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An motivating story the survival, strength, friendship, and freedom, Spirit: Stallion that the Cimarron is an all-time favorite movie for horse lovers of every ages. It follows a wild mustang as he fights because that his freedom and also that the his herd. The artistry, story line, and also killer soundtrack work together to do a equine movie precious watching over and also over.

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It’s to be 18 years because the original animated movie make its debut. You can have every heat memorized, however did you recognize there is a real-life spirit that motivated the fictional character?

Unlike other animated movies, Spirit is based on reality as lot as possible. The horses don’t talk, and generalized events including the growth of the rail are based on fact, no fiction. Producers thought it was necessary to deliver a film that motivated viewers when melding the worlds of animation and real life. Achieving the goal would certainly take more than clever animation. They necessary artistry that might tell a story without dialogue and also evoke emotions v each movement.

To carry out that, artists required a model. They required a real-life horse that would serve together inspiration and also example. After a search, they discovered a Kiger mustang with beautiful conformation, coloring, and also strength. His surname was Donner, but these days, the real-life mustang go by a different name: Spirit.

DreamWorks selected the now-named Spirit as soon as he to be a colt. Born come a stallion and mare that had been caught by the BLM in Oregon, heart was (and still is) a beautiful example of the Kiger mustang breed. His wide-set eyes and also thick, wavy, multi-colored tail and also mane ended up being the motivation for the animated equine that is tho stealing hearts all these year later.

Before the 2002 movie made it come the large screen, animators spent many hours observing Spirit. They watched exactly how his muscles moved when that ran and how his face adjusted with his mood. Through Spirit’s help, animators created specific equine character that looks and moves as with their live model.

When the movie to be finished, DreamWorks made decision Return come Freedom’s American Wild horse Sanctuary to be Spirit’s irreversible home. The been practically two decades because Spirit posed for animators, yet the beautiful mustang we all love quiet serves as an support for Kiger mustangs and every one of America’s wild horses. In fact, he recently celebrated his 25th birthday!

Like his man character, the real-life spirit is component of the struggle to help wild steeds maintain their natural habitats and also freedom. If he lives at the sanctuary and also loves interacting with people, soul is a significant ambassador for wild horses. He engages youth approximately the people to learn much more about America’s mustangs and also every horse’s need for freedom and also protection.

He resides on return to Freedom’s headquarter facility in Santa Barbara ar on 300 acres of pristine California pasture. Native a young period he learned to be comfortable roughly people, but those who recognize him ideal say he has actually spunk and spirit similar to the of his fictitious character. He is grown come be crucial part the the wild steed sanctuary, and also he’s helping educate the public around his breed and also ways humans can protect every one of America’s wild horses.

With Spirit’s case to fame, he attracts crowds of pan to his sanctuary home. During these visits, the real-life soul helps the sanctuary spread vital message about what’s at this time happening to the country’s wild horses and also what the public have the right to do come help.

Spirit’s work-related in inspiring others has been known not only by the countless world he has actually met, but additionally by the EQUUS structure and the United claims Equestrian Foundation. The organizations inducted Spirit right into the equine Stars room of call in 2018, and he proceeds to influence the sanctuary’s mission even decades after Spirit: Stallion the the Cimarron was released.

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Now 25 year old, the real-life heart is busy enjoying life at the sanctuary. The spends his days interacting with a couple of of his horse friends and enjoying attention and care from his favourite humans. He was born in captivity, but the heart of independence and the wild west resides in his veins. And also thanks to Spirit: Stallion that the Cimarron, his image will proceed to display others that freedom is always worth fighting for.