*Editor"s note: A famed rhyme go awry with the disappearance of two crucial characters.

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Hey diddle diddle, the cat and also the fiddle,

And the dish ran away v the spoon.

"Everybody up! they didn"t come back!"

Cow opened one eye. "What execute you mean, they didn"t come back? Dish and also Spoon always come back."

"Not this time!" claimed Cat. "Look, they"re gone for good. History. Adios."

"Leave "em alone and also they"ll come home," mumbled Dog. "Now leaving me alone. Can"t you check out I"m dog-tired?"

"You"re tired?" claimed Cow. "Ever make the efforts jumping over the moon?"

"Well, whoop-dee-doo come you," stated Dog. "Why execute we need Dish and also Spoon anyway?"

"We simply do," claimed Cat. "It"s the means our happiness goes. Ns fiddle, she jumps, friend laugh, lock run. Then they come back so we have the right to do the again the following time! without Dish and also Spoon, there"s no rhyme. No more diddle diddle. It"s over."

"Why don"t we just readjust their part?" Dog growled.

Cow yawned. "We can end the "and the cow took a nap till noon." "

"Or maybe, "and the tiny dog little a baboon." " Dog smirked.

"Stop fiddling around!" Cat demanded. "We don"t have actually much time. You understand our rhyme gets check out every night, but it can"t be read without Dish and Spoon. We have actually to discover them now!"

Cow slowly got up. "Don"t have actually a cow, Cat. I"m coming, I"m coming."

"Doggone it," muttered Dog. "I assumption: v I"m coming, too."

So, turn off went the three with a hey diddle dee

by the irradiate of the silvery moon -- the cat

with his fiddle, the cow and the dog to

bring ago the dish and also the spoon.

Soon they involved a fork in the road.

"Excuse me, Fork, we"re in a jam," stated Cat. "Dish and also Spoon ran away, and also our rhyme can"t be check out without them. Have the right to you help us?"

"Hmmm." Fork thought for a moment. "Oh yes, i remember see a food with tiny flowers top top it and also a long, slim spoon. In fact, lock looked kind of familiar. I think we"re native the same ar setting!"

"Which means should us go?" inquiry Cat.

Suddenly a voice eight in the distance.

"Fee, fi, fo, fish, ns smell the blood of a spoon and also dish!"

Cat, Dog and also Cow froze.

"The voice is comes from the east," said Cow.

"It sounds prefer the giant!" cried Dog. "Dish and Spoon have to be at the beanstalk."

With a fee and also a fum and also a twiddle dee

dum, the cow jumped high in the air. Over

the forest and meadows lock flew, and lick-

ety split -- they were there!

Cow, Cat and also Dog landed at the foot the the beanstalk.

"Hel-l-l-l-l-p!" came a cry from above.

"We"re falling down ... Falling under ... Fall dowwnnn --"



At critical they had uncovered Dish and Spoon.

Cat rushed over. "Spoon! Spoon! space you all right?"

"I -- i think so," said Spoon. "But -- but -- where"s Dish?"

"She"s over here," stated Cow.

"And she"s over here," stated Dog.

"And she"s end here, too," said Cat.

"Oh no!" cried Spoon. "She"s everywhere!"

As they choose up the broken pieces, Spoon sobbed. "Wolf chased us up the beanstalk, then gigantic chased us down the beanstalk and we slipped. Us didn"t median to run away. Every time ours rhyme was read, us went a little farther ... And a little farther. This time we went as well far and also got lost. It to be scary."

"Now what space we going come do?" Cat moaned together they traveled southern toward home. "This is really the end. The last curtain. Dish is nothing however a pile of chips. Our rhyme is over forever!"

Dog quit in her tracks. "Look, Humpty"s wall. He falls apart every day. Somebody needs to put him earlier together. Let"s go discover out who!" they raced toward the wall. Dog spotted a sign on a nearby tree:

JACK"S repair SHOP

"You go out it, i glue it"

"What"s the problem?" inquiry Jack, gluing a tail ~ above a mouse.

"Dish went to pieces. Our rhyme has fallen apart. Can you assist us?" Cat inquiry sadly.

"I am a jack-of-all-trades, and also I"m nimble and quick, too!" Jack take it the sack. "But this looks bad, yes, really bad. I"ll watch what I have the right to do.

At last Jack went back -- and Dish was right behind him.

"It was tough, but I stuck with it. See, dish is as good as new!" said Jack.

"Hooray! dish is ago together and also so space we!" anyone cheered together they rushed outside.

Hey diddle diddle, the cat and also the fiddle,

The cow jumped over the moon;

The tiny dog laugh to watch such sport.

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And the dish stayed at house with the spoon.