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The funny They Had an introduction Analysis & Explanation by Isaac Asimov

About the writer Isaac AsimovIsaac Asimov (1920- 1992) was an American writer and professor of biochemistry at Boston University. He was recognized for his functions of scientific research fiction and also popular science. Asimov was a prolific writer who wrote or edited more than 500 books and also an approximated 90,000 letters and also postcards. Isaac Asimov was the Grand understand of the science Fiction Writers that America, the founder the robot ethics, and one of the world’s most prolific authors of fiction


Author NameIsaac Asimov
Born2 January 1920, Petrovichi, Russia
Died6 April 1992, Brooklyn, new York, unified States
Short StoriesThe critical Question, The fun They Had
MoviesI, Robot, Bicentennial Man, Nightfall, The end of Eternity

Very Short review of The thing The fun They Had

“The fun They Had’ by Isaac Asimov is scientific research fiction. It tells the story of 2 young kids named Tommy and Margie that live in the year 2157, where youngsters get an education through computers at their home. Someday they come v a published book and also learn something about the college that existed hundreds and hundreds of year ago. The is a issue of good surprise for them because they room living in the period of moving e-texts.

The funny They Had an introduction of the Lesson

It is the year 2157. Margie provides a diary entry which reveals that Tommy has actually come across a publication printed top top paper. The pages of the publication have turned yellow and wrinkled i m sorry proves that it existed centuries ago. The publication is peculiar in the sense that it had actually the exact same words top top it the it had when they read it the an initial time. They to be not moving like the on a computer/television screen.

Tommy calls that waste because once the book is check out it is the no use. Your television display screen has had actually a million books on it and also one cannot litter it away. Margie is that the exact same opinion yet she is curious to understand what the book is about. Tommy speak her the it is around school. She hated school, however now she hated it more than ever since her mechanical teacher had been offering her test after test in geography and she had actually been law worse and also worse. Her mommy sends because that the ar Inspector that is a round tiny man.

He take away the television teacher apart and also sets it ideal within one hour i m sorry only rises Margie’s disappointment. He tells her mom that the was not Margie’s fault but the geography sector of the mechanically teacher was aligned a tiny too quick and also he has slowed the to an median ten-year level. He assures Margie and also her mother that there will be no difficulty henceforth.

Margie is curious come know around the college that exist in the past. Tommy speak her the it is not their kind of school. That is the old sort of college that they had actually centuries ago. The students had actually a human teacher that taught them and gave them homework and likewise asked them questions. Margie suggests that a man cannot be smart enough.

Tommy additional tells her that the teacher didn’t live in the house. They had actually a unique building and all the children went there. The youngsters of the same period learned the same thing. Currently it is Margie’s institution time. She goes right into the schoolroom i beg your pardon is right next to her bedroom and the mechanical teacher is on and also waiting for her. She puts her homework in the slot with a sigh.

She is still thinking around the old schools they had when her grandfather’s grandfather was a small boy. Every the youngsters from the whole community came, laughing and also shouting in the schoolyard, sitting together in the schoolroom, going house together at the end of the day. Those colleges were far far better than the colleges of today because they offered an excellent fun come the students.

What is the an overview of the story the fun they had?

The funny They Had an introduction in English

It takes place in the civilization of the future where computer systems dominate everything. Moreover, it likewise shows how the principle of schools and also classrooms has transformed completely. It’s the year 2157, and Margie is writing in her diary around how Tommy discovered a book.

What is the main suggest of the fun they had?

The central idea the the story ‘The funny They had’ is to build a comparison in between the technique of education and learning used in the past and also the present. The prestige of the traditional form of education has to be highlighted in the story. The computerized form of education had replaced the traditional form.

What is the conclusion of the story the fun they had?

Answer: the conclusion that the story The fun they had is to develop comparison in order to education of pas and present times.

What execute you understand by the fun they had?

‘They’ describe the world of the old times. Here, continual refers to the mechanically teacher climate they had. That is contrasted through a typical teacher of previously times, that was a living person being.

What is the development to The funny They Had?

Introduction: The story ‘The funny they had’ is collection in future once books and schools, as we have today possibly will no exist. 2 students of the period which is around a hundred and fifty years from today, uncover a printed book. Surprised together they are, they talk around the schools and also books of the olden times.

What do we learn around the teacher from the story The funny They Had?

Their teacher is a real human being who provides them sit together and teaches lock the same topic. In this way, they discover to change and it is adapted which helps them develop the worths of tolerance and cooperation. Hence, Margie’s view that schools today are more fun than her college is totally justified.

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What is the design template of the city The fun They Had?

Ans: The layout of the story “The fun They Had” is change by technology. The entirety story focuses on two eras: One is Digital Era in which Tommy and also Margie live and also the other is the common Era, around which they learned through their grandparent’s diary.