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NFL great and San Francisco 49ers legend quarterback Steve Young‘s career is identified with success.

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The Salt Lake City, Utah indigenous won three Super Bowls at the helm that the 49ers offense, having actually stepped into the function vacated by fellow 49ers folklore hero, Joe Montana.

Despite every the success he saw on the field, that wasn’t till the end of his career as an NFL quarterback the Young completed his off-field goal of detect love and settling down.

Early Life and College Career

Steve Young was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is the great-great-great-grandson the Brigham Young, that was the second president the the Church that Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Naturally, Young is a practicing Mormon.

He attended high college in the rich area the Greenwich, Connecticut, where he impressed as a multi-sport athlete. Young choose to go after football and also attend Brigham Young University, wherein he’d play quarterback and simultaneously earn a regulation degree.

While in ~ BYU, Young threw 56 touchdown passes en course to gift selected as the first-overall pick in the 1984 NFL Supplemental Draft.

He was additionally drafted an initial overall in the United says Football league Draft through the Los Angeles Express, signing a 10-year contract (which he eventually bought out) with the team prior to the USFL became defunct in 1986.

NFL Career

In respect of Steve Young's 56th birthday…

Every 50+ yard touchdown indigenous Young come
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Young to be the very first pick in the Supplemental draft of 1984, involvement the Tampa only Buccaneers where he’d beat his very first two NFL seasons. He started 19 games for the Buccaneers but held a document of just 3-16.

The 49ers appeared to think he’d done sufficient to warrant another shot in the league, and also he joined the team in a backup capacity in 1987, serving behind Montana. He spent five periods as the heir obvious to Montana prior to finally taking over the as the every day starter in 1991.

Young proceeded to do seven agree Bowls and three first Team All-Pro selections after ending up being the starter, leading the Niners come a Super Bowl victory in 1994 versus the mountain Diego Chargers. He won NFL MVP in 1992 and also 1994. His other two championships come in 1988 and 1989 once he to be still the second-string QB.

Young retired from football after the 1999 season at age 39, and was inducted right into the Pro Football hall of call in 2005.

His father, LeGrande “Grit” Young gave his induction speech.

Steve Young’s wife & Kids

PHXEastValley event, room of reputation QB Steve Young & mam Barb open Sophie's ar #musictherapy Cardon's
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Steve Young was single throughout many of his NFL career, and ended up conference his wife soon after retiring. Young met Barbara Graham ~ above a blind date i beg your pardon was set up by common friends.

The pair hit that off and married in Kona, Hawaii in 2000.

Together, Steve and Barbara have 4 children: sons Jackson and Braden, and daughter Summer. Details of their 2nd daughter aren’t publicly known. Lot like Steve, his wife Barbara is a member that the Mormon church.

Barb is a former design who attend Arizona State University. (Editor’s note: Barbara reportedly attended the college of Arizona, yet other sites show she checked out ASU.)

Following her modeling career, she started to work in publicly relations.

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Young created an autobiography, QB: my Life Behind the Spiral, which details his personal life through his family, and also offers a glimpse into the non-football player version of Steve Young.