We are actually spiritual beings having actually a human being experience and not the other means around. For this reason we are immortal and also eternal us on a never-ending journey.

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“We room not human beings having actually a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” — Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Read the quotation above again and also let this truth sink right into you. Permit this assumed envelop your very being. Then review it again. This one quotation, if pondered, will change the method you think about the world, world events, your own role in this world and your life itself. Two an extremely important facets are gift talked about — that we are and what is happening to us. According to this, we space actually spiritual beings having a human experience and also not the other method around. Therefore we room immortal and eternal us on a never ending journey.

When friend dream at night you are no longer conscious of your physical body. However you plainly are still mindful in the dreamscape. While there may be a fluid nature come the experience, that is actually ‘you’ who is experiencing something. Therefore who space ‘you’ exactly? The actual you is your consciousness or spirit. It is the eternal i am. Throughout sleep we do not mental our body or the surroundings but we still have the awareness that being. We are spiritual beings who are right now using a physical body to endure the reduced frequency physics world.

We space spiritual beings having a “human experience”. Spirituality is reality and also everything physics or energetic is a part of that reality. We suffer life together a human so that we have the right to learn and also grow and evolve spiritually. Life on earth is around learning lessons. The is about using our talents to do the world far better in some way. The is around loving yourself and others. As with a scuba diver or astronaut requirements a one-of-a-kind suit to make it through underwater or in space, the same means the heart takes top top a human being body in stimulate to survive in this physical world. ‘

So where do we come from as soon as we are born and also where perform we go once we die? First, perform we also understand these things? If friend ask somebody a simple question, “What is the opposite of death?”, 90 percent of civilization answer: “Life”. Seems choose a straightforward answer. But it is the dorn answer and also you will see why. The opposite of fatality is birth. Life is eternal and also therefore has no opposite. Birth and also death are simply entry and also exit points. They room doors that open from the spiritual human being into the physics world and also then back again. Neither did her existence start at birth, nor would certainly it finish at death. These two points are merely transitions from one people to another, native one frequency come another.

Imagine you are watching Netflix and you obtain bored and adjust the channel to Amazon Prime. Now you space watching a different show. But just due to the fact that you switched from Netflix to prime does not that mean that Netflix has stopped broadcasting? that is still flow in the background. But now your an equipment is tuned into one more frequency. So it is with physical life and non physics life. The location where we have actually come from and where us go eventually has been described in many spiritual texts and accounts as a ar that is make of light, energy and also thoughts.

Our souls exist there in a much more subtle type which has been called the astral body and also then even greater levels exist i beg your pardon are called the causal body. These frequencies have actually been defined to variety from worlds of existence that are lot like ours earth but with more subtle energies to greater dimensions full of light and love and much an ext beautiful than earth without any negativity, disease, parasites, wars and also so on. That is a place where over there is much learning and evaluation of great learned ~ above earth. Some may contact the higher levels ‘heaven’.

Dr. Raymond Moody in the at an early stage 1970s readjusted the people forever v his book, Life after ~ Life, which brought the near-death experience or NDE into renowned culture. Numerous years later on Dr Michael Newton came out through Journey that Souls, which brought the life between life (LBL) sessions into popular culture.

The NDE is an suffer where someone was asserted clinically dead because that a couple of minutes (mostly complying with a heart strike or accident) and also reported floating out of their body and entering right into a bright irradiate which led them right into an energetic tunnel or vortex. At the end of the tunnel they met your loved ones who had actually passed on prior to them and additionally met a council of elders and also saw a life evaluation in which over there were specific moments highlighted from the incarnation that just ended. They would certainly see and also feel how they make others feeling by your conduct. Then they were asked if they want to come back. In some instances they go not want to come ago but to be told they have actually to. In every case, castle reported that they feeling love and also that castle were earlier home. Then they went back to their earthly bodies. This NDEs space all scientifically recorded and also acknowledged because most of these arisen in hospitals.

LBL sessions at the same time are hypnotic regressions the take the topic to the time in between incarnations. In every case, the subject describes that the souls live in soul groups and also soul families and also that over there are heart guides that room assigned to them. To add the spirit civilization is a an extremely organised and hierarchical place and not random. Time and space do no exist there and it is a an extremely fluid ar where transportation and communication both occur telepathically.

We additionally reportedly accomplish our love ones who have passed on indigenous earth and also this has loved people from all our ahead incarnations. There is a consistent feeling of being loved and this love appears to exist anywhere in the soul world. We meet souls the were v us through countless incarnations and some souls who are with us mostly in the spirituality realms but may not necessarily incarnate through us. Even if who reincarnates then, follow to Dr Michael Newton, they just take around 20-30 percent the their energy with them come earth and the rest stays in the spirit people which means that over there is continuous interaction in between souls also if they space incarnated. The greater selves are connected even if their incarnations room happening simultaneously.

Another element of the spiritual civilization is supposedly a constant divine light and also music that plays. Add to there room no constraints on the senses and everything is alive. Additionally it is report that whatever is highly intensified — the sounds and also colours room much an ext vivid than on earth and also some colours perform not even exist on earth. Additionally people have explained that the spirit world is a lot much more real 보다 physical life. Just like conscious life seems more real 보다 a dream, the exact same way, life in the spirit human being seems more real than life ~ above earth.

Along with this, it is clear that we room all souls and also that there are plenty of levels of existence with various creates of spiritual us of different advance levels. Some are teachers, guides and soul family members members that space all helping united state in our infinite and eternal spirituality journey. Numerous reports say that there is no finish to the realms of consciousness and evolution. Also the great ones the have come to earth space still evolving more on your journeys. That is an countless experience designed by God to explore and also learn.

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Everyone has lost a love one. That is organic to mourn and miss those we have actually lost. Yet remember that we actually never really lose anyone since they tho exist in another realm that existence. That realm is our true home where us all come from and where we will all return part day. There we will be rejoined with our loved ones. It rotates then keep living life to the fullest and take each brand-new day together a brand-new opportunity and remember that we space on planet for a reason and also there have to be no concern or no hurry to leave.