and becoming a victim to lies and deceit space agonizingly express in songs about heartache.

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Certain songwriters send out an inspirational message that naught is impossible when you think in yourself and also chase her dreams. Songs with dark elements often showcase the various emotions the guilt and anger that come with trusting a human carelessly. Specific songs concern faith and also belief associated with loving someone unconditionally in a thoughtful manner. A variety of confessional love songs portray different shades of human being nature that come alive through belief. Confessional lyrics frequently showcase how it feels, or what a person believes about someone or something. Although the word “believe” conveys a diverse range of sentiments, in songs, the is frequently used to indicate or denote



The list below showcases a repertoire of absent songs, pop songs, country songs, R&B songs, individual songs, hip-hop songs, alternate songs, indie songs, EDM songs, disco songs, jazz songs, blues songs, and also dance song with believe in the title. If you have a view, opinion or track suggestion, let us understand in the comments section.

Top 10 best Songs With think in the Title

“Believe”—Shawn Mendes“Daydream Believer”—The Monkees“Believe”—Cher“I think in You”—Don Williams“I Believe”—DJ Khaled featuring Demi Lovato“Do You think in Love”—Huey Lewis and the News“I believe I can Fly”—R. Kelly“Believe It”—PartyNextDoor and also Rihanna“Believe”—Lenny Kravitz“I think That We will Win”—Pitbull


11. “Believe”—Josh Groban

12. “We Believe”—Newsboys

13. “Believe”—Meek Mill special Justin Timberlake

14. “I Don’t think You”—Pink

15. “Believer”—Imagine Dragons

16. “It’s only Make Believe”—Conway Twitty

17. “Believe in Me”—Bonnie Tyler

18. “Don’t protect against Believin’”—Journey


21. “Believe”—Mumford & Sons

22. “I think in You”—Kylie Minogue

23. “I’m a Believer”—The Monkees

24. “I Believe”—Jonas Brothers

25. “Believe in Love”—Scorpions

26. “I Believe”—Bon Jovi

27. “Believe”—Justin Bieber

28. “Do You think in Magic”—The Lovin’ Spoonfull

29. “I Don’t believe in Love”—Queensryche

30. “Believe”—Chemical Brothers

31. “Do You think in Shame?”—Duran Duran

32. “If you Believe”—Sasha

33. “I Believe”—Fantasia

34. “Believe What you Say”—Ricky Nelson

35. “Don’t believe the Hype”—Public Enemy

36. “Believe”—Elton John

37. “What a fool Believes”—Doobie Brothers

38. “I Believe”—Bro’Sis

39. “Love activity (I think in Love)”—The human being League

40. “Famous for (I Believe)”—Tauren Wells special Jenn Johnson


41. “I Believe”—Diamond Rio

42. “Can U Believe”—Robin Thicke

43. “Believer”—Major Lazer and Showtek

44. “You Still think in Me”—The coast Boys

45. “I Believe”—Marcella Detroit

46. “Believe”—Stained

47. “Do You believe Me Now”—Jimmy Wayne

48. “Believe It”—Meek Mill

49. “I Believe”—Nikki Yanofsky

50. “Believe In Life”—Eric Clapton

51. “I believe in a Thing called Love”—The Darkness

52. "Who do You believe In"—2 Pac

53. “I Believe”—Christina Perri

54. “Can't think the means We Flow”—James Blake

55. “Believer”—American Authors

56. “I Believe”—Stephen Gately

57. “This I think (The Creed)”—Hillsong Worship

58. “I Believe”—Blessid Union that Souls

59. “Believe”—Dima Bilan

60. “I believe in Love”—Kenny Loggins

62. “I tho Believe”—Frank Turner

63. “I believe in You”—Jamala

64. “I Believe”—Sash!

65. “The floor Of do Believe”—Bucks Fizz

66. “When girlfriend Believe”—Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston

67. “(I Believe) Love’s a Prima Donna”—Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel

