The attraction in between polar water molecules and also polar non-water molecule is called....

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H-bonds are....20% weaker than covalent and ionic
When two atoms that the the very same nonmetal react, they often type a(an)diatomic molecule
What is a physical home of ionic compounds?tendency to shatter once struck
In the compound MgCl2, the subscript 2 suggests thatthere room two chloride ions for every magnesium ion
Electronegativities levels have tendency toincrease indigenous left to right across a period
Typically, atoms acquire or shed electrons come achievea stable electron configuration
In a polar covalent bond,electrons are not mutual equally in between atoms
Since water molecules are partly charged, they...form H-bonds with one another
Substance A is a hard ionic compound. Substance B is a heavy covalent compound. If you heated them both in the same container, what would certainly happen?Substance B would more than likely melt first
When two nitrogen atoms bond, castle share 3 pairs the valence electrons. Why does this happen?By sharing the electrons, each atom end up v an octet.
Magnesium has two valence electrons, and oxygen has six valence electrons. What form of bonding is most likely to occur in between a magnesium atom and also an oxygen atom?Magnesium will give two electrons to oxygen and also both will become ions.
Lithium has one valence electron. Bromine has actually seven valence electrons. How might they form a chemical bond?Lithium donates an electron to bromine
Compared v nonmetals, the number of valence electrons in metals is generallysmaller
Which elements satisfy the octet dominion without creating compounds?noble gases
The positive charged ion in one ionic link is called....cation
What prefix is supplied for a covalent bond that has actually 5 chlorine atoms?penta
What is the oxidation variety of Fe in the formula FeO+2
The an unfavorable charged ion in one ionic bond is called....anion
What is the chemical formula because that copper 2 chlorideCuCl2
How countless shared pairs of electrons are there in the formula CO2four
If a substance hates water that is said to be...hydrophobic
What feature allows pins to be suspended top top the top of water?surface tension
What is the oxidation number of aluminum in the formula AlCl3+3
If a substance has a strong affinity to water but additionally hates it, it is claimed to be...amphipathic
Attractions in between neighboring cations and anions save the ion in resolved positions called...

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crystal lattices
What is the chemical formula because that iron 3 oxideFe2O3
The attractions among water molecule is more powerful than the attraction amongst carbon dioxde molecule because...water molecules kind h-bonds
What is the name of the link SiCl4silicon tetrachloride
What is the surname of the compound formed from potassium and also iodinepotassium iodide