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There’s a lot virtual already about figurative language, several of it of much more use than others. However, I thought It could be useful to walk over, in brief terms, the distinction between: Irony, Metaphor, Metonymy, and also Synecdoche. Wikipedia has actually pretty an excellent entries on every of these together well, therefore feel totally free to walk there if you like.

Irony is maybe the finest known but also most misunderstood the the figurative tropes. Broadly, and also we’ll walk from the Wikipedia entry for this one, irony is

‘a literature or rhetorical device, in which there is an incongruity or discordance in between what one says or does and what one way or what is typically understood.”

Or, according to Harold Bloom in his ‘The arts of analysis poetry’:

‘…saying one thing while definition something so various that it deserve to be the precise opposite. We learn to wince once Hamlet says: “I humbly say thanks to you” or that is equivalent, because the prince generally is no humble nor grateful.’

Metaphor, also, is well known and also well understood. In an easy terms that is the transfer of attributes of one thing to another. Therefore if you speak ‘The office-building to be a tomb’ you take those interpretations commonly associated with tombs, those that death, stillness, morbidity and so on, and overlay lock onto the expertise of one office. Wikipedia offers a great example, the says:

The metaphor, according to I. A. Richards in The viewpoint of Rhetoric (1936), consists of two parts: the tenor and also vehicle. The tenor is the subject to which attributes are ascribed. The auto is the topic from which the features are borrowed. Other writers employ the basic terms ground and figure to signify what Richards identifies as the tenor and also vehicle. Take into consideration the all the world’s a phase monologue from as You favor It:

and all the men and women simply players; They have their exits and their entrances;

— (William Shakespeare, together You choose It, 2/7)

All the world’s a stage,

In this example, “the world” is compared to a stage, the aim being to define the human being by taking well-known attributes from the stage. In this case, “the world” is the tenor and also “a stage” is the vehicle. “Men and also women” space a an additional tenor and “players” is the car for this second tenor.

Synecdoche is various to both Irony and also Metaphor, yet it is simply as concrete in that implications. It to represent a trope wherein a ‘part’ is substituted because that a ‘whole’. The usual example of this is ’50 head the cattle’ wherein the heads space counted in order to stand for the entirety animal. The whole is comprise by the visibility of the part.

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Metonymy, finally, is wherein something is referred to in terms of something that is closely associated with. This is various from synecdoche, where the two facets being summoned must be part of the very same whole. Instead, in metonymy, the requirement for referral is among ‘intimate association’. As Harold Bloom says: ‘The name or prime aspect of something is sufficient to show it.’ So, because that example, in the line ‘Lend me her ears’, ‘ears’ is used to describe hearing, or attention, together there is a typical understanding the association in between the two.It is tempting to cook these couple of tropes down to a calculus of language, (e.g. Irony = using A come say B. Metaphor = taking elements of A and also assigning them come B) however, together in lot of language, the useful divides in between irony, metaphor, synecdoche and also metonymy space thin and also fungible. Ns suggest additional reading. Leaving a comment below if girlfriend have any ideas that the next location to look.

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When i was attending university these 4 literary state were offered by a professor that mine studying brainwashing. The book he to be reading provided comparisons of various forms of integration of data into the human mind and gave instances (in metaphor) of them based upon Japanese dishes. Metaphor he called medamayaki–cooked eyeballs–since fried eggs were referred to as this. Metonymy to be tako yaki–cooked octopus–but was in truth a fried batter extending a piece of octopus arm. Synecdoche was oyakodon–parent and child bowl of food top top rice–but accurate chicken and also eggs especially on rice. Irony offered as Socrates and I never figured the one out.

Noticing these examples were all of one type explaining the other four I developed a video game to create an ext examples making use of other styles of learning. Shot explaining an allegory with metonymy or the others through eachother. It carried my mind into bizarre places. Not unlike learning a new language or play an instrument because that the very first time seriously.