68. “I Still believe in You”—Vince Gill

69. “Make Believe”—Toto

70. “I Wouldn't think Your Radio”—Stereophonics

71. “I believe in Love”—Bonnie Guitar

72. “Believer”—DJ Fresh and also Adam F

73. “I Believe”—Frankie Laine

74. “Can't think It”—Flo Rida special Pitbull

75. “I think I’m Fine”—Robin Shulz

76. “I believe in you (You think in Me)”—Johnnie Taylor

77. “We Believe”—Red hot Chili Peppers

78. “I Believe”—George Strait

79. “I execute Believe”—The Highwaymen

80. “Believe”—The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus


81. “I believe in Music”—Mac Davis

82. “You Gotta Believe”—Mary J. Blige

83. “I believe in You and also Me”—The four Tops

84. “Believe in Me”—Dan Fogelberg

85. “I think in You”—Michael Buble

86. “I quiet Believe”—Jeremy Camp

87. “Believe”—Luna Sea

88. “I Believe”—Chilliwack

89. “Believe in Me”—Lenny Kravitz

90. “I Believe”—Tears because that Fears

91. “Help Me Believe”—Kirk Franklin

92. “I think in Everything”—John Entwistle

93. “Believe Me”—Lil Wayne special Drake

94. “I think in Miracles”—The Jackson Sisters

95. “Can I think You”—Fleet Foxes

96. “I Believe”—Bob Sinclair

97. “Believe”—Crystal Waters

98. “I think (Get over Yourself)”—Nico Vega

99. “Something to think In”—Clannad and also Bruce Hornsby

100. “I believe (In Love)”—Hot Chocolate

Other noteworthy Songs With think in the Title

“We Believe”—Good Charlotte“I think (When I fall in Love It will certainly Be Forever)”—Stevie Wonder“Can’t believe (This is Me)”—Jennifer Lopez“In believe in You”—Anita O’Day“The strength to believe 2: power Circle”—King Crimson“I pertained to Believe”—Johnny Cash“Trust and Believe”—Keyshia Cole“Can You think It”—Styles p featuring Akon“I Believe”—Galleon“Something to think In”—Fashawn“I Still think (Great Design)”—The Call“I believe In…”—Jennifer Love Hewitt“Walk Believer Walk”—The black color Crowes“I execute Believe”—Drive-By Truckers“Girl lock Won't believe It”—Joss Stone“I believe In You”—Don Felder“I believe in All”—Oasis“Mr. Make Believe”—Gene Simmons“I thought in God”—Danko Jones“What ns Believe”—Skillet“Got To believe in Magic”—David Pomeranz“Only Believe”–Elvis Presley“I believed You william Blake”—Frank Turner“Believe”—Suzi McNeil“If I think You”—The 1975“Can’t think It”—Migos“I Believe”—Cher“Things i Believe”—Jimmy Wayne“Believers (Arab Spring)”—Nelly Furtado“Something to believe In”—Bryan Adams“A boy of God (It's tough to Believe)”—Millie Jackson“I think in Jesus”—Donna Summer
“I believe in You”—Mel Tillis“Father friend Believed”—Catman Cohen“I believe in your Victory”—This Will damage You“What friend Believe”—Jonathan Davis“I think in Symmetry”—Bright Eyes“Believe (The Song)”—Fearless Soul“True Believers”—Darius Rucker“We Believe”—Travis Ryan“Could friend Believe”—Al Jarreau“I Believe”—Yolanda Adams“Don't think Everything friend Think”—Lee Brice“I believe in You”—Paul Haig“Believe”—The Bravery“Believe / Kumorinochi, Kaisei”—Arashi“I think in Love”—Jessie J.“In the land of make Believe”—Dusty Springfield“Hard to Believe”—David Cook“Something to believe In”—Ramones“Believe”—Disturbed“If friend Believe”—Jim Brickman“How can You think Me when I stated I Love You once You understand I've to be A Liar all My Life”—Fred Astaire“I Still believe In You”—Edwyn Collins“Believer”—3 Doors Down“I believe in You”—Twisted Sister“Don't believe Em”—Busta Rhymes“I Can’t believe My Eyes”—Russell Hitchcock“Believe”—Jennifer Hudson“I believe To my Soul”—Ray Charles“Believe”—Skillet“I believe in You”—Bob Dylan“We Believe”—David Cook“Believe the Squalor”—Lieutenant
“I Believe”—Pauline“Reason come Believe”—Rod Stewart“Believe Again”—Niels Brinck“Something to believe In”—Sister Hazel“If you Believe”—Irving Berlin“Believe”—The All-American Rejects“I Believe”—Elliot Minor“Don't think a Word”—Third Eye Blind“I think In Love”—Indigo Girls“True Believer”—Avicii“I think in this Life”—Jermaine Paul“Believe in Me”—Kevin Gates“Okay I believe You, however My Tommy pistol Don’t”—Brand New“I tho Believe”—Tim Cappello“Make Believe”—Backstreet Boys“Believe”—Dirty Heads“I believe in friend (Je crois en toi)”—Celine Dion and Il Divo“Don't Believe”—The Psychedelic Furs“I Believe”—Robert Plant“Believe the or Not”—Joey Scarbury“I think You”—Dorothy Moore“Don’t believe in Love”—Dido“Believe”—Goldie“I Believe”—Ayaka“Something to believe In”—Aqualung“Believe”—Yellowcard“I Believe”—Joe Satriani“You Gotta Believe”—The guideline Sisters“I believe in You”—Dolly Parton“Don't think a Word”—Thin Lizzy“I Believe”—EMF“Believe”—Nami Tamaki
“I think I’ll Dust my Broom”—Robert Johnson“Believe in Love”—Ravex featuring BoA“I Believe”—Mario“Faithful to Believe”—Byron Cage“Believe”—Misia“I believe There is More”—Don Moen“Reason to Believe”—Bruce Springsteen“Closer 보다 You might Believe”—Alanis Morissette“I Still believe in Love”—Jan Howard“Can't Believe”—Stained“Something to believe In”—Parachute“I believe in Myself”—Tower that Power“I Believe”—Jessica Mauboy“Believe”—Q-Tip“The Believer”—Common featuring john Legend“I believe You Liar”—Washington“Believe”—Travis Garland“I think in Miracles”—Fearless Soul“Something come Believe”—Weyes Blood“I Believe”—Sound the Blackness“Believe”—SafetySuit“I think in You”—YACHT“Believe”—Kalafina“I believe My Heart”—Duncan James and Keedie Baab“Something to think In”—Sarah Brightman“I carry out Believe”—Tha Freestyle“Don't believe a thing I Say”—Jack Johnson“I believe in You”—Talk Talk“Believe”—Travis Garland“Reason to Believe”—Dashboard Confessional“I Believe”—Sophie Ellis-Bexter“Believe Me”—Adrenaline Mob
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