Who is Kevin James’ wife, Steffiana De La Cruz? The actor is known for plenty of roles, including playing Doug ~ above long-running CBS sitcom The King of Queens.

Kevin james’s newest series, The Crew, has just been released top top Netflix, to combined reviews. Together a result, world are now looking to know a little more about his an individual life.

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Who is Kevin James’ wife?

Kevin James’s mam is Steffiana De La Cruz, one actress and also former version who to be born in new York City in august 1974.

Her birth surname is Stephanie Anna Marie Zantua.

The pair began see each various other after a blind day organised by James’s interior decorator in 2001.

Kevin and Steffiana were engaged in 2003 and also married ~ above June 19 2004 at the St Edward Catholic Church in Dana Point, California.

In the years the followed, they had actually four kids together. In September 2005, Steffiana provided birth to their very first child, a daughter called Sienna-Marie.

Two year later, their second daughter, Shea Joelle, was born in Los Angeles. She was called after brand-new York’s Shea Stadium, the residence of the new York Mets – the baseball team Kevin James is a pan of.

Their son, Kannon Valentine, was born on Easter Sunday in 2011 and their third daughter Sistine Sabella was born in 2015.

Before becoming Kevin James’ wife, Steffiana De La Cruz was associated with actor kris Penn. The pair dated for six years, but damaged up in 1999 – 2 years before she was presented to her future husband, Kevin James.

What films and TV shows function Steffiana De La Cruz?

Kevin James’ wife, Steffiana De La Cruz, an initial appeared on TV in 1997’s die Gang. She played the role of Massseurin.

Since then, she has featured in numerous of the same TV shows and films together her husband.

For instance, she appeared in four episodes that The King Of kings from 2002-2006. And this, she remained in 2009’s Paul Blart: shopping mall Cop and also 2015’s sequel, Paul Blart: shopping mall Cop 2.

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Most recently, Steffiana featured in the TV series Kevin deserve to Wait, a CBS show around a retirement police officer. The display ran native 2016-2018, and Steffiana featured in episodes from 2017 and 2018.

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