a combining form of calcium, used with the meaning “calcium salt” or “calcite” in the formation of link words: calciferous.

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calceiform, calceolaria, calceolate, calces, Calchas, calci-, calcic, calcicole, calcicosis, calciferol, calciferous

The combining type calci- is supplied like a prefix meaning “calcium.” Specifically, that is offered to refer to either “calcium salt” or “calcite,” a mineral uncovered in compounds like limestone. That is frequently used in clinical terms, especially in chemistry and also biology.

The type calci- originates from Latin calx, definition “limestone.” The Latin calx is, think it or not, additionally the resource of the word calculator. Find why in ~ our entry for the word.

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What are variants the calci-?

When linked with native or word facets that start with a vowel, calci- becomes calc-, together in calcite. Desire to understand more? read our Words the Use write-up for calc-.

Examples of calci-

One instance of a clinical term that functions calci- is calciphile, or calcicole, “any plant qualified of growing in calcareous soil.”

The calci- part of the word means “calcium,” when the kind -phile way “lover of,” from Greek -philos. Calciphile literally converts to “lover the calcium.”

What room some native that usage the combining form calci-?

What are some other creates that calci- might be typically confused with?

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The combining form -phobe means “thing that is afraid of.” v this in mind, what sort of biology is a calciphobe?

How to usage calci- in a sentence

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before a vowel calc-

combining form
indicating lime or calciumcalcify

Word origin for calci-

from Latin calx, calc- limestone


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