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Also well-known As: LEGO Star wars 3: The Clone WarsGenre: Action, 3D platform Developer: Traveller"s tales Publisher: Lucas arts ESRB Rating: Everyone-10 release Date: march 22, 2011

NOTE: THIS CHEAT calls for VADER"S APPRENTICE AND dual WIELD! First, turn into Vader"s apprentice. Then turn on his saber and then revolve it off and right before he puts the away pause the game, then rotate on "Dual Wield" and also un-pause. He should have a Lightsaber Hilt in his hand through no saber extended!

The first thing that you require is: Darth Maul or Savage Oppress. Next, walk on the level dubbed "The surprise Enemy" and when you go to face Ventress in the room with 3 sets the stairs, be one of two people Savage or Maul and Dubble-jump and Slam. Climate take the other among her irradiate sabers and Maul or Savage will have a Daul saber and a single bladed Lightsaber.

EDENECGeonosian Starfighter unlocked.qd2c31Character Studs2d7jnsRegenerate Hearts6mz5chStud Magnetn1ckr1Score X10byfsaqScore X8sebhgrScore X643t5e5Score X4yzphuvScore X2b1d3w3Super Speederscsd5naMinikit Detectorj46p7aInvincibilitygchp7sFast Buildx1v4n2Dark Side3F5L56Perfect Deflectbs828kSuper Saber Cutc4es4rDual Wield4gt3vqGlow in the Dark

3F5L56 - Perfect Deflectx1v4n2 - Dark Sidegchp7s - fast Buildj46p7a - Invincibiltycsd5na - Minikit Detectorb1d3w3 - supervisor Speedersyzphuv - Score X243t5e5 - Score X4sebhgr - Score X6byfsaq - Score X8n1ckr1 - Score X106mz5ch - Stud Magnet2d7jns - Regenerate Heartsqd2c31 - personality Studsbs828k - at sight Saber Cutc4es4r - dual Wield4gt3vq - glow in the Dark5u9fjk - Obi-Wan Kenobi (Geonosian Arena)9aa4dw - Anakin Skywalker (Geonosian Arena)sz824q - Padme Amidala (Geonosian Arena)j9hnf9 - Obi-Wan Kenobif9vuyj - Anakin Skywalker8x87u6 - Padme Amildalasmn259 - command Codycsqtmb - Yoda3neuxc - sublieutenant Thireayrec9 - Jek4ptp53 - Rys2vj9th - Ahsokamespts - jug Jar Binksmw3qyh - Captain Rexrctflv - Anakin"s Jedi Starfighteraka9bb - V-19 Torrent Starfighterbnje79 - Waxerq5q39p - Boil8nvrwj - Mace Windujrpr2a - command Pondshgbctq - Ki-Adi-Mundipywj6n - Kit Fitso5xzqsv - Commando Stone2vg95b - Aayla Securac7m3du - Republic Gunship7cb6ns - commander Blyvruvsz - Wag Toomkuyq8 - Luminara Uundulibtvtz5 - Barriss Offeenp5gtt - Clone Trooperz87pau - R3-S6rz5huv - R2-D2bud4vu - Plo Koonl4lcdv - Plo Koon"s Jedi Starfighter574226 - C-3POzkxg43 - Nahdar Vebbu25hfc - command Filwxutwy - heavy Weapons Clone Troopereub8ug - Hevyjb9e5s - Echog2bfen - Adi Galliawufdya - Eeth Kothnhme85 - Cad Banem2v1jv - Aurra Sing2klw5r - Roboninog4n7c2 - Shahan Alama4axty4 - HELIOS 3Deabpcp - IG-86qegu64 - Commando Droid2kef2d - MagnaGuardewr7wm - counting Dookung6pyx - Admiral Yularen5kzq4d - Jango Fett5mxsya - R4-P17bjb94j - Neimoidian5y7ma4 - fight Droidmjkdv5 - Super battle Droidc686pk - Gonk Droidsm3y9b - LEP Servent Droid2c8nhp - yellow Super battle Droidgd6fx3 - Captain Typhozqrn85 - Queen Neeyutneej2jndd - Republic Dropship (Rapid Fire)lsu4lj - battle Droid Commander5a7xyx - Hondo Hohnakabh2ehu - Pirate Ruffianea4e9s - city council Kharrust4k5L4 - The Twilightfyvshd - Tee Watt Kaahebhw5 - Turk Falsoj3mfjz - Republic Cruiser (Missiles & Torpedos)u2t4sp - Probe Droidr35y7n - Lurman Villagerpe7fgd - TX-20gafzud - Geonosian Guardmp9dre - workout Clone Trooper9u4tf3 - Bib Fortunaqgenfd - Undead Geonosian9muts2 - Destroyer Droidxtl6y3 - Y-Wing Starfighterg65kjj - hefty Super fight Droidbet7cu - medical Frigate (Torpedos)77qejl - H-Type Nubian Yacht7pmc3c - R6-H5h68d3k - Kit Fitso"s Jedi Starfighterbqcxwr - Republic attack Shuttlehq7bvd - Clone Pilots6grnz - MSE-6hrx2uk - Jedi Shuttle5c62yq - Sionver Bollzy3ae2 - Arc-170 Starfighter (Rapid Fire)gehx6c - Bail Organav4wmjn - deluxe Droiddb7zqn - Onaconda Farr9q7yct - senator Philos4y7vw - Senate Commando (Republic)epbplk - Senate Commandowsfzzq - Gammorean Guard7fnu4t - basic Grievousyg9dd7 - Asajj Ventress272y9q - Admiral Ackbar (Classic)d8sngj - Captain Antilles (Classic)66uu3t - Chewbacca (Classic)kfdbxf - Han Solo (Classic)eraewe - Lando Calrissian (Classic)2d3d3l - Princess Leia (Classic)pg73hf - Luke Skywalker (Classic)ffbu5m - Obi-Wan Kenobi (Classic)lkhd3b - Qui-Gon Jinn (Classic)pzmqnk - Rebel Commando (Classic)drglws - Wedge Antilles (Classic)ty2byj - Bobba Fett (Classic)fuw4c2 - Greedo (Classic)qh68ak - Darth Maul (Classic)qxy5xn - Darth Sidius (Classic)fm4jb7 - Darth Vader (Classic)nmjfbl - Darth Vader fight Damaged (Classic)egqq4v - Vader"s Apprentice (Classic)5w6fgd - royal Guard (Classic)7gfncq - Clone zero Trooper (Classic)hpe7pz - Stormtrooper (Classic)gc2xsa - Tuscan Raider (Classic)mb9emw - Dr Nuvo Vindizp8xvh - Wat Tambortkcyuz - Lok Durd4592wm - Poggle The Lesserqfyxmc - Nute Gunray4vvyqv - Whorm Loathsom5c62yq - Chancellor PalpatineNH2405 - cool Moff Tarkinmell07 - Savage Opressz7h46t - AT-RTaa279h - AT-AP Walkervbezez - AT-TEp8z9m5 - RX-200 Tankymwv33 - BARC Speederrylvnw - at sight Tankc9prkp - AATnacmgg - Dwarf Spider Droidt7xf9z - Hailfire Droid7nec36 - OG-9 Homing Spider Droid59uu88 - STAP3nqgyL - Pirate Speeder Tank3re9xv - Starhawk Speeder Bike25fmvt - Obi-Wan"s Jedi Starfighterkddqvd - servant Ixpy46k - Stealth ship (Missiles + Torpedos)7rl23g - Soulless One (Rapid Fire)jsbljs - Trident attack Craft (Missiles + Torpedos)pj2u3r - Geonosian Solar Sailornpgg24 - Hyena Bomber7w7k7s - Vulture Droidedenec - Geonosian Starfighter6lt4ql - Neimodian Shuttlez567hr - Pirate Saucer (Missiles)hj5hhd - Magnaguard Starfighterlq2svt - Xanadu Blood (Rapid Fire)mhg3xb - The gloriole (Rapid Fire)

You can collect all 10 Minikit piece in the corresponding level come unlock thecorresponding personality for acquisition at the Minikit Room:Admiral Ackbar: Gungun GeneralBoba Fett: Grievous IntrigueCaptain Antilles: Innocents that RylothChewbacca: The Zillo BeastClone zero Trooper: Blue shadow VirusDarth Maul: RookiesDarth Sidious: Geonosian ArenaDarth Vader: legacy Of TerrorDarth Vader (Battle Damaged): Ambush!Greedo: The covert EnemyHan Solo: Duel that The DroidsImperial Guard: castle Of DoomLando Calrissian: shadow Of MalevolenceLuke Skywalker: weapons FactoryObi-Wan Kenobi (Episode IV): Jedi CrashPrincess Leia: fight Of GeonosisQui-Gon Jinn: Storm end RylothRebel Commando: Lair of GrievousStormtrooper: Liberty ~ above RylothTusken Raider: Hostage CrisisVader"s Apprentice: Defenders that PeaceWedge Antilles: destroy Malevolence

We have actually no easter eggs for LEGO Star wars III: The Clone wars yet. If girlfriend have any kind of unlockables you re welcome submit them.

NOTE: THIS GLITCH REQUIRES double WIELD; CHEAT code = C4ES4RFirstly, enter Extras and make sure dual Wield is turned OFF. Now change into Yoda and make certain your light-sabers space away. Next, simply turn dual Wield top top and fifty percent of Yoda"s go stick will be a light-saber handle. This is a yes, really cool glitch and I use it every time ns play this game.

NOTE: THIS GLITCH just WORKS WITH basic GRIEVOUS and also ASAJJ VENTRESS.Firstly, change into general Grievous or Asajj Ventress and make sure your lightsabers room away. Next, get in an elevator and also just as the display goes black, fight Z to gain your lightsabers out. If timed correctly, and also depending on which personality you"re being, basic Grievous must only have actually one green lightsaber out and also Asajj Ventress have to only have actually one red lightsaber out. This might take some practise to get the ideal timing, however it is a yes, really cool glitch and I usage it every time i play this game.

You"re going to require 2 players for this glitch. An initial get player one (or 2) pick a tradition character the doesn"t have a machine gun, but he has to have a total , select him then have actually player 2 go to the practice character place on the great ship, walk to the character that player 1 is, then have player 2 move player 1s pistol to machine gun, go earlier & if you host the attack button player 1s pistol will begin firing genuine fast! that really advantageous for getting rid the retards that attack you. (Note: I"ve just done this top top Wii).

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NOTE: THIS GLITCH REQUIRES dual WIELD, YODA and also TIMING SKILLS! Firstly change into Yoda and go next to any elevator. Next, revolve on double wield. Then enter elevator ( v Light sabers turn off ) and also as shortly as the lights go black, push the Z Button. If excellent correctly, Yoda"s light saber blade must not it is in attached to his irradiate saber hilt ( girlfriend shouldn"t check out the blade at all ) until you move. When you are out the the elevator Yoda should have only one irradiate saber. Then, Dubble-jump and press the B button or waver the remote ( when in the waiting ) and also Yoda will perform a Floor slam.