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Purves D, Augustine GJ, Fitzpatrick D, et al., editors. Neuroscience. second edition. Sunderland also (MA): Sinauer Associates; 2001.

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The setup of gray and also white issue in the spinal cord is relativelysimple: The inner of the cord is developed by gray issue, which is surrounded bywhite matter (Figure 1.11A). In transversesections, the gray issue is conventionally split into dorsal (posterior) lateraland ventral (anterior) “horns.” The neurons of the dorsal hornsget sensory information that enters the spinal cord via the dorsal roots of thespinal nerves. The lateral horns are current generally in the thoracicregion, and also contain the preganglionic visceral motor neurons that project to thesympathetic ganglia (check out Figure 1.10C). Theventral horns includes the cell bodies of motor neurons that send axons by means of theventral roots of the spinal nerves to terminate on striated muscles. The whitematter of the spinal cord is subseparated right into dorsal (or posterior), lateral, andventral (or anterior) columns, each of which includes axon tracts connected tocertain functions. The dorsal columns lug ascfinishing sensory information fromsomatic mechanoreceptors (Figure 1.11B). Thelateral columns encompass axons that travel from the cerebral cortex to contact spinalmotor neurons. These pathways are additionally referred to as the cortico-spinaltracts. The ventral (and ventrolateral oranterolateral) columns carry both ascendingindevelopment about pain and also temperature, and also descending motor information. Somebasic rules of spinal cord company are (1) that neurons and also axons thatprocess and also relay sensory information are discovered dorsally; (2) that preganglionicvisceral motor neurons are discovered in an intermediate/lateral region; and (3) thatsomatic motor neurons and axons are discovered in the ventral percentage of the cord.

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Figure 1.11

Internal framework of the spinal cord. (A) Transverse sections of thecord at three various levels, mirroring the characteristic arrangementof gray and also white matter in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar cord. (B)Diagram of the inner structure of (more...)

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