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This page includes Swords and also Sandals 2: Emperor"s power cheats perform for computer version. Now we have actually 5 cheat in ours list, which consists of 4 glitches, 1 secret. Us hope details that you"ll discover at this page assist you in play Swords and also Sandals 2: Emperor"s reign on pc platform. If you didn"t find needed cheats placed request or ask question about this at special ar of the game. Additionally you have the right to subscribe ~ above all new cheats the we"ll uncover for you in the future!

Put in the ,, after ~ your characters name and also randomize it spins you gain a guy with a 2500 agility. Then switch the stats about as much as friend want, but prior to you play delete the 2 commas after your name and also it should prevent your video game from screwing up.

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first open up the video game which isarcadebordom.comto gain the full verzion then as soon as u are developing a gladiator open cheatengine5.3get from cheatengine.comthen put in 72 climate press an initial placed up one stat then placed in 64 then press next scan u have to come increase wiht vaules on the left click one then placed in the vaule 10000 then u got 1250 ability points

first type ,,/,gi/,ti ~ nameless 보다 click randomize a few times SLOWLY at some point u will certainly hit a man with 2500 agility, u deserve to take a while and also takae away every the stat points and also than you deserve to reinsert them come other skills later, yet it will take a while. 보다 u start off with good armor, BUT before U begin THE GAME adjust UR surname OR else IT will certainly ERROR.

What you do is do your males name ,, then hit random 8 times then a couple of more times untill satisfied through the quantity of stats.CAUTION:IF friend HIT RANDOM just 8 time YOU can not will certainly say error and you will hane to redo her character.good lucky andremember randomize an ext than 8 times.

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