* Co. Offers trusted, healthy food assets in the joined States. An market innovator, was the an initial brand to present single-serve pouch products, which include Tuna Creations®, Salmon Creations® and Chicken Creations®. Together America’s favourite tuna, represents a heritage of quality, customer trust and also a commitment to sustainability.’s charismatic brand icon, Charlie® the Tuna, swam right into the mind of tuna pan in 1961 and remains a pan favorite today. Co. Is a straight wholly owned subsidiary of Dongwon markets Co., Ltd.

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Company History

Our that company headquarters are situated at:225 north Shore Drive, Suite 400Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Our facility areas include:Pago Pago, American SamoaGuayaquil, Ecuador’s parental Company, Dongwon Industries


Dongwon sectors was founded in April 1969 to check out the oceans. Due to the fact that its establishment, the firm has led the oriental fisheries industry, covering the 5 oceans, and changing customers’ dietary lives with new seafood products. Dongwon industries operates 42 vessels, consisting of the world’s biggest purse seine fleet. That delivers high-quality tuna to customers through distinguished processing technology, and also is the an international leader in sourcing and also processing salmon, together with various other seafood products. Dongwon Industries likewise has a visibility in the cold warehouse service.

Our president & CEO

Andrew Choe, president & CEO


Andrew Choe joined in 2010. Before being named President and CEO, he hosted the place of an elderly Vice chairman of it is provided Chain and also the manager of strategy Planning and Development. Mr. Choe has been known for his passion and proven capability to manage and significantly rise’s performance, additional strengthening its position as the group leader. Before, Choe organized leadership positions at Dongwon Enterprise and Phillip Morris International.

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Mr. Choe hold Bachelor of Arts levels in both Psychology and also Economics-International from university of California Los Angeles (UCLA). He accomplished his master of Business administration with concentrations in Finance and Operations monitoring from Yale college of Management. Choe stays in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania through his wife.