Taco Bell’s Diablo Sauce was advertised to it is in an also spicier sauce for your favorite Taco Bell foods! with a nice mix of spices, peppers, and all the right juices, Diablo Sauce was to improve your Taco Bell experience. Unfortunately, it was only around for a minimal time, and also the spicy goodness to be discontinued at many Taco Bell restaurants. The panic that surged across the world was overwhelming. Taco Bell lovers cried as the packets the sauce to be pulled indigenous the shelves. The streets were (metaphorically) filled v the screams that despair from sauce lovers. World scrambled to online stores just to purchase packets of Diablo Sauce to accomplish their spicy saucy pleasures. It was official. The human being could not role without the sauce.

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It was approximately this time Taco Bell knew…

Diablo Sauce needed to make a severe comeback.

May 5th, 2016, Diablo Sauce was put ago onto the shelves at every Taco Bell restaurant. Spicy sauce lover cheered joyfully together the sauce do its triumphant return. Taco Bell lovers were happy again together they slathered Diablo Sauce on their cheap mexican foods.

But is the spicy?

I, Kane Edwards, head food movie critic Braydon Wilson, and also head chef Trey Owens always crave food knowledge because knowledge is power in the civilization of all points delicious. To celebrate Taco Tuesday, our small team chose that Taco Bell would certainly be the perfect place to storage the weekly occasion. Excited around the glorious return of the Diablo Sauce, we were much more than passionate to drown out taco in the spicy saucy goodness. This is when Kane mental his small bottle that Flashbang that had actually been sitting on his nightstand because that a couple of months.

Flashbang is a hot sauce the is no to be taken lightly. Cautioning tasters of disastrous side results (sweating, lose of consciousness, vomiting), that is crafted out of the sexy peppers well-known to mankind. This hot sauce will knock the socks turn off of anyone that is brave enough to shot and tame its fiery beauty.

There is no sauce that is too warm for the True quick Food team. No warmth will singe away our love for food, nor our continuous hunger because that food knowledge. The three of united state sang our team motto together we walked into the doors of our Taco Bell:

“Eat big! Eat big! Eat big!”

We ordered nine tacos, 3 soft and six crunchy. Upon obtaining our order, however, we got six soft tacos and also three crunchy. Taco Bell had actually one job, and also they destroyed any kind of hope the redeeming themselves ever again ~ this fatal mistake. ~ a short discussion, we decided versus taking our food back, because we room decent people and don’t favor to cause a ruckus. Every of us got three tacos. 2 for hot sauces, and also one in instance of emergency. We spent a couple of minutes mentally preparing ourselves of the eating of spicy tacos.

The sauces were drizzled onto ours food, and the eating began.

And for this reason did the tears.

To begin off a little calmer, we decided to eat a taco with the Diablo Sauce first. The Diablo Sauce ranks at about 350 thousand Scoville Units, which is a small package that hot compared to Flashbang. The Diablo Sauce is crafted through spicy ingredients: aji panca, chipotle, and chili peppers. Sound spicy, right?

We most certainly did. In fact, us still do.

Braydon, Trey and also I every took a bite of Diablo taco, savoring every bite the the spicy goodness. When one bite to be consumed, an additional soon followed.

And another.

And yet, one more mouthful the taco.

After finishing our Diablo tacos, we concerned a very delicious conclusion: the Diablo Sauce from Taco Bell was really tasty, and also it was very fun come eat on a cheap taco.

But… to be it actually spicy?

Trey had lots to say around the saucy goodness that is, indeed, a saucy disappointment. “I’ll admit,” he said. “The Diablo Sauce is good, no doubt. However, we aren’t below to see if the sauce is delicious. Us are here to check it top top its spiciness. And if you want my ethical opinion, the is not.”

Braydon nodded his head. “Yeah, ns agree. The sauce tastes too solid on vinegar. I’m no gonna speak it doesn’t have a little heat, however it absolutely should it is in hotter than that.”

With those indigenous of food wisdom being said, it to be time to commence in the intake of a meaner, scarier, name is sauce.

Flashbang has immense bragging civil liberties in the hot sauce world. Ranking in in ~ 3.5 million Scoville Units, that ranks higher than the ghost pepper (1 million Scoville Units) and also Taco Bell’s Diablo Sauce. Being made with habanero peppers, ghost peppers, moruga scorpion peppers, and reaper peppers, we were definitely a little shaken to learn that us were in possession of such a an effective condiment. The three of united state gazed upon the bottled fire sauce in awe.

Braydon asserted he was no a weenie, and also said he would certainly be the first to try some. Regardless of his braveness, i took matters into my own hands. I dripped a small drop of Flashbang onto mine soft taco (which i swear make a sizzle sound together it hit the surface ar of my taco), take it a deep breath, and bit into the taco.

Unfortunately, there are no indigenous to explain the pain and also agony i went v after biting right into that death taco. Luckily, Trey was surrounding with his camera and also captured a few pictures of mine pain and also misery.

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If a photo is precious a thousands words, these would certainly be filled through words of negativity, pain, and a are afraid of death.