\"First On 4 Wheels\"

With the start of the 1983 LT-125 QuadRunner, Suzuki to be the firstmanufacturerto mass develop a four wheeledATV and also created a new genre the offroadenthusiasts. For 30 years Suzuki has actually pushed the envelope and also developed few of the most qualified ATV’s top top theplanet, being certain to constantly incorporate durability, innovation, reliability, and power into their effective Utility ATV line up. The current \"King that the mountain\" in the Suzuki secure is the KingQuad 750 Axi. The is no stranger to power, and also is a much cry indigenous the an initial KingQuad in 1991. Suzuki has actually come a long way since launching the an initial four rolled ATV, and also the original developers would it is in surprised and also impressed through the choices currently easily accessible on the 2013 King Quad line-up.

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Fuel Injection, power steering, independent Suspension, Engine Braking System, automatic Transmission, Locking Differential; room you kidding? This is mean to it is in a energy ATV, not a modern-day SUV! The 2013 Suzuki KingQuad is one of the most attribute packed ATV\"s yet. It has a rubber mounted 722cc Fuel Injected work-horse the a motor, mated come a QuadMatic CVT drive system that has High and Low range providing both comfort and power. It\"s 2x4/4x4 selector and locking differential provide on demand traction at the push of a button to gain you the end of any type of slippery situation. The Engine Braking device (EBS) gives resistance on steep downhills and also helps boost the life of the 200mm former disc brakes. Suzuki has actually installed Front and Rear independent Suspension with 5 method adjustable preloads for far better control and also comfort. To more enhance control and comfort Suzuki also offers strength steering that offers unmatched control and greatly reduces rider fatigue. If you want to include a Winch or part extra lighting Suzuki set up a high output 18 amp generator to manage the extra load. If the 10.6 inches of soil clearance aren\"t enough, the mighty King Quad comes v a manufacturing facility installed Polyethylene Skid plate that gives minimal resistance and complete coverage front to rear.

Suzuki has readily available the KingQuad through engines ranging from 300-750cc, automatic and semi-automatic transmissions, on-demand four wheel drive, powersteering, and independent suspension. If you demand the ideal in power, comfort and durability the Suzuki KingQuad line-up has actually an ATV come suit her needs.

Q. Those the difference in between the LT-A and the LT-F

A. The LT-A in an automatically transmission with the Forward, Reverse and Neutral selected through a hand or electrical selector.

The LT-F is a semi-automatic transmission v Multiple front Gears, Reverse and Neutral selected by a foot or electric selector.

Both versions may additionally be offered with optional High/Low selection Transmission selector.

Q. What is the difference in between the LT-A700X and the LTA-700XP

A. Many newer models that have a \"P\" on the finish of the design are equipped through power steering.

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Q. Whereby is the VIN located on a Suzuki KingQuad

A. Most Suzuki KingQuads have actually the VIN stamped right into the front left side of frame near the A-Arm connection.