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Your nervous device is your body’s main communication network. Together with your endocrine system, it controls and also maintains your body’s assorted functions. Additionally, it help you to interact with her surroundings.

Your nervous system is written of a network the nerves and also nerve cells that lug messages to and also from the brain and spinal cord and also the rest of the body.

A nerve is a bundle the fibers that receives and also sends messages between the body and also the brain. The messages are sent out by chemical and also electrical alters in the cells, technically called neurons, that make up the nerves.

So, how many of this nerves space in her body? While nobody knows exactly, it’s safe to say humans have hundreds of nerves — and billions of neurons! — indigenous the peak of ours head come the tips of ours toes.

Read on come learn more about the numbered and named cranial and spinal nerves, and also what neurons space composed of, and also some funny facts around your nervous system.

Nerves in the body

Organization of the concerned system

Your worried system has actually two divisions:

Peripheral nervous mechanism (PNS): The PNS is made up of nerves the branch turn off from her CNS. Nerves space bundles that axons that job-related together come transmit signals.

The PNS have the right to be further damaged up right into sensory and also motor divisions:

The sensory division transmits details from both inside and outside of her body to your CNS. This can encompass things choose feelings that pain, smells, and also sights.The motor division receives signals from the CNS that reason an activity to occur. This actions deserve to be voluntary, such as moving your arm, or involuntary favor the muscle contractions that help move food v your cradle tract.

Cranial nerves

Cranial nerves space a component of your PNS. You have actually 12 bag of cranial nerves.

The cranial nerves deserve to have sensory functions, engine functions, or both. Because that example:

The cranial nerves originate in the mind and travel outside to her head, face, and neck. The exception to this is the vagus nerve, i beg your pardon is the longest cranial nerve. It’s connected with many areas of the body consisting of the throat, heart, and also digestive tract.

Spinal nerves

Spinal nerves room also part of your PNS. Lock branch off of her spinal cord. You have actually 31 bag of spinal nerves. They’re grouped by the area that the spine the they’re connected with.

Spinal nerves have actually both sensory and also motor function. That way that they can both send sensory details to the CNS and transmit commands from the CNS to your body’s periphery.

Spinal nerves are likewise associated with dermatomes. A dermatome is a specific area the skin that’s served by a solitary spinal nerve. All but one of your spinal nerves transmits sensory information from this area earlier to the CNS.

So how countless nerves every together?

There are several hundred peripheral nerves throughout your body. The numerous sensory nerves that lug sensation indigenous the skin and also internal organs merge with each other to kind the sensory branches of the cranial and spinal nerves.

The motor parts of the cranial nerves and also spinal nerves divide into smaller nerves that division into also smaller nerves. For this reason one spinal or cranial nerve might divide into anywhere from 2 come 30 peripheral nerves.

What renders up a nerve cell?

Your neurons work to conduct nerve impulses. They have actually three parts:

Cell body: comparable to the other cells in her body, this area has various cellular materials like the nucleus. Dendrites: Dendrites are extensions from the cabinet body. They get signals from other neurons. The number of dendrites on a neuron have the right to vary.Axon: The axon likewise projects indigenous the cell body. It’s typically longer than the dendrites and carries signals away from the cabinet body where they deserve to be got by various other nerve cells. Axons are often covered by a substance called myelin, which helps to protect and insulate the axon.

Your mind alone contains around 100 exchange rate neurons (though one researcher says that figure is closer to 86 billion).

So how specifically do neurons work? Let’s check out one type of neuron signaling below:

When neurons signal another neuron, an electrical impulse is sent down the size of the axon.At the finish of the axon, the electric signal is converted right into a chemical signal. This leader to the release of molecules referred to as neurotransmitters. The neurotransmitters bridge the gap, referred to as a synapse, in between the axon and also the dendrites the the following neuron. As soon as the neurotransmitters tie to the dendrites the the next neuron, the chemical signal is again converted right into an electrical signal and also travels the size of the neuron.

Nerves are made up of bundles of axons that work together to facilitate communication in between the CNS and also PNS. It’s important to keep in mind that “peripheral nerve” actually describes the PNS. Axon bundles are referred to as “tracts” in the CNS.

When nerves room damaged or aren’t signaling properly, a neurological disorder deserve to result. There are a wide selection of neurological disorders and they have plenty of different causes. Part you may be acquainted with include:

The size of a neuron’s axon can vary. Some might be quite little while others might be as much as one meter long.

Similarly, nerves can vary in size as well. As your PNS branches out, her nerves have tendency to get smaller.

The sciatic nerve is the biggest nerve in your body. It starts in your lower earlier and travels all the means down to the heel of your foot.

You may have actually heard that a condition called sciatica in i m sorry painful emotion radiate from your lower earlier and down your leg. This happens as soon as the sciatic nerve is compressed or irritated.

Continue reading below for some an ext fast fun facts about your nervous system.

1. The electric impulses that nerves have the right to be measured

In fact, during a nerve advertise a net change of about 110 millivolts occurs throughout the axon’s membrane.

2. Nerve impulses are quick

They have the right to travel in ~ a rate of up to 100 meters every second.

3. Neurons don’t undergo cabinet division

That way that if they’re destroyed they can’t be replaced. That’s among the factors why injuries to the concerned system have the right to be for this reason serious.

4. Girlfriend don’t in reality use just 10 percent that your brain

Your mind is separated up into different parts, each with various functions. Integration the these attributes helps united state to perceive and react to internal and external stimuli.

5. Your brain uses a the majority of energy

Your mind weighs about three pounds. This is tiny in comparison come your overall body weight, however according come the Smithsonian Institute, your mind gets 20 percent of her oxygen supply and blood flow.

6. Your skull isn’t the just thing the protects your brain

A special barrier called the blood-brain barrier stays clear of harmful substances in the blood indigenous entering your brain.

7. You have a multitude of neurotransmitters

Since the first neurotransmitter was uncovered in 1926, an ext than 100 substances have actually been implicated in signal transmission in between nerves. A pair that you may be acquainted with are dopamine and also serotonin.

8. The possible methods to fix nervous system damages are varied

Researchers are difficult at job-related to develop ways come repair damage to the worried system. Part methods deserve to include however aren’t limited to supplementation that growth-promoting cells, specific growth factors, or also stem cell to promote renewal or repair of nerve tissue.

9. Stimulating the vagus nerve can assist with epilepsy and also depression

This is completed using a machine that sends electric signals to her vagus nerve. This, in turn, sends signals to certain parts that the brain.

Vagus nerve stimulation can help to reduced the number of seizures in civilization with some types of epilepsy. It may likewise improve depression symptoms gradually in civilization whose depression there is no responded to various other treatments. Its efficiency is being assessed for problems like headaches and rheumatoid arthritis as well.

10. Yes sir a set of nerves associated to fat tissue

A 2015 examine in mice offered imaging to visualize nerve cells surrounding fat tissue. Researchers uncovered that stimulating this nerves additionally stimulated the break down of fat tissue. Added research is needed, however this could have effects for conditions like obesity.

11. Scientists have developed an fabricated sensory nerve

The mechanism is able to collect info on applied pressure and convert it into electrical impulses that deserve to be integrated on a transistor.

This transistor climate releases electric impulses in patterns continuous with those created by neurons. The researcher were also able to usage this mechanism to relocate the muscle in a cockroach’s leg.

You have actually hundreds the nerves and billions that neurons in her body.

The nervous device is separated into two components — the CNS and also the PNS. The CNS contains your mind and spinal cord while the PNS is composed of nerves that branch turn off from the CNS and also into her body’s periphery.

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This substantial system of nerves works together as a interaction network. Sensory nerves supply information from her body and your environment to the CNS. Meanwhile, the CNS integrates and processes this information in order to send message on just how to respond via motor nerves.