First, the brief answer: If you miss out on a pill, you must take the pill girlfriend missed as shortly as friend can. If you take it the pill much less than 24 hrs after girlfriend were an alleged to and it’s not the an initial week the a new pack, you don’t require a back-up method—just take the pill girlfriend missed and also relax. If that the an initial week the a new pack of pills, you’ll desire to usage a back-up an approach like prophylactics if you have actually sex in the 7 days after absent your pill.

Now, some an ext detail.

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The pill works ideal if you take it every single day. Friend may have seen information about “perfect use” stating that the pill is 99.7% effective, yet the fact is the with common use it’s 91% effective. (That means that the 11 ladies taking the pill because that a year, one will become pregnant.)

In the actual world, that a challenge for anyone with a everyday medication to take it perfectly. Even civilization with serious medical problems like high blood pressure have a tough time taking medication every day. The human being Health Organization approximates that about fifty percent of human being with chronic medical conditions take your medication late or skip it fully on part days. In a study of young women using the pill, the majority (80%) to let go one or much more pills within the first few months.

If you take it the pill, your health treatment provider more than likely recommended that you take it it in ~ the exact same time every day. Make it part of a daily routine can assist you remember. Some women save the pill packet next to their toothbrush, or usage a fun reminder app every day.

What must I do about a so late pill?

When your program is a tiny off, you have the right to still safeguard yourself native an inadvertently pregnancy. Specifically what to do depends on three things:

1) What kind of pill you use. If she on the mini-pill, a.k.a. The progestin-only pill, disregard the chart and also see the ar on mini-pills below.

2) If she a mix pill user, as many pill users are, it counts on whether it’s the an initial week the a brand-new pill pack, and

3) exactly how long it’s been due to the fact that you took the last pill.


I’m making use of the mini-pill—is that different?

About 1% of women taking the pill in the U.S. Are using the mini-pill, or progestin-only pill. The energetic ingredient in mini-pills doesn’t remain in your body as long as merged pills, and there room no placebo pills. If you are three or more hours so late for your pill or miss out on a mini-pill at any time, follow the instructions above and use a back-up method choose a condom (or EC if you miss out on the condom) if you have actually sex in the following two days. Yup, with mini-pills you need to use back-up if you’re 3 or more hours so late for your pill.

Um, you no answer my question

Call your health treatment provider or a local clinic for help. If girlfriend can’t obtain through on the phone and you need assist right away, you can additionally ask a pharmacist at a medicine store.

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