You can maximize a window, i beg your pardon enlarges the home window to occupy the entire screen, and also you can restore a window, which reduces the window to the size it was prior to being maximized. You can likewise minimize a window, i m sorry reduces the window to a button on the taskbar, removing the from the display entirely without in reality closing it. When you have to view the window again, you have the right to click the taskbar button to bring it back into view.

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Activity 1.3. Maximizing, Restoring, Minimizing, and also Closing a Window

In the following activity, you will certainly maximize, restore, minimize, and also close the My computer system window.


In the upper right edge of the My computer system window, top top the My computer title bar, allude to the Maximize button , and also then compare your screen with figure 1.17.

Figure 1.17.

The Maximize switch is the middle switch in the group of three. Once you point to it, a ScreenTip displays. Recall the a ScreenTip describes a switch or screen element.


Click the Maximize button , and also then compare your display with figure 1.18. Alternatively, maximize or regain a window by double-clicking anywhere in the window's location bar.

Figure 1.18.

The my Computer window occupies the entire screen. The Maximize button is replaced by the restore Down button, which has actually a different icon.


On the My computer title bar, click the regain Down button

come return the window to the dimension it was prior to it was Maximized.


On the My computer title bar, click the Minimize button

, and also then to compare your display with figure 1.19.

Figure 1.19.

The My computer program is quiet running yet the home window is minimized. The is represented by a button on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. The home window is not closed, just temporarily covert from view.


On the taskbar, click the My computer system button.The window redisplays in the same size and location it lived in when girlfriend clicked the minimization button.


On the taskbar, click the Start button , suggest to every Programs, allude to Accessories, and also then click Calculator. Allude to the Calculator window title bar and also drag the Calculator home window near the left next of the screen. Notification that both open programs display on the taskbar.My computer is a routine that help you manage and also organize the an are on drives attached to your computer. Calculator is a routine that performs basic arithmetic. Both programs occupy their own window, through the Calculator regimen in prior of the My computer system window. Calculator i do not care the active window, indicated by the darker blue location bar. As soon as two or an ext windows are open, the active home window is the window in which the cursor movements, commands, or text entry occur.


Click anywhere on the My computer window, and notification that the mine Computer home window moves come the front, as presented in figure 1.20.

Figure 1.20.



On the taskbar, click the Calculator button to relocate the calculator window to the front. Top top the taskbar, click the Start switch , point to every Programs, allude to Accessories, and then click Paint. An alert that all three open up programs screen on the taskbar, as displayed in number 1.21.

Figure 1.21.

(This items is shown on page 24 in the publish version)

Paint, a program that comes through Windows XP, creates and also edits drawings and also displays and edits scanned photos. The Calculator program window is tho open, but it is likely concealed behind the various other windows.


On the paint title bar, click the Close button . Top top the Calculator title bar, click the Close button . On the my Computer window title bar, click the Close switch .

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More Knowledge: Keeping more Than One Program home window Open in ~ a Time

The capacity to keep much more than one window open in ~ a time will become much more useful together you become an ext familiar with Microsoft Office. Because that example, if you desire to take details from 2 word processing papers to create a third document, you deserve to open all three documents and also use the taskbar to move among them, copying and also pasting message from one file to another. Or, you could copy a graph from Excel and also paste it right into Word or take it a table that data and also paste it into PowerPoint. You can also have the same record open in two windows.