Hi. It appears that i’m in trouble. I run home windows 10 OS, i beg your pardon I have upgraded a pair of main ago. Recently, once I began my PC, a pop-up article showed up, i m sorry reads “The exception unknown software exception (0x40000015) occured in the application at place 0x0029fa4d. Click ok to end the program.” when I click i OK, the post disappears and the system seems come be functioning fine other than a bit slowdown and random freezes. Nevertheless, the pop-up is fairly irritating and also it provides me think repetitively that there is a sort of virus or serious problem on mine system. Please advise! give thanks to you.

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To repair damaged system, you need to purchase the licensed variation of Reimage Reimage.

Unknown Software exception 0x40000015 Error is a home windows error message. It could pop-up on the display on any kind of Windows version. However, most of the complaints come from windows 10 users. Many of the time the concern occurs as result of the corrupted device files.

The 0x40000015 Unknown Software exception error could show up as soon as using any program. The main reasons that create the error:

corrupted device files;incomplete installation of software;updates surroundings problems;incorrect uninstall;etc.

Besides, it has been noticed that 0x40000015 error pop-up periodically shows up as result of the cyber infection or after ~ PC’s recovery as soon as a virus/malware/corrupted files are deleted. If you doubt that your an equipment might it is in infected with malware, you need to check and fix it through Reimage.

Therefore, this applications error might show up anytime as soon as using windows computer. As quickly as you hear a home windows error sound, you will an alert a pop-up through the complying with information:

The exemption unknown software exception (0x40000015) emerged in the application at location 0x350082db.Click ok to terminate the program.

Note that the location of the error differs based on the program that remained in use once the error appeared. However, techniques to fix Unknown Software exemption 0x40000015 Error stay the same. If clicking OK ~ above the error message did no help, and you still have to deal with this application error, shot methods presented listed below to settle this issue.

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Select Hide all Microsoft services and also then click Disable all.After that, find and click top top Open job Manager (on the Startup that the device Configuration).Here you have to disable every items and also then close task Manager.Finally, click OK and restart her PC.If after the 0x40000015 error is gone, climate you should examine which program you are not making use of for a long time and delete them. After ~ that, reboot your an equipment and inspect if the error tho occurs.