The Knights that the White Camelia to be an American politics terrorist company that activate in the southerly United says in the so late 19th century. Comparable to and also associated v the Ku Klux Klan, it supported white supremacy and also opposed freedmen"s rights.

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The Knights of the White Camelia (named supposedly for the camellia, a type of flower) was established by Democrat-Confederate States army Colonel, Alcibiades DeBlanc, on might 22, 1867 in Franklin, Louisiana. Writer Christopher lengthy stated, "Its members to be pledged to assistance the dominance of the white race, to protest the amalgamation the the races, to resist the social and also political intervention of the so-called carpetbaggers, and also to gain back white regulate of the government". Chronicler Nicholas Lemann call the Knights the leading terrorist organization in Louisiana. Your tactics, (which contained "harassment, floggings, and also sometimes murder") "produced a power of terror amongst the state"s black population during the summer and fall the 1868."

Chapters mostly existed in the southern part of the Deep South. Chronicler George C. Rable noted that, "Although the republic saw evidence of a enormous conspiracy in this outrages, in Louisiana as elsewhere, white terrorists were no organized past the local level." unlike the Ku Klux Klan, which drew much of its member from lower-class southerners (primarily Confederate veterans), the White Camelia consisted greatly of upper course southerners, including physicians, landowners, newspaper editors, doctors, and officers. Lock were also usually Confederate veterans, the upper component of antebellum society. It started to decline, regardless of a convention in 1869. The an ext aggressive world joined the White organization or comparable paramilitary institutions that arranged in the mid-1870s. By 1870, the initial Knights the the White Camelia had actually mostly end to exist. Amongst its members to be Louisiana judge Taylor Beattie, who led the Thibodaux massacre that 1887.

Earlier, David Theophilus Stafford of Alexandria, before his election as sheriff the Rapides Parish, to be a member that the Knights. He join the citizens League and also was in ~ Canal Street throughout the fight of Liberty Place.

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In 1939, Time reported the the West Virginian anti-Semite George E. Deatherage to be describing himself as the "national command of the Knights that the White Camellia". In the 1990s, a Ku Klux Klan team which was based in eastern Texas embraced the name. According to the book Soldiers of God, the brand-new age White Camelia has a strong influence in Vidor, Texas. Ever due to the fact that the return that the White Camelia name, so-called "White Camelia" (sometimes order Kamelia) Klan groups have additionally emerged in Louisiana and Florida.

